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I hate Mondays, as much as I hate Thursdays and Sundays, they just seem like the pointless days that the week has to fill.

'Sundays, what is the point in them?' as Dad would say.

This would put a big stupid grin on my face every time but not today, as it was a school day.

I had been at Wotton Cross Community College for over 3 months now; I had made friends and had managed to conceal my secret alien identity from the whole school. Well, I wouldn't say WHOLE because there are these three girls called Kiera, Michelle and Courtney; they are clearly convinced that I am weird and not human.

Even though that is the truth, I thought it would not be best to tell Nina, Noel, Ash, Lauren or… Dan yet. I do admit that I do have feelings for Dan but it would not be the best time if he knew the truth about me yet.

Enough of that, the alarm rings 7am in my sensitive Time Lady ears. Reaching out of the duvet cover, I sloppily slam my hand down on the 'STOP' button. I groan and stretch, (you would think because of my species I would sleep less. Well guess again, I could sleep for Britain!)

I'm a pre-teen (on the brink of teenage-hood) aged 12 and hell yeah when I get to 13 I am going to cause some trouble.

'Elizabeth Alexandria Partridge you get your Time Lady arse out of bed now!'

Oh, god Claire is in a right one today, well better get before she causes a nuclear explosion or something.

It's a funny thing to admit but my school uniform looks like something out of Harry Potter (the colours I mean). Yellow and red tie, grey jumper, white shirt, black blazer with school logo, black trousers and (my own personal touch) kickers.

A lot of people in school describe it as one of two things:

It's like going to a job dressed up without being paid.

Being in a prison complete with jumpsuit.

I am going to go with number one on this occasion because I enjoy it. I have to admit I am a bit of a brain box at the best of times that I just keep low profile. It's to protect me and any other beings safe from the D- word. Even though I am under protection by UNIT, I can't always help that there are people watching me. Like when I am out or in school, there just to be this one particular woman who I see now and again. She stares at me, but I choose not to bother so I just get on with my life.

Okay, so back to my current situation, I am walking quickly down the stairs into the kitchen, where a steaming cup of tea and a slice of toast waiting for me. I sit down to start the contents of my meal. Claire leans again the counter with her coffee in hand, flicking her brown curls slightly onto her shoulders.

She isn't focusing in on me; she's focusing on this bloke on the TV. She seems glued to it but I don't see all the point of all this political boo-haha but she works in the council so she is allowed to.

'Morning Britain' this bloke announces. 'We have now won the prize that we wanted to get to in the end.' He makes the most creepy ass face down the lens of the camera, freak.

'It is time to make Britain great once more, by looking to the stars for guidance and beyond…'

At this point I zone out and decide to put Claire out of her misery.

'So, Claire who is this bloke?' I shouldn't really talk with my mouthful.

She snaps out of it really quickly, weird. 'Where have been living for the past year? Under a rock, love? THAT is Harold Saxon, prime minister and charmer. Don't you think?'

Nah, something is really off about him, I haven't seen an aura like that since… since well since forever. There is something defiantly off about this bloke and I will find out why because that is when he says something that makes my skin crawl.

'That is when a Doctor will be needed to mend the broken children of time.'

When is Dad when you need him? Seriously, no-one is going to be on my side about this one. Something big is coming, I can sense that.

'I'm off now, I'll see you after work tonight.' I swiftly walked over to give Claire a hug and pick up my school bag from the other chair.

'Okay sweetheart, have a nice day. There is pasta bake in the fridge for you to heat up when you get home. I will be working late tonight; you know Saxon party and stuff.' She smiles.

I grunt and make my way out of the front door. 'See you later.' I shout back thorough door before closing it, I make my way down the path towards the main street towards the prison.. I mean school. I had to meet Nina and Lauren one the way but something was plaguing my mind on the way there. Who exactly is this Saxon bloke?


'Sir we have full security on the Jones residence and surveillance to a high standard for when he and the others arrive.' The commanding officer stood in the office of Mr Saxon, whilst he lay back in his chair staring at the ceiling without a care in the world.

'Good, we need to make sure that they are dealt with as soon as their little brains can figure this out. I want the Doctor alive, so he can meet me again. I can't wait!' He now faced the commanding officer with a giddy smile on his face.

'Is there another way we can get him here faster, sir?' The officer sounded terrified.

'Yes, I have sensed the presence of another Time Lord here, in Britain. It's HIS child within the west London area. I know it when I see it, how about we organise a school tour, James?' Saxon was bounding around like a hyper 5 year old.

Officer James shook slightly. 'That would be an excellent idea, sir. Bait for him to catch but do you know how many schools are in west London, sir? There is a couple of hundred.'

'Don't dampen the situation James we will search each one. Consider it as a ask the Prime Minister all about politics tour? The kids will love that, won't they? Especially the little time brat. Or bait!'

Saxon started laughing like a Bond villain, and then awkwardly, James started. The search was on for the child or in this case, it was time for Little Lizzie Partridge to run.