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Ava had already dived into the mob of girls leaving me to fend myself. I felt like I was being watched by the guy next to me. I glanced up to see a familiar handsome male face.

He was staring at me so intently, so I decided to at least greet him. "Hi,"

He just kept staring at me for a moment, not saying anything. His stare was starting to make me feel uncomfortable, but a very familiar voice said before I could stand from my seat, "Hey,"

Claire's POV

I was startled to hear the guy talk to me.

"Uh," I mumbled, stunned. "Hi," I greeted once again. I looked up to his face and almost gasped. Something clicked in my mind to something, but I couldn't catch what was happening in my mind. He was so handsome. He might've been better looking than Derek, to tell you truth. I've always thought of Derek being the cutest guy in the whole town, but I've never left the town except going on short vacations. But I knew I wasn't attracted to him just because of his face. There was something else…

He gave me a boyish smile. "You enjoying the music?" He asked me.

It took me a moment to answer his question. I felt like a school girl who had a super crush now… "Yeah, he's a great singer,"

He kept smiling at me. "If he wasn't, he wouldn't be here." He added with a laugh. "I wouldn't allow it. Can't have him embarrass Morganville's reputation,"

I smirked. "I bet," He didn't seem like the kind of guy who would care about those kinds of things.

His smile suddenly vanished, as if he saw something repulsive. He opened his mouth to say something. "Claire, do you-"

"CLAIRE!" I heard Ava's squeal come from behind the hot guy.

I looked over his shoulder to find Ava, in her gothic glory, beaming at me. She was holding her copy of Michael something's music CD, which had some kind of scribble on it.

I rolled my eyes at my over excited BFF. I turned back to the hottie, kind of sad that I wouldn't be seeing him again, since he was probably from out of town. I gave him an apologetic smile. "It was nice talking to you, but I really need to get going,"

He just stared at me for a moment, but soon shook his head, his boyish smile reappearing. I was about to leave, before he caught my arm. "Can I have your number?" He sounded a little weird.

He was looking at me with desperation, and I felt sorry for him. Maybe he needed someone to talk to, I thought. I knew he could be anything, a psycho or a drug dealer… But I felt sorry for him, so that's why I scribbled down my number with the pen on the desk onto a napkin. At least, that's what I kept telling myself.

I hurried to Ava's side. She was already talking excitedly about Michael something. How she had managed to shake his hand and that she was never going to wash her hand.

I gave her a look. "You know that's what you did when Peter first patted your head. You said you were never washing your hair and ended up having a smelly head?"

She rolled her eyes at me. "That was a big deal for twelve year old me!" She gave me a playful glare. "And I learned my lesson. I mean, because of that, Peter didn't talk to me for a whole week!"

I laughed. I remembered all of it.

My cell phone beeped in my jeans pocket. I checked it to find I had gotten a text from Derek.

'Ava talked your ear off yet? Lol'

I snorted at his text. Perfect timing too…

"What you laughing about?" Ava looked over my shoulder to peak at the text.

She huffed. "You guys always say I'm too talky, but I am not,"

'My ears r still intact

Ur shift's over?'

I tucked my cell phone back in jean pocket. "Are we done here, or do you want Michael to pat your head too?"

She sighed. "You're never letting that go, are you?"

"Of course not," I snorted.

?'s POV

Why had I done all this, you may wonder?

I did all this because I had to. I knew this was all going to be worth it in just a little while. All this effort…

Now, what shall I do about the little outsiders…? I can always just finish them off and let all my planning into nothing, or I could use them for my gain.

I know their weakness, it won't be hard to pull their strings.

Look out little outsiders… You're in for a fun game...

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