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It was two weeks before high school would begin. I'm going to be a tenth grader at Stoneybrook High School, here in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. I'm a little nervous, but I'm sure I'd be just fine because I'm an excellent student.

I'm Mary Anne Spier. I'm 14 going on 15 on September 22nd. Best of all, my adopted brother, Carlos Peters and my best friend, Kristy Thomas' neighbor, Shannon Kilbourne, who attended Stoneybrook Day School, joined us since Stoneybrook High School is the only high school we have here.

I can't wait for that. I also have an adopted sister, Meredith Sousa. Plus, one stepsister, Dawn Schafer, who is my other best friend. My stepbrother Jeff lives in California, where he and Dawn grew up.

Their mom, Sharon, dated my father way back in high school before moving to California for college. After she got divorced, she decided to come back here with her children. How did Jeff end up in California? He was here, but he was miserable. That was before Dawn and I became stepsisters. My mother's been dead for years and I never knew her.

I got a cat, Tigger, who was my favorite present at my thirteenth two years ago. I grew up on Bradford Court before moving over to Burnt Hill Road.

Lately, Dad, who's a lawyer, has been home late for a week and I haven't seen him. He comes home after nine almost every night. Luckily, I'm always up when he does. And, tonight is the final night to work late. I miss not seeing him. Plus, he's starting his two week vacation tomorrow because his boss, Randy says that he deserves a vacation. I agree on that. But he doesn't get tired when he gets home from work. Otherwise he'd be in bed between eleven and eleven-thirty.

My favorite movie star, Cam Geary, who I've been recording with since I was 13, has on vacation with his family for two weeks. I was going to be with him a few weeks or three months, but I wanted to continue because everyone enjoyed having me around, so Jennifer says I can stay and I was glad about that. He is due to be back next week. And, last October, before the music awards were aired, we did our first movie together. It was called Rebecca Morse and Samuel Jackson.

But it wasn't my first movie though. I have been on a national tour with Annie before I joined Cam. We're still doing it, but it has been postponed because the director, Mr. Jackson had a surgery recently and needed to have time off until he gets recovered in September. I play Annie and love it. We do it Thursday through Sunday. The only time that I couldn't do it was on the night when I was on music awards, so Patti, who was the understudy for Annie, took over for me. And, that was a big help. Plus, we did the movie of Annie and I performed on Tony Awards. Fun, huh? Able to perform with my friends on stage make me feel comfortable because I'm shy. Being the part of the play helps me overcome my stage freights and shyness.

I came down for some water while feeling nauseous.

"Hi, honey," a voice was heard.

That was when I noticed it was Dad who just got home.

"Oh, hi. You're home early," I said.

"I figured I'd close early since I'm on vacation tomorrow. Randy didn't mind at all," said Dad.

"Good idea," I said.

"Do you want to go school shopping tomorrow to be all done early?" asked Dad.

"Sure," I replied.

I'm glad I'm finally having a whole day with just me and Dad. I can hardly wait for that!

An hour later, I was having that nausea feeling again. Then, I got up to get some more water. Thankfully, it went away. In the middle of the night, I had a headache and took Aleve. But two hours later, I was nauseous as usual. I hate it when it returns. That was when I got up and fled over to the bathroom as I started vomiting.

"Excuse me. I should go check on her," said Dad as he came in to keep me company. "It's okay, honey, I'm here."

After that, I felt fine.

"Are you going to be alright now?" asked Dad.

"I'll be fine," I replied.

But I was like three times and it was driving me crazy. Luckily, that ended at four am. I was glad I was able to sleep- thank God!