Sherlock had bought it on himself really, being his usual arrogant, smart arse self. Not only had he been pushing the police force a tad too much with his comments, Lestrade had caught the man smoking a cigarette the other day after the usual after case dullness set it. It seems the worlds only consulting detective had figured out the that he could actually buy them if he just gave the sellers more money than he used to pay them off in the first place. He had protested and and yelled for the last five minutes that just because he had a cigarette didn't mean he was back on any drugs but it didn't stop the police.

So here they were once again in one of Lestrade's drug busts. He usually only did it to bully the younger Holmes but even John could tell now Lestrade was taking this one a little more seriously. Sherlock was currently sulking, well as close to sulking as Sherlock got, standing by the mantle. John could tell by the way he was standing that he wasn't at all nervous about them finding anything, therefore he was most likely telling the truth. Still, smoking usually meant a danger night and John wasn't going to stop Lestrade, this was the main reason Sherlock shot him a dark look every now and then.

The bust had been going for a good half an hour and John was ready to step in and tell the detective to give it up when a voice made his insides freeze.

"Hey Lestrade, I found something!" Called Donovan, emerging from Sherlock's bedroom and walking back into the sitting room, something silver glinted in the fire light from between her fingers.

The detective held up the object which was revealed to be an almost completely flat, silver rectangle, covered in ornate patterns on both sides. John noticed what little color the man had drain from Sherlock's face.

"Sherlock..." Lestrade and John growled warningly at the same time. The container was too small to contain a needle or liquid canisters but perhaps power or small pills could be hidden there. Donovan and Anderson looked like Christmas had come early, the latter had rushed to the others side, looking at the object with extreme interest. As had most of the impromptu drug squad.

"That is not what you think" Sherlock announced, quickly walking over and trying to snatch the container from Sally, who quickly passed it to Lestrade.

"It's also private" Sherlock growled, with everybody still occupied by the box only John noticed that one of Sherlock's hands had curled into a fist.

"You know the rules" Lestrade argued keeping the flat box out of Sherlock's grasp. His voice was flat and disappointed, John had no doubt that Lastrade was sure Sherlock had fallen back into old habits. John wasn't sure...

"Don't!" Sherlock warned but as the words left his lips Lestrade had already clicked the container open. It turned out not to be a container at all, but a folding picture frame, the kind you can angle and stand somewhere with a picture in each side. Of all the things, John wouldn't of guessed that and going by the drugs squads face, neither did they.

In the right side was an old picture of what was obviously a young Sherlock around the age of nine or ten, sitting at a desk with a microscope on it, looking at the camera impassively. Behind the desk stood a girl maybe a year or two his junior with long black hair, she was smiling.

On the left was a much newer photo which housed Sherlock once more, it couldn't be more than five years old as Sherlock looked almost identical to the man standing in the room. It was much closer up this time, the same girl was there, much older of course, this time she was standing in front of Sherlock leaning back against him. The consulting detective had one arm draped lazily over her shoulder. Both worse soft smiles.

The room was in stunned silence for a good minute before Sherlock snatched the picture frame from Lestrade's hands and snapped it closed, slipping into into one of the deeper pockets of his coat.

"Carry on with your drugs bust if you must" He spoke quietly and all too calmly before grabbing his scarf and tying it round his neck, "John, you'll be getting a text from Mycroft, no doubt he's got this place bugged"

And with that he was gone and out the door before anybody could stop him. Though, with the look of determination he worse, John doubted anybody could of if they wanted to.

"I'm sorry, what!" Anderson gaped finally breaking the silence, "The freak had a girlfriend?"

All eyes turned to John, he wasn't sure if it was because they thought he had answers or if they thought he and Sherlock were a couple. Did anybody ever listen to him when he told them he wasn't gay? Thankfully, his phone saved him with a text, from Mycroft just as his younger brother predicted.

Heard it all. Want an explanation?


John text back,

Yes, now.


Five minutes


That fives minutes was awful. The drug squad quickly began theorizing over who the girl in the photo was and how she and Sherlock were connected. Donovan even suggested she was some sort of photoshop job, a make believe friend for the lonely sociopath. John had never wanted to hit a woman so badly in his life. Eventually the sound of feet on stairs reached the doctors ears and Mycroft Holmes stepped into the room. By now Lestrade had filled everybody in on his identity, though they seemed surprised by the lack of resemblance between the brothers.

"I take it" Mycroft began, "That somebody looked in the hidden compartment of Sherlock's violin case"

"Yeah" Sally admitted without a hint of remorse, "There is a tiny bit of the case cut out and hollowed so you can hide that frame in it. I didn't realize until the light caught the metal showing through a crack in the casing"

"Come on then!" Anderson urged, "What's with the chick, I didn't know he had the capacity to pick up chicks"

Irene Adler suddenly flew into John's mind, Sherlock hadn't even tried with her and it seemed to work pretty well. It was then he realized the girl from the photo did share similar traits with Irene. Perhaps Irene had reminded Sherlock of the photo girl.

"That woman" Mycroft said woman, while glaring right at Anderson clearly not impressed with his english, "Was a good friend of my brothers and none of your concern"

"I thought the mad doctor was his only friend" Sally pointer her thumb at John,he ignored her simply looking back to Mycroft for answers.

"They met as children, she found all of Sherlocks knowledge fascinating and Sherlock enjoyed having somebody who listened to him without insulting him" Mycroft went on, once again letting his eyes slide accusingly to the drug squad.

"This is all past tense" John noted sadly he could feel his guts begin to clench. Mycroft nodded, slowly, John would of said sadly, but, it was Mycroft.

"She helped him with his cases, being the level headed one, the people person, while he was the brains" Mycroft elaborated, "If my brother had the capacity to fall in love I'm sure he would of"

"So what happened?" Lestrade asked before adding with a small amount of hope in his voice, "Where is she now?"

"Dead" Mycroft answered coldly, "They were on a case and it went wrong"

"You can't just say that!" Donovan cried, "How did it go wrong?"

Mycroft didn't grace her with an answer he simply whipped out his phone and typed in a few words, John's phone went off seconds later.

Fishing docks, storage house 4.

He'll be there. He needs you. I'll deal with this lot.


John just nodded before grabbing his coat and heading down the stairs, he could still hear Anderson and Donovan whinging about not getting the details. Now he wanted to hit them both, well, more than usual. But he didn't have the time, he needed to find Sherlock.

This is most likely a two-shot. I've had this character in my head for ages and she keeps changing between being Sherlock's daughter and his childhood friend. I decided to go with the latter obviously :P

Sherlock has John as his male friend so I really wanted him to have a female one, one that wasn't trying to flirt or be a love interest. Somebody to be like a sister to him.

Please tell me what you think! Reviews inspire me so the second (and most likely final) Chap will be up faster if im inspired!