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Ok, this is my first Stargate fanfiction. I wrote this in German and started translating it. Because I've not watched Stargate in English yet, I have some problems with the correct terms. And as always my grammatical skills are such as bad as my spelling. Might take some time for me to get used to the English writing. So please be patient or help me :D

Pairings: Sam/Jack later and maybe Daniel/ OC

The Arrival

Warning! Unschedulet Offworld Activation

Like always, when this came throw the speakers everyone was in a hurry. Some men with guns ran into the gateroom while General Hammond went together with SG-1 to the Operations Room.

"What's the matter, who is this?", he asked.

Walter looked at his computer: "It's Bra'tac, Sir."

"Open the iris.", the General ordered.

The armed men in the gateroom relaxed a bit, when the General and SG-1 went into the room to greed the visitor.

But Bra'tac was not alone. Three young men followed him and a woman, who hid her face under a hood, all of them Jaffa. Teal'c however greeted his old master friendly.

"Who is that?", Hammond asked looking towards the group of Jaffa. They weren't armed.

"They better tell you themselves.", the old man said.

In the Briefingroom they all set down at the big table.

"You are no Jaffa.", Teal'c said to the people with an accusingly voice.

One of the man smiled and rubbed his forehead. "No, that's just paint.", he admitted: "It's for our protection. Our journey is not without dangers."

"What journey?", Daniel asked and at the same time Sam wanted to know: "Who are you?"

The man who had just spoken, looked at his hand, which was know inky. Then he looked back up: "My name is Dr. Daniel Heldon. Named after the famous Dr. Daniel Jackson. Me and my friends came threw a quantum mirror on Chulak, of cause after, we visited several other dimensions, where we left members of our original big group."

"And why do you pretend to be Jaffa?", Sam asked.

"It is much easier when people are afraid of you, this way you don't get attacked so often. And this was the best way. We are Doctors and Scientists, we are rarely armed." Heldon explained.

"You left your people in other dimensions?", Jack asked disgusted.

One of the other man jumped up: "Yeah! And they are leading a new life in a new home, while we need to travel on!", he said angrily.

"Sit down and tell us your name!", the General ordered.

The man sat back: "Dr. Richard Anderson, Sir."

"What do you mean, they have a new home?", Daniel asked.

Heldon's smile disappeared: "An enemy, who we believed defeated, came back and attacked us. They destroyed our homes, our families. Our General ordered us, to go through the mirror. Twenty of us made it, but when we found out, that we already existed in other dimensions, we had to go on. The members of our group with no problems stayed."

Sam nodded: "I remember… when the other Samantha was here there were these painful…."

"Yeah, Carter. We all do remember that. But I would like to know, why not all of them, have told us their names yet.", Jack asked angry and looked at the third man and the woman.

The man cleared his voice: "Dr. Andy Kallon."

"And the Lady?", Jack asked.

"Her name is of no importance. She needs to travel on anyway, because I'm sure she already exists here or it to exist in some future.", Heldon said but the woman stood up.

She threw back the hood so they all could see her face. She had light brown hair and brown eyes. But her face was the spitting image of Carter.

"My name is Dr. Alexandra Janet O'Neill. In my dimension, I'm the daughter of General Jack O'Neill and Colonel Samantha O'Neill. It's an honor to meet you.", she said.

Teal'c raises an eyebrow and Sam tried to say something but was not able to.

Jack was the first to recover: "GENERAL Jack O'Neill?"

And the only question Daniel had was: "What kind of Doctor?"