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Nick looked up at the big building in front of him. McKinley wasn't as big as Dalton. But it was sure big enough. He would need help to find all the classes. This would be his first day at McKinley and he was already missing his Friends at Dalton. His dad had made him transfer.

"Dalton is a safe place for you son, I know that. But one day you'll have to get out of there and it's gonna be hard. You need to know what the real world is like. Not everyone will accept that you're gay. There are mean people out there and you need to know. That's why we're sending you to public school." His dad had said. And Nick knew he was right. Dalton was great and accepting. But it wasn't the real world. so he had agreed with his dad. Leaving Dalton behind with pain in his heart.

Of course he would still see his friends. But it wasn't the same. He would miss rooming with them. Having breakfast and dinner in the big cafeteria. Singing with the Warblers. That's what he would miss the most. Singing. Yes of course McKinley had a glee club and of course he would join. But the New Directions were not the Warblers.

Nick took a deep breath and made his way inside. Immediately overwhelmed with the loud noises around him. Lockers slamming shut. People laughing and shouting. Footballs flying trough the air.

A loud splash and a gasp caught his attention. He turned around as few jocks passed him laughing and high-fiving each other. A boy with light chestnut hair was standing a few feet away from him, Wiping the ice cold liquid out of his eyes and face. Oh my God. Are that slushies ? Nick thought, slightly panicking. He walked over to the boy. Taking some tissues out of his back pack.

"Let me help you." He said before starting to wipe away the ice of the boy's face. After a few minutes he was done. The boy opened his eyes. A confused look in his eyes as he stared at Nick. "Are you okay ? Do they do this all the time ?" Nick asked in a rush. millions of questions popping into his head.

"They only do it to the losers of the school. Don't worry I'm used to it." The Boy said with a soft smile. His voice sounded angelic. "Thank you by the way...for..helping me." He said after a short silence.

"No problem, man. I'm sorry about your clothes. That's the newest Guess sweater isn't it ? Man that sucks."

The boy tilted his head to the side. "I'm impressed. Not a lot of guys have such a great fashion sense." His voice sounded amused but curious.

"Yes, well I'm..uhm." Nick cut off his sentence as he remember his fathers wordsNot everyone will accept that you're gay.Nick swallowed looking at the ground.

"You're gay." The boy finished barely over a whisper. Nick's head shot up in surprise. fearing what would happen next. But the boy was smiling at him. He held out his hand and Nick took it hesitantly.

"I'm Kurt. The only open gay kid of McKinley." Nick smiled at that, relief taking over as he realized he wasn't the only open gay guy here.

"I'm Nick...And it looks like you no longer will be the only gay guy at this school." He grinned widely at Kurt. Letting go of his hand and falling into step with him as he started walking down the hall.

"Are you sure about that, Nick? I mean I believe you when you say you're out and proud. But I'm warning you this school is not really accepting. Not at all to be honest. Life is hard here at McKinley. I get slushies in my face every day. I get shoved against walls and lockers. tossed into dumpsters. It's not a fun life you know." Kurt said, stopping at his locker and turning to me with a sad smile.

Nick swallowed, taking in Kurt's words. It wasn't really what he wanted to hear. But why should he change who he was because of others? Nick was out and Proud and he wouldn't let anyone change that. "Kurt, I'm not gonna change who I am because people don't like me. We can help each other, right?"

Kurt's smile grew bigger. "Well, alright then, Nick. It's nice to have someone to talk to. here let me show you your locker." Kurt said cheerfully. Nick handed him the paper he had gotten and watched as Kurt read it. his smile growing bigger with ever sentence. "Well look at this," he said grinning widely."Your locker is next to mine and you have the exact same classes as me. fate has brought us together." He handed the paper back to Nick, as Nick opened his locker. Dumped all his books in it, only keeping the ones he would need for his first class.

They remained silent as they walked to English class. pushing trough big crowds of people. Kurt had changed clothes and washed out his hair in the bathroom in record time. "So do you attend any clubs here ?" Nick asked, wanting to break the silence. Kurt glanced at him and smiled. "I'm in Glee club, the whole school hates it. We only have 12 members. We're like the losers of the school. But they're like family and we care for each other. Are you planning on joining any clubs ?"

"Yeah, I actually wanted to join the Glee Club. I was on the Glee club at my old school. It's what I love the most." Nick said with a wide grin.

Kurt grinned back at him. Loving the company of Nick. "You want to come with me to Glee, tonight?" they stopped at the door of their class, having a few minutes left before it started. Kurt looked at Nick, noticing he wasn't listening anymore.

"Nick?" Kurt said, sounding amused. still no reaction. Nick was staring down the hallway. following his eyesight Kurt's eyes landed on a boy with bright blonde hair. The boy was leaning against his locker. he was wearing a McKinley football jacket, a black V-neck underneath it and a pair of skinny jeans. Kurt turned back to Nick as the blonde boy noticed them staring. He nudged Nick's shoulder with his own. causing Nick to look at him, slightly surprised.

"Nick, No. He's bad news." Kurt said shortly, pulling Nick into the class room as he saw Jeff walking towards them. Knowing they would be safe in there.

"What do you mean?" Nick said. Looking back over his shoulder but looking away as he saw the boy walking their way.

"That's Jeff. Jeff Sterling. Biggest bad ass of this school. He never talks, though. only to the teachers. He cares about nothing. I don't think he even has friends. Like I said he doesn't talk but you better stay on his good side. He's never hurt me or slushied me before but still. I've heard and seen enough about him. Everyone. and I repeat, Nick. Everyone fears him." Kurt said in a low voice. sitting down in his seat.

Nick took in Kurt's words as he sat down next to him. only seconds later the blonde boy walked in, locking eyes with Nick. Nick wanted to look away but he couldn't. The blonde walked their way, never breaking the gaze. Nick felt a slight fear rise in his stomach but Jeff just walked by and sat down at the back of the class. Nick let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding. He glanced at Kurt who gave him a half smile. The bell rang and the rest of the students walked into the classroom taking their seats as the teacher walked in.

Kurt and Nick walked trough the cafeteria at lunch time. taking their food, Nick followed Kurt around. His eyes caught sight of Jeff, who was sitting at a table alone. his fingers working on his phone. Jeff looked up his eyes locking with Nick. Like he knew Nick was watching him. Nick hastily broke the gaze and watched as Kurt sat down on a table greeting the group. He hesitantly sat down next to him. immediately all eyes on him. Kurt cleared his throat.

"Guys this is Nick. He's new here. He wants to join Glee club with us." Kurt said cheerfully. Nick smiled at them and they all started to introduce themselves to him. Nick found it easy to remember their names. he was good with names. they started to ask all kinds of questions. not that this surprised Nick. They were caught of guard as a Latina girl in a cheerio"s uniform sat down next to Nick. Smirking at him with a wink. "Hey, handsome." She said in a low tone.

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Santana, you're wasting your time. He's gay."

The table fell silent for a second before breaking into a cheerful chaos. He heard something about them all being happy Kurt finally had someone to talk to. someone like him. He wasn't really listening as he caught sight of Jeff again who sat two tables away and was just staring down at his plate. Nick suddenly stood up and they all looked confused at his action.

Nick looked down at Kurt who gave him a curious look. "Can you wait for me when lunch is over ?" Nick asked. Kurt just nodded and watched as Nick took up his plate and walked away...towards a table where a certain blonde boy was sitting. "Nick, what are you doing ? Are you crazy." Kurt said loud enough for Nick to hear as the whole table and other students around the cafeteria watched in horror. fearing the worst.

Nick sat the plate down opposite from Jeff's and sat down. He stared at the boy for a while. Waiting for a reaction. Finally the blonde looked up. Nick noticed a curious look in his eyes. but it disappeared as soon as it came up. His eyes blank and empty. Nick tried to find some kind of reaction, an emotion, anger, anything. But he found nothing. Jeff just stared at him.

Nick cleared his throat awkwardly before speaking. "Do you mind if I sit here ?" he asked carefully. The boy narrowed his eyes slightly before shaking his head almost unnoticeable. Kurt was right. Jeff didn't say a word. Nick started to wonder why everyone feared him. If he was always like this. why would they fear him ? He didn't do a thing he just sat there. Not saying a word. Just then 2 boys walked by laughing and shoving each other. One of them bumped into Jeff's back. Nick could've sworn he saw a flash of fear in the blondes eyes but then he could only see anger as he shot up.

He grabbed the boy by the shoulders and pushed him against the wall. Holding him there firmly. "Don't. touch. Me." Jeff hissed before shoving the boy to the ground.

Nick stared in surprise as the blonde returned back to his seat. sitting down without a word and looking down at his plate. Only then Nick noticed the whole cafeteria was silent. staring at Jeff in fear before returning back to their conversations. The bell rang not much later and Jeff shot up from his seat, storming out of the cafeteria pushing aside the ones who didn't see him coming.

Nick stood up and walked back to Kurt and the others. They were just leaving as Nick reached them. Mercedes turned to him. "White boy, that was one idiot move, you know that? The guy could have killed you. No one messes with Jeff." She said a slightly worried tone in her voice. There were murmurs of agreement around the group before they all went to classes.

"Are you crazy, Nick? What were you doing?" Kurt asked as they walked to their math class.

Nick shrugged. "Don't you think he has a story ?" he asked staring at nothing. "I mean. He's the biggest bad ass around here but he doesn't say a word. Well.. except to teachers or when he is angry or something like that. There must be a reason right. He plays at the football team. they're all jocks. I'm sure they all want him in their gangs but still he sits alone. Did nobody ever wonder why.?"

Kurt just stared curiously at Nick, who was once again staring at a certain blonde boy.

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