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Jeff could hear the steady beeping of his heart monitor, making him remember where he was and what had happened. He shifted slightly and was suddenly aware of a weight next to him. The blond tried to open his eyes, blinking a few times until his vision became clearer. It was dark in the room, which meant it must be night. He turned his head to the window and was hit with the bright light of the full moon outside, confirming his thoughts.

Jeff sighed and something shifted on the bad, making him,once again, aware of the weight next to him. Jeff looked down and he could not only feel his heart skipping a beat, the heart monitor confirming it as it started beeping a little faster. His chest ached painfully at the sight of the familiar brown hair. This couldn't be true, Jeff thought. This was impossible. Nick was in an institution thinking he was dead. This couldn't be true... "oh my God. I'm dead." Jeff whispered into the room.

"you're not actually." The familiar voice of a woman told him. He looked around the room, his eyes settling on no other then Nick's mom, Saphira. she was sitting in the chair in the corner and smiled softly at him. "I'm glad to see you awake Jeff. I was so worried about you."

Jeff just blinked at her, unable to process everything that was happening. Someone, other then Nick, cared for him ? Nick laying in his arms, in a hospital bed ? this couldn't be true. He must be dreaming. Yes. That was it.

"You're not dreaming Jeff. and you're not dead" Saphira said, slightly amused, but with clear worry in her voice. Saphira stood up and sat in the chair next to his bed where Nick had been sitting for the last hours and hours. She took a deep breath and looked at her son, a small sad smile on her face. She then looked up at Jeff again. "After I brought you to the hospital I went to the institution... don't ask me how I did it but... I had a talk with Nick, I'm not very proud at the way I talked with him.. I never yell at him. I told him he needed to wake up and realize you were still alive... at the time I didn't know if you would be alive for much longer or not... I told him it was his father who got shot. He didn't see who got shot, I'm guessing that's why he thought you were dead, he was so certain you and he were gonna die he never thought about other possibility's... when I told him the whole story.. he..." Saphira took a deep, shuddering breath, her eyes welling up with tears. "He just broke down, I've never seen him like that and I hope I'll never have to see him like that again. He started blaming everything on himself... Next thing I know I'm yelling to his therapist about letting him come see you and then we came here and he just sat next to you... He has been talking to you a lot... I don't know what he has said but sometimes I would come back to the room and I could hear him talking through the door so I just turned around and left for a little longer. He hasn't left your side. Which of course doesn't surprise me..."

the room fell silent then, Jeff just looked at her, trying to take everything in. He looked down at Nick, who shifted in his sleep. Jeff smiled a little as he was now able to see Nick's face. He carefully wrapped his arms around him, not wanting to wake him up, and sighed in relief, closing his eyes. He had missed Nick so much. Just being able to hold him again, made Jeff's heart skip a beat again. The Heart monitor beeping faster and faster once again. Saphira chuckled a little. "you might want to try and control that, before the nurses storm in because they think you're gonna have heart attack again."

Jeff's head shot up at that, surprised written all over his face. Saphira smiled sadly. "yeah... before you woke up a few hours ago, you nearly died. They had to drag Nick out of the room, ...he passed out in the hallway"

Jeff's eyes started to tear up at that and he leaned down to press a kiss on the top of Nick's head. Jeff squeezed his eyes shut, a tear slowly sliding down his cheek. "God I'm so sorry Nicky." He breathed.

"He loves you so much Jeff." Saphira said suddenly, her voice thick. Jeff looked up only to see tears rolling down her cheeks. She smiled weakly at him. "I don't know what it was...or how you did it, but you've got his heart in your hands. I can see it so clear in his eyes, the pure adoration, it's beautiful. It makes me sick that there are people out there who think this is wrong. I don't care that you're both boys and have both dicks and no boobs." Jeff's eyes widened at that, never expecting to hear something like that coming from Nick's mom.

"I don't give a damn shit. The only thing I see is pure love and that's all that matters right ?" she smiled again and Jeff nodded. "I promise you Jeff... I'll do anything to make sure you two will never be apart again." Saphira stood up then, chuckling as she wiped her eyes. Jeff smiled up at her. "Thank you ."

Saphira smiled fondly at him and kissed his head. "It's Saphira, Jeff. You can call me Saphira. and you're welcome... I'm gonna go home now and get some sleep. I'll see you tomorrow okay?"

Jeff just nodded as Saphira walked to the door and left. The blond sighed and closed his eyes, he had a lot to think about, but not right now. no. Right now he just wanted to watch Nick sleep. Yes it's weird and probably creepy but Jeff didn't care. He had missed Nick so much, he couldn't wait until Nick woke up.

Jeff let his eyes wander over the boys face, realizing how breathtakingly beautiful Nick was in the bright moonlight, shining from the window. Nick looked like an angel, making it even harder for Jeff to believe he was still alive. Cause even though he was in a hospital and he was starving and thirsty being with Nick was heaven for him. no matter where or what state he is in.

Jeff felt like had been sitting there, just staring at Nick, for only a few minutes. But as he saw the sky getting lighter outside he realized he'd been staring at Nick for hours. He mentally slapped himself for being such a pervert. The blond swallowed and grimaced. His throat was so dry, he was so thirsty and he was sure he could eat a horse. Jeff was about to push the call button to ask for some food and water when Nick shifted against him.

The brown haired boy snuggled closer to him and tightened his grip around him as he mumbled under his breath. Jeff couldn't help but chuckle and Nick blinked his eyes open at that. Jeff held his breath, his heart once again skipping a beat. After a few seconds Nick snuggled closer against Jeff again and hummed contently. Jeff swallowed knowing Nick still hadn't realized yet. Nick frowned and opened his eyes again, the big brown eyes clearly wandering to the heart monitor next to the bed. Suddenly Nick shot up into a sitting position his head snapping towards Jeff. Brown eyes locking with Hazel ones and Jeff was pretty sure he was going to have another heart attack. Nick let out a short gasp as he stared at Jeff, his eyes wide and rapidly filling with tears. "Jeff.." he breathed and Jeff smiled a little shyly. Nick made a noise that sounded like a cry or a sob as he threw himself at the blond, clinging to his shirt as he hid his face into the crook of Jeff's neck and started crying loudly.

Jeff wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and let the tears fall freely. He pressed a kiss on the top of Nick's head and kept his lips lingering there, squeezing his eyes shut as he tightened his grip on Nick. Nick looked up again, taking Jeff's face between his hands and letting his eyes wander over his face. The brunet leaned forward and captured Jeff's lips in a salty kiss. Jeff kissed back, hands tangling in the soft brown hair. God he had missed this so much. The blond went to deepen the kiss but Nick leaned back, hands still holding his boyfriends face. "I'm so sorry." Nick chocked out suddenly, face falling onto Jeff's chest. "I'm so sorry Jeff. This is all my fault. I'm so sorry."

Jeff swallowed and licked his lips when he heard Nick whisper an apology once again. "Nick no please stop apologizing. look at me." Jeff looked down at Nick and sighed when the boy shook his head and continued crying. Jeff grabbed Nick's shoulders and pushed him up before taking his face between his hands, making the brunet look at him. Jeff smiled sadly, pecking him on the lips and resting their foreheads together. both boys holding the others face in their hands, wiping tears away, refusing to let go. Jeff leaned in again planting a short but meaningful on his boyfriend's lips. "Don't be sorry. I don't blame you...I'm just glad to have you back. Please don't blame yourself...I love you so much, Nick. I missed you so god damn much. I love you. I love you. God I love you. Don't leave me. Please. Don't ever leave me. I need you Nick. please just don't leave me. Just d-"

Nick kissed the blond long and hard, shutting him up. "I won't. I promise." He whispered against the blond's lips. "I won't." he repeated before sealing it with another kiss. Jeff hummed into the kiss, wrapping his arms around his waist and pulling him on top of him. Nick smiled against his lips and tangled his hands in the blond's hair as brushed his tongue over his lower lip. Jeff opened his mouth eagerly, tangling his tongue with Nick's as they started mapping out each others mouths. Both boys were unaware of Saphira and Jennifer walking into the room before hastily turning around and walking back out, trying to stifle their laughter.

Nick pulled back gasping for air and opened his eyes, grinning at the boy underneath him. Jeff smiled back and leaned up to peck Nick on the nose, making the brunet blush slightly.

a week later.

Nick played nervously with the hem of his shirt as he stood outside of Jeff's room next to his mom while the doctor checked Jeff one last time. Saphira smiled at her son and pulled him closer, kissing his head fondly. "Don't worry, honey. He's fine."

Nick nodded. "I know he is... which means he'll be able to go home tonight... where is he gonna go ? I'm not letting him go back to his dad's house mom. no way." Saphira smiled again.

"Don't worry about that Nick. Jeff is coming home."

"mom I just told you I'm not letting him go back there."

"I know what you said. And I said Jeff is coming home."

Nick looked up at his mom in confusion, making Saphira chuckle.

"You are his home Nick. Jeff's home is wherever you are, which in this case is our house."

Nick stared at her in shock before throwing himself at her and hugging her tightly. "Are you kidding ? thank you so much! thank you mom! I love you"

Saphira laughed and kissed the top of Nick's head. "I love you too sweetheart."

The doctor walked out not much later smiling at them as he approached. "I have good news. Jeff's blood is clean and he seems totally fine. I did some last check ups on his pulse and other basics and he seems ready to go home. Since we haven't heard anything from Jeff's parents and you are the closest thing to it. I will allow you to sign the papers and take Jeff home. If you would just follow me."

Nick beamed a huge grin on his face. "Can I go see him ?"

The doctor smiled. "Of course you can. I only need your mother. You can help Jeff getting packed up." Nick nodded excitedly and walked back to Jeff's room. He opened the door only to find Jeff in Jennifers arms. He smiled softly and closed the door behind him. Jeff looked at him and pulled back.

"Nick this is m-"

"your sister Jennifer. Yeah I know."

"You knew ?" Jeff said, shock written over his face.

"Yeah she told me when I came to visit you. It wasn't my place to tell so I didn't say anything."

"Thank you for that Nick." Jennifer said, smiling sweetly.

Nick smiled and cleared his throat awkwardly "Soooo..."

Jennifer chuckled. "No worries I'm not stealing him from you. Me and Jeff only just found each other again. We'll need some time to get used to it again. I am just happy he knows and I know he's in good hands now so I'm sure he'll be fine. I'm just glad I have my little brother back."

Jeff huffed a laugh at that. "I'm still taller then you."

"Oh shut up you." Jennifer laughed, pushing him in the chest playfully

"Oh look at you two already acting as two fighting siblings again." Nick said, laughing.

Both blond's laughed at that and Jennifer sighed. "I have to go back to work now. Have a nice ride home okay. I'll call you later this week, okay Jeff ?"

Jeff nodded. "yeah that's fine." He smiled at her and hugged her again, kissing her cheek. "I don't remember you but thank you for taking care of me." Jenn smiled again, her eyes shinning with tears. "You're welcome J." She took a deep breath and with another smile to both of them she walked out of the door to go back to work.

Nick smiled at Jeff and walked towards him, wrapping his arms around his waist and pulling him in for a kiss. He hummed contently as he felt Jeff smile against his lips.

"Lets go home." Nick whispered as he pulled back.

Jeff nodded, took Nick's hand and took a deep breath. "Yeah... lets go home."

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