a/n - Sorry, been busy on the gen side trying to get that story done before the new season starts. Now that season 9 is done and has been shown in England too, I'm getting a little looser with spoilers. Bits and pieces of a case is here. I'm not following canon exactly and if you haven't seen the episodes, you won't be lost. I promise.

If Jethro had been surprised by how good the sex was, it was the cuddling that amazed him. He couldn't help but smile as he lay in bed, Tim tucked against him. They both had to curve a little bit to make room for the bump, but Tim's head was on his shoulder, his hand was playing with Gibbs' chest hair and their legs were tangled together. He tilted his face down and kissed the top of Tim's head. "Frank and Ruth weren't too much for you today, were they?"

"Nah, if anything, they kind of reminded me of my mom's parents." Tim kissed the warm skin under his cheek. "It was nice, but it got me thinking."

Gibbs was proud that he didn't flinch. "Oh? What about?"

"About work after the baby is born – that maybe it's too risky for both of us to be on the same team."

"Yeah, that's the reason couples usually aren't allowed to be on the same team." If he were honest with himself, Gibbs had wondered and worried about that same thing. "Technically, you should be moved to another team when you're ready to go back out in the field, but..." Gibbs shook his head before pressing a kiss against Tim's hair. "I hate the idea of someone else watching your back."

"And I can't imagine trusting anyone else as much as I trust you out there, but I also think one of us needs to have reasonably normal hours." Tim shifted enough to look Jethro in the face to gauge his reaction. He didn't look upset, he looked thoughtful.

"You're thinking about transferring back to cybercrimes after the baby comes." Gibbs nodded slowly as he thought about it more. "I know how frustrated you get down there, but it would be the practical solution. I won't have too many more years in the field, we could trade off. You work cybercrimes for a couple of years and then go back out in the field when I have to retire or move to a desk." He knew he'd still hate the idea of Tim ever out in the field without him, but Gibbs wasn't ready to ask him to give it up permanently.

"Yeah, that's kinda what I was thinking." Gibbs was pretty sure there was something else on Tim's mind, so he waited. It wasn't long. "Something else Ruth asked me."

"Yeah?" Gibbs wasn't sure if Ruth's fascination with them was totally good or not.

"Names. I know I'll never be able to publicly call myself this little guy's mother, even though I'm going to give birth to him. I just figured we'd be Dad and Daddy, but she was asking me if I wanted something that was more of an acknowledgment, even if it's just us that understands the significance."

"That makes sense. You got anything in mind yet?"

"Not yet. I'll need to do some research, maybe find something in another language or culture."

Pulling Tim's head back down against his chest, Gibbs had to smile. He'd never known anyone who enjoyed researching for odd and hidden facts. It made him a great agent, but also heavily recruited by other divisions in the agency. "Whatever you decide on, is fine with me." He felt Tim's smile against his chest.

"I've got time. Besides, I've got other things to research first."


Sunday morning Gibbs finally got the steaks cooked to go with the eggs and potatoes that Tim had fried up. Gibbs watched as Tim joined him at the table with plates piled high with food. "Hungry this morning, Tim?"

"Starving. I'm so glad the nausea's pretty much gone." Tim started cutting the steak that Gibbs dropped on his plate. "I got a text from Abby this morning, she found some weird stuff on Banks' computer. I'll look into it while I'm running his financials"

"Don't push yourself too hard, okay?"

Tim fought back the urge to roll his eyes. "Abby's threatening to put a timer on the computer so I can only work for an hour at a time."

"Really, she can do that?" Gibbs was only able to hold the intrigued expression for a moment before he started to smirk and Tim threw a napkin at him.

"That is so not funny."


"Yeah." Tim tried, but couldn't quite keep his tone light. He knew something, or more precisely, someone involved with this case had Gibbs uncomfortable. "It's going to be all right, Jethro."

Gibbs leaned close and rested his forehead against Tim's. "Just be careful, okay? There's something about this case and that woman... I don't trust her, Tim."


It was distracting to have Abby beaming at him, but McGee managed to run down Banks' financial records before Gibbs arrived with their lunch.

"How ya doing?" Gibbs set the bag down on the desk, sneaking a kiss as he pulled a stool close, much to Abby's delight.

"He had some really big life insurance policies, one of them was added pretty recently." Tim peeked in the bag and snagged the bag of potato chips before pulling up another image on his screen. "He's lost a lot in his investments lately and that's not the weirdest part."

Abby took over the explanation so Tim could eat. "Somebody really did a number on him, Gibbs. A bunch of the websites he looked at were skewed. Scores and headlines changed, stuff like that. They even changed out most of his blood pressure medicine with psychotropic drugs."

"Making him appear mentally unstable?"

"More than appear, Gibbs. He was really being played."

Gibbs leaned close to look at the pills in question. There was no visible difference between the prescribed blood pressure pills and the substitutes. "This was well thought out."

"Sure was." Finishing the chips, Tim joined them as he licked the salt off his fingers.

Before he could add anything, Abby started giggling. "Craving, Timmy?"

"Maybe." Taking one last whiff before tossing the bag in the trash, Tim picked up a wand and waved it over several devices on the table. The wand beeped continually until he moved it away. "These were found in Banks' sofa and under his mattress. They're electromagnetic field emitters, designed to interrupt a person's normal sleep cycle. The question is, why was he targeted?"


Near the end of the day Gibbs gathered up McGee and their protection detail and went home. He'd just parked the car when Rachael Cranston arrived. She didn't slow down and Gibbs followed her into the basement. "Have you found out why they killed Robert?"

"Not yet, it would help if you could give us something else to go on. Did he ever mention any particular person he was having trouble with?"

Rachael paced back and forth. "Well, most of our sessions were about his daughter. He was really worried about how the divorce was affecting her, but there was something he talked about, something I don't think he was supposed to mention. Something called Operation Alborz."

"What about..." The phone cut off whatever else Gibbs was going to ask. "Yeah, what'd ya find, DiNozzo?" As he wandered around, listening to Tony explain about the hours he and Ziva had spent searching through the hard copies of hundred of personnel records, his phone dropped the call. A sick feeling developing in his gut, Gibbs pulled out an old radio and turned it on. Using the antenna as a primitive tracking device, he located a listening device buried in a box of hand tools on the workbench.

Rachael's eyes widened, but she stayed silent as he pulled it free and muttered a few choice words into the device before smashing it.

"Damn it."

"Gibbs, how did she get in here? I thought you had a protection detail."

"Yeah, they stay with Tim, not the house." Realizing the implications of his own words, Gibbs bit back another curse as he took the stairs two at a time. He entered the kitchen just in time to see McGee swallow his prenatal vitamins. "NO!"

"Jethro, what?" Tim didn't have time to say anything else before the older man grabbed him and shoved two fingers down his throat. It did the trick and seconds later the pills and the juice Tim had washed them down with were splattered in the sink.

Gibbs held him close. "She was in the house. That bitch was in our home."

Tim was still coughing, his eyes watering, as he stared at the pills he'd just taken and remembered what someone at PsyOps had done to their victim's medications. "When?"

He was painfully aware of why Tim was asking. The vitamins were a twice a day ritual. "Probably while we were at the Yard today, but let's go to the hospital to make sure." Gibbs turned to Rachael as they walked to the door. "Wait for the team, tell them what happened. I'll leave the guards here."


All of the calls were made before they arrived at Bethesda and now it was a waiting game. Patty and Ducky were both waiting for them and Tim's blood was quickly drawn. While Ducky distracted Tim for a few moments, Dr. Hughes pulled Gibbs aside.

"What are the chances that his meds were tampered with?"

"I don't know." Gibbs scrubbed at his face as he leaned against the wall. "The rational side of me says there wasn't enough time, but..."

She patted his arm. "If there's the slightest 'but' then bringing him in was the right thing to do. Our lab is running his blood right now and Ducky tells me that Miss Sciuto is testing Tim's vitamins and everything edible in the house so we should have some answers for you in the next few hours. Go on in and wait with him, chances are that the stress is worse than anything she could have done to him. Maybe that in itself was her goal."

Gibbs nodded and quickly returned to Tim's room as Patty watched. Something had definitely changed between the two men since their appointment on Friday. Sure enough, as she watched through the narrow window in the door, Gibbs gathered Tim close, peppering kisses across his face.

Vance arrived at the secure unit, coat flapping around his legs. "Dr. Hughes, Dr. Mallard, how is he?"

They both looked up from the lab results they were reading, but it was Ducky that answered. "At the moment everything appears to be fine. We will know for certain when Abigail finishes her tests."

"So Gibbs was overreacting?"

"Someone from PsyOps tampered with every aspect of Dr. Banks' life until they drove him to suicide and someone involved with PsyOps is now targeting Gibbs. How would you feel if you were in his shoes?"

"Point taken, Doctor. What happens now?"

"While Dr. Mallard continues to coordinate with Miss Sciuto and the team checking their house, I'll continue to monitor Tim and the baby. No matter what, we'll keep him here overnight."

"All right, keep me posted so I can update the SecNav. He's not going to be happy about this."

Gibbs came out of the room, but it was the man being buzzed into the unit that he was most interested in. Just giving Vance the barest of nods, he turned his attention to DiNozzo. "Tony, what did you find?"

The Senior Agent knew how upset their findings were going to make the older man. "Boss, every door, every drawer in your house has been wiped clean."

What about the bottle of Tim's vitamins?"

"Abby's still running tests, but the bottle was wiped clean. The only prints were from when McGee opened the bottle tonight. Everything in your medicine cabinet was wiped clean, too."

"Damn it." Gibbs glared at Vance. "Still think I'm overreacting?

Vance decided he didn't want to know how Gibbs knew about that. "What do you want to do?"

"I want a top of the line security system installed in my house. Tim's not leaving here until I know she's no longer a threat."

"Agreed, and I'll increase the numbers in the protection detail until this is over. That way we have someone watching the house when you and McGee aren't there."

"Appreciate it, Leon." Gibbs turned to the other agent in the hallway. "DiNozzo."

"We'll stay on top of everything, Boss. You just take care of McPapa. Just give him a hug from us, and Ziva wants you to give him a kiss for her. Abby wants you to add some tongue."

"DiNozzo." This time there was a threatening tone, but Gibbs couldn't quite wipe the amusement from his voice.

"Just passing on the message, Boss." With a grin, Tony was out the door.