A/N: Okay guys I am really sorry I had to start this one again but I tried to fit Lizzie into Doomsday but it simply didn't work because there was too much going on at once. So this one is set before and during the end of series 3 with Saxon (yes I am going there!) I had a clearer vision in my head as I knew what I wanted Lizzie to be like and how Saxon really impacted on earth while the Doctor Wasn't there. Many thanks to SerenBex for supporting me. Also I would love to hear your feed back, reviews make me happy!

We had been thorough a lot in the past year, the whole of London burning up in flames from an alien war that had occurred just a few miles from where I lived with my foster mother Claire.

It was just us living in an apartment block about 5 miles from the centre of London. I was just packing up to move to a smaller house in the borough of Watton, only a few miles from where we currently live. Claire used to work for London council as a head councillor but she wanted to spend more time with me so she took a job at Watton Council as a supervisor to the newbies (they always need help, Claire is the best at those types of things!)

I needed to find him was all I could think about whilst living in London. Every night I would just stare at the stars, praying he would come back, and then I found my advantage, The Battle of Canary Warf.

So after running all over London, almost burning myself up and getting shot at, I found my Doctor. During that day I had seen things that no child should ever have to witness.

He hadn't seen me in almost 7 years when I was a little girl, granted I'm only 11 years old but he mostly gave me promises he could never keep. Like the various school plays he had missed, my first steps, my first words and most important thing of all, the bond between us.

At first he seemed like a total stranger in my life but then Claire had to literally tell me who he was. He had told me his few fair shares of truths about my background like Claire was not my biological mother (which I knew) and how my birth mother had died in the Time War along with my brother and that my sister had run off because she could not deal with the grief.

It didn't really shock me at first but over the years he would take me off in the TARDIS around all of these amazing planets and solar systems that one cannot possibly imagine. He apologised for not being there all the time, he said he had met Claire when she was 16 and working for UNIT. She had helped him out a bit, here and there, so she instantly became trusted, so trusted in fact that she was trusted to raise the last time baby around for the rest of her life. Claire was a bit adamant at first but she knew she had to do it, living on her own and working in a dead end job, she needed to spice up her life.

So, yeah my life has always been dangerous but I guess I haven't been that exposed to my culture that much as all I knew was the life of a human child, to go to school etc. This was my life, living under the strongest perception filter you can get, placed under the care of an ex-UNIT worker, seeing the horrors of the Battle of Canary Warf and seeing the man that was supposed to be a role model to me because, he is my father.

As Claire says 'There is always trouble when the Doctor is around'. That's when things started to get weirder in 2007.