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Chapter Eight

They had removed the bandage after a week or so of her having it on, but there were still cuts and bruises on her face from Robert's torture. The place they cut open to perform the surgery was above her left ear. There was a scar there, which slightly made her hair appear ruffled and unkempt. She was still in a coma when they had removed the stitches.

After that, the marks from Robert's torture faded.

And then, about a week or two later, she miraculously woke up.

But she wasn't the same.

Not even Will brought her back.

All she did was stare at the ceiling, her eyes always brimming with tears. Everytime someone tried to talk to her, her heart monitor would start beeping like crazy. She would sleep at night, but only three hours or so after falling asleep she would wake up screaming, drenched in sweat. And as soon as she calmed down, she went right back to staring at the ceiling.

The doctors grew concerned after three days.

She didn't eat or drink anything. The doctors came at her with needles, trying to get some nutrition in her and she had a fit. She screamed and yelled, and she jumped out of the hospital bed. Her legs weren't used to moving, and she tripped. There was a small tray full of instruments which fell to the floor with a clatter. When she looked up at them, she had a massive cut above her right eyebrow. The doctors tried to help her, to stitch it up, but she screamed and yelled again and curled up in the corner without moving for hours.

Will refused to bring Henry to see her, saying that he didn't want his son to see his mother this way. The team agreed.

Everytime Garcia came to visit, she would burst into tears before even entering J.J's room.

Hotch was currently arguing with Strauss about how much time off J.J should be getting, which disgusted everyone to no end.

Strauss wanted her back as soon as possible, no matter how hard Hotch tried to tell her that J.J was not well.

Prentiss was still feeling a little guilty over shooting Robert, but whenever she saw J.J's condition her guilt lessened. She was focused on bringing J.J back.

Reid was trying to look for some sort of medicial explanation, because he didn't believe she was simply suffering from PTSD like the doctors did.

Rossi was trying his best to stay strong for the team, something everyone greatly admired about him.

And Morgan...well Morgan was almost as worse as J.J.

He stayed with her every night, just like Will, refusing to leave her side. He barely ate. He felt too guilty to eat.

But all he really wanted was some time alone with her.

Because he knew what she was going through.

When he was younger, living in the projects, he had a man who he idolised more than anything. A man who he knew could help him be free from his prison. But that freedom had come at a price.

Morgan knew what it was like, to have everything taken from you. To feel like a dirty waste of space.

And finally, when Will said he was leaving to check on Henry, Morgan got his opportunity alone with her.

"J.J?" He whispered, getting up and walking to her. No answer. Not unexpected.

"J.J, can I take you somewhere?" He asked her. Again, no answer. He gripped her hand in his.

"Squeeze my hand once for yes, twice for no."

Surely, she could manage that?

He waited patiently, until finally, after almost five minutes, she gave his hand a gentle squeeze. He pressed his lips to her forehead.

"I'll be back." He went outside and looked around, before finally finding what he was looking for. He came back into the room, the wheelchair coming to a halt as he walked back to her.

"I'm gonna lift you, and put you in the wheelchair now, okay? Is that okay?" He held her hand and she squeezed once. He scooped her up into his arms and she hung lifelessly. He put her down in the chair and she averted her gaze to straight ahead, her eyes empty. She almost looked like a crazy person. The cut above her eyebrow didn't make her look anymore sane, either. He heard thunder rumbling in the distance and he pushed them into the elevator, pushing the button that led to the roof.

If J.J had any confusion over what he was doing, she didn't show it.

She just sat in the wheelchair, her eyes empty and lifeless. The elevator doors dinged and opened. He wheeled her outside and stood there with her, waiting. Storm clouds were forming above them, but the sun was still setting and it was still visible. Half the sky was donned in black while the other half had rays of orange sunlight.

It was the most gorgeous thing Morgan had ever seen.

Almost ten minutes passed in silence until finally, it began to rain.

Morgan lifted his head, feeling the rain drop down on his skin, and he breathed in, taking the air with joy. He looked down at J.J.

She was looking up at the rain, as if she had no idea what it was.

"Whenever Carl Buford used to do...what he did to me...I used to wait for it to rain...and when it would rain I would stand outside for hours and feel each raindrop hit my skin. And I would think about all the good things about this world. The rain and how it felt against my skin...the wind...the sky...the sheer beauty of everything."

He knelt down beside her.

"Feel each raindrop on your skin, J.J." He yelled over the sound of thunder. "Whenever you feel lost and scared and angry over what happened to you, you come out here and you feel the rain and the wind on your skin. And you look at the sky, and you look at the sun...and you take in the beautiful things this world has to offer. There are bad things in this world, of course there is, but J.J...look around you. There is not one bad thing here. The only bad things in this world are done by bad people. The universe itself, here and now. The rain, the wind, the sunset...everything around you, is beautiful. There is even the darkest places. There is always light."

She looked at him, and Morgan could tell, despite the rain, that she was crying. She leaned in on the chair and hugged him tightly.

"I'm sorry." She barely whispered. He pulled back, looking into her eyes.

"You have nothing to be sorry for. I know how you feel, J.J. You feel worthless...dirty. Disgusting. Undeserving of the life you've been given because you allowed someone to take it away from you so easily."

She hesitated, but nodded slowly.

"You deserve each raindrop that hits your skin. You deserve each ray of sunshine that's coming through those clouds. You deserve all the beautiful things in life because you are beautiful, Jennifer. And don't let anyone EVER make you feel any different."

And Morgan saw something that made his heart burst with happiness.

A small smile lit up her features. He brushed the pieces of hair that clung to her face from the rain and hugged her tightly.

He knew she would never be okay again.

That everything she'd been through would haunt her forever.

But he knew that she would get through them. Because she was Jennifer Jareau.

His sister. His best friend.

And she was a fighter.