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Third Michaelis Child: http:/saurie14 .deviantart .com/art /The- Third –Michaelis –Child -281414822?q=gallery%3Asaurie14&qo=0

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Kouji and Kouichi (From Digimon Frontier)

Ciel and Cielo (Both of which meant 'Sky')

Len and Ren (I want it to be Rin but both were boys so can't do~)

Shiro and Kuro (which means 'White' and 'Black' since the one has fewer brown patches than the other)

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NAME: Luke Raven Phantomhive Michaelis AGE: 10 years old

POSITION: First Born

INHERITANCE: Next Earl of England

Luke Raven Phantomhive Michaelis is Sebatian and Ciel's first born son. Despite having a twin, he is preferred as the oldest since he is older than his twin by exact 3 minutes. This boy is the demon butler's carbon copy as to inheriting his skill in terms of serving and fighting skills as well. Also, he is the overprotective type of brother and very submissive of his twin sister's biddings.

Luke is said to be the ideal husband even at the ripe age of ten. His looks, inherited from Sebastian, is described to be a devilish char, which is literally true. He is also a gentleman and a smart boy, courtesy of Ciel's genes, which earned him the position of being the next earl. Though, despite his good attitudes, he also have a negative side which was rumored as worst. When someone manages to piss him off in a dangerous battle, he will become uncontrollable to the point he will listen to no one even his mother and father. Prior to this, Sebastina placed another faustisian mark on Luke's left eye which will appear when he starts a fit. To petrify him, Ciel gave Luka, his twin sister, a personal pendant made of the same stone in Ciel's ring. One touch of it will calm the latter and eventually snaps back to reality.

Moving on, Luke is secretly Luka's personal butler just like Sebastian is to Ciel. He does what his father does in a normal day basis and would usually earn good remarks from him. It is given that Luke can be Luka's butler around the house but will keep up the inheritance of being the next earl infront of the public. Luke also earned the nickname "watchdog". It might be because of Ciels previous nickname (which in the public known as his uncle rather than mother) "Queen's Watch Dog" that gave him such a term or just simply because he is always seen as Luka's shadow who follows behind even though he is the older of them. He also adapted Sebastian's love for violins. Luka can play too but not much better than Luke who can pick up a song in just two days due. This young latter is not yet betrothed to anyone even if he is insisted on by many. Ciel respected this decision since he, himself, went through hell with his arranged marriage with Elizabeth and he promised that his children won't go through that.

In terms of appearance, the majority was from Sebastian. It is not clearly seen from the side fringes because he is prompted to tie it up to look more decent. (That's why I insist for you guys to look at the picture). His eyes took color of brownish-red like his father and also turns pinkish-red when his demonish anger spills out.

Gomene for the short profile…This is the actual thing I wrote in my notebook and I did it like that because I just want it to be short and understandable….Hope this will brighten up everything 2 chappys later…:) Please Review! I'd love that and so is the youngest child of Ciel and Sebby!

P.S. I just noticed while I'm typing, the pups are favoring Kagamine Rin's songs…I can't pin-point why but they seem to calm down whenever Rin's song plays in my phone….and they actually wake up when Len sings…It seems that I got some really smart pups. Also, I noticed they took a liking with the VanaN'ice's songs! They don't stir when it plays even though it's rock. It's…odd? XD

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