Aug 23rd, 1975 5PM, Marty Jr. walks into the Courthouse Square and sees that it's much cleaner and more decent than the Junkyard-like appearance in 2015, he noticed the spot where Café 80's was placed and saw that another store was situated there, it was Lou's Fitness Center. The Clock Tower, on the other hand, remains the same, displaying 10:04.
Since it was still 5PM, it's still early, the Courthouse Square is loaded with people and cars, Lots of children playing with their skateboards and basketballs. As Marty Jr. walks along the park, everyone stares at him, since his clothes were odd and new the townspeople, he bumps into a small boy riding his skateboard, making the small boy to fall down, and scattering papers about from his bag.

"Oh my God, I'm sorry," Marty Jr. said as he pulls the boy up
"It's okay" The little boy replied.

Marty Jr. helps the boy to gather up his scattered things and saw a test paper, he checks the boy's name on the paper and it said:


Marty Jr.'s eyes grew wide, He's face to face with his Dad, his seven years old Dad.
"Uh, Marty?" Marty Jr. talks to the boy,
"Yeah, How did you know my name?" Young Marty Sr. asked
"I saw your name in this paper,"
"Well, here you go." Marty Jr. hands the paper to his dad.

" You're kinda funny wearing that," Young Marty Sr. said to Jr.
"You'll wear this in the future, Da- uh, Marty." Jr. answered back.

Marty Jr. took off, with seven year old Marty Sr. looking at him.

Marty Jr. finally reached the place he's looking for, Doc's house, but it's only a garage, He looks at the part where the mansion should be, it's not a mansion anymore (or yet), it was a Burger King store, he remembers the Fire in 1962 that destroyed Doc's house, Marty knocks on the garage door, no answer, he calls in,

The door slowly opened, Doc's rugged voice called out, "Who is it?"
"It's me, Marty." Marty answered.
Doc took a peep.
"Marty who?"
"Marty Jr."
"Oh Really?" Doc opened the door wide, "How do I know that you're not some property developer who still wants to claim the remaining land of mine?" he said with those big puppy eyes staring angrily at Marty. Doc was forty years younger, but his hair was already silver."What are you talking about?"said Marty
"Then tell me 'future boy', how did you get here?"
"I know this might sound kinda weird, but I'm from the future, I came here in a time machine that you invented, now I need your help, to get back to the year, 2015" Marty Jr. Firmly said.
"It IS Marty's son!" Doc blurted out.
"Doc you gotta help me, I can't be stuck here." Marty said, "Look, I'm just curious, and my curiosity led me to bad things."

"Curiosity is not a sin, but you should practice caution." Doc replied.
Doc lets Marty Jr. in, "have a seat, Marty." Doc motioned Marty to the chair.

A sheepdog puppy came into the scene, and stared at Marty, but the dog instead jumps up at Marty and started licking him all over.
"Easy boy." Marty Jr. said as he pulled the pup away from him.

Doc interrupts Marty.
"Now, to get you back to the future, we must retrieve the car you used."

Marty Jr. paused, his happy facial expressions, changed. A dash of nervousness can be seen.

"What's wrong? You look a little nervous." Doc asked.

"Well there's a little problem..." Marty Jr.'s words stumble as he rubs his head in distraught, "I-I crashed the car."

"Oh, come on Marty, It can't be that bad." Doc assured him with confidence.

"No, I wrecked the hood."