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After Andy's goodbye Alex went to her quarter. She was sad. Leaving friends behind in other realities always was hard. But now, Andy was the only one to travel on. Hammond had asked the President, and so Richard, Heldon and herself were allowed to stay. But still she had the feeling of being left alone. With that thought she went to sleep.

The next morning started with a man who gave her a keycard and told her, she was now free to move around the SG-C by herself. That was good, but much easier said than done. There were colored lines on the floor, which lead to the different areas but she got lost anyway. Thirty minutes later she just opened a door, and hoped someone would be there to help her. It was the door to Daniel's office.

When he heard some enter, he looked up and smiled. Then he turned off the internet radio, so it was silent now.

"Good morning.", he said with a smile.

Alex was relieved: "Good morning. Finally someone I know. I lost my way about thirty minutes ago."

Daniel smiled: "Yeah, it's not easy in the first time here. But you'll get used to it."

She returned the smile and came to his desk: "What are you working at?", she asked observing some of his notes.

"We found these inscriptions on our last mission. I'm about to translate them. Maybe you can help me?"

Alex took a closer look: "I'm sorry. I don't know the Goa'uld language good enough to be a big help. We started to learn it when they already attacked us and all ways to the universities were cut off. So I just know some words like: Kree."

Daniel laughed out loud: "Even Jack knows that word. But didn't Teal'c teach you any?"

"No, the Jaffa use their language only in intern politic discussions. It's just a way to stick to their culture. I think it was stupid to forget about the Goa'uld."

Daniel didn't answer her last comment. Instead he said: "Alex, only because I called you a loud, curious brat in your world, doesn't mean that we can't be friends here"

She pulled an eyebrow up and grinned: "Oh, you were right. I was loud and curios back then, but don't tell my parents." she said and winked.

Daniel laughed relieved. "Well if you want, I can teach the Goa'uld language."

"That would be great." Alex said happily but then she stopped: "I thought you haven't found the ruins of the Symphones yet."

He was confused: "No, why?"

"So, what's that?", she asked and pointed to a round, flat circle on which Daniel had placed his coffee mug.

"Oh, I found that on a planet about a year ago, and since it's nice I use it as a mat. Why? What is it?" he asked.

"See and marvel", she said simply, taking his mug of the circle and placing it on the table. Then she put her hand on top of the circle and suddenly started to sing.

Daniel knew the song. It was "The first Noël", which had been on the radio only a few seconds ago. She must have heard it. But Alex just repeated just the refrain and it sounded angelic. On the small edge of the circle appeared a golden line and drew itself complete around it. Alex pulled up her hand slowly and the circle parted itself along the golden line. The upper part followed her hand up and in between the two circles was now a shimmering golden sphere. When her hand was about 8 inches high she took it off and music started playing from the circles. Small figures in golden and red glitter now appeared in the golden sphere, dancing to the music.

Daniel stared at that thing: "Wow."

"Pretty, isn't it?"

"Yes… what's it for? I mean what can you do with it?", he asked being completely paralyzed.

"Nothing, it's decoration. A music box. At the University we had thousands of those, they are useful for learning symphon." Alex explained.

"And it's only playing that song?"

"No, it plays whatever you sing to it."

"How do you do that?"

Alex took Daniels hand and placed it over the top circle. "Now sing."

He was a bit confused by her action. Not that he didn't like it but then he concentrated and sang the first song, that came to his mind: „Put the lime in the coconut, you drank them both up"

It happened on an instant. The golden sphere was now filled with dark gray smoke and with an ugly sound the circle snapped shut

Alex giggled and Daniel started to laugh: "I think, I'm not good in singing."

At that moment a man came into the room: "Dr. Jackson, Dr. O'Neill, General Hammond is waiting for you in the Briefing room."

Janet stood in front of the briefing table. SG-1 and Alex, Richard, Heldon and Hammond listened to her report.

"I'm done with the medical tests. And I found something interesting." She tuned on the screen behind her. "In the throats of Dr. Heldon, Alex and Andy is a foreign object I could not identify."

On the screen appeared a picture of that object. It looked like a small ball with thousands of needles, which adhered with the vocal chords.

"That are just our stimmulators. Only with them we are able to use symphon. The voice sounds better.", Alex explained.

Daniel frowned: "So, the song you sang in my office… is something like that possible for everyone who has such a thing?

He had been the only one who had heard her sing so the others were confused.

"No." Heldon scowled: "there has to be talent." Saga only taught his highly talented students."

"But there can be success in implanting a stimulator in an untrained voice." Alex said back.

"That's just theory." Heldon said.

Before the two of them could start a fight about that Jack interrupted: „Does it hurt? I mean it looks like it hurts. " He was implying to the spikes of the stimmulator.

"The first year after the implantation is hell. And the longer we use Symphon it gets worse but after a while we don't feel it anymore." Alex said.

"I never had problems." Heldon mentioned snobbish and Alex just rolled her eyes.

Janet cleared her voice: "There were no other unusual vital signs. The blood counts are completely normal. It's not up to me but I would declare fit for service." She said and sat down.

Hammond nodded and looked at the guests. "Are you prepared to offer your help and services to our country?"

"Yes, Sir." Alex, Richard and Heldon answered in common.

"Alright. I'll think about your future tasks and tell you about it. Until that make yourself at home."

Richard went with Teal'c to the gym, Heldon left alone and Sam went over to Janet and Alex.

"What's with the DNA?"

Janet grinned: "Well, she is yours and the Colonel's daughter. For sure."

„Great, that means I can give her house arrest if she doesn't obey. I'd love to have such options on Daniel." Jack smiled as he walked over to the women.

Daniel came over to Alex: "How about the first lesson in Goa'uld?"

Before Alex had the chance to answer Sam grabbed her arm: "Come, I have to show you something. You don't mind, Daniel?"

Daniel looked as if he would mind but he just waved them an okay: "But please come to my office later, I need to show you the music-box."

Sam nodded and dragged Alex out of the room and towards her lab.

"You made quite an impression on Daniel." Sam grinned as she walked down the corridor.

Alex giggled: "I have this effect on him in every dimension, but this is the first time it's a positive impression. He once tried to shoot me.

When they arrived at Sam's lab, Sam walked over to a white-board where a complicated formula was written. She started to explain every number and circumstances with the eagerness she only showed towards her work.

"… and this is of vital importance for this planet. What do you think?" Sam ended and looked at Alex.

But Alex looked just miserable. "I'm sorry Sam… I didn't understand a single word." She admitted.

„But… that's just simple physics."

„I know.. but… oh Sam I'm really really sorry. But without the help of my mother I would have failed math, physics and chemistry in high-school." Alex said looking sad.

Sam recovered fast from the unpleasant surprise and smiled: "Well, okay."

"Maybe you should talk to Heldon about the theory, he knows better than me."


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Please note that the word "stimmulator" is a mix from the German word 'Stimme', which means voice and the word stimulator.