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Summary: Someone from Wolfram's past claims as his fiancé. Yuuri is starting to doubt Wolfram's love for him and he is hurting from unexpected betrayal. Kevin comes back, offering love. A curtain is open where misunderstanding, betrayal and love unfolding themselves.

Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort

Rated: T

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Warning: unbeta'd/OOC

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Chapter 1: Banquet

The Royal Couple had back to the castle after spending a week at chalet. Their life had improved romantically, the entire castle's occupants could see that the Royal Couple was now becoming closer each day, and always exchanging looks and smiles while glancing at each other.

Gwendal smiled in secret when he saw his youngest brother was contented with his life, at present. They seemed happy with each other and never left each other's side. His wrinkles had decrease a great amount of them and recently, his headache hadn't come. While, Conrad was smiling more as he saw his younger brother lived happily with his husband that he had loved since they met for the first time – before they even married.

Yuuri was signing paperwork while his husband, Wolfram, was helping him signing some documents by his side. There was a loud wail coming from the outside of the room before the door to the office forcedly opened and revealing the lavender haired advisor.

"Heika~! I'm glad you'd come back. I missed you~!" Gunter said loudly and flung himself towards the double black. Wolfram stood from his chair, annoyed and trying to separate the clingy advisor from his now choking husband.

"Gunter! Release my husband!" Wolfram said in annoyance. While trying to separate the two. However, Gunter just ignored him and flung himself towards His Cuteness.

An attack from the lavender haired advisor made Yuuri choked. His face was almost turning into blue color. "Gunter… I can't… breathe" the Maou said in a choking voice.

"Ah~! Heika! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to choke you!" Gunter said and released the poor Maou.

Wolfram snorted and crossed his arms in irritation. "So, Gunter! What is it? Didn't you've something to tell Yuuri?" he said while raising one of his perfectly manicured eyebrows.

Gunter gasped dramatically and clasped both of his hands together, while his eyes were sparkling and there was a dream look on his face. Yuuri looked at Gunter in confusion. He sighed and told Gunter to speak. "Gunter, what is it?" he said while smiling.

"We're going to hold a party for Heika and Wolfram."

"A party? For what? When is it?" a curious black eyes scanned the tall figure in front of him. Meanwhile, Wolfram just stood next to him – arms crossed together and eyes stared at the lavender haired advisor in irritation for not informing him about the plan earlier.

"Tomorrow night to commemorate your wedding. Since, it is a tradition in Shin Makoku that the wedding party should be hold for at least two times. This time, almost all the diplomats from Shin Makoku's alliance will attend. Also, nobles from Shin Makoku itself will come."

Yuuri just nodded his head and let Gunter speak the rest of it. He bit his lips in worried – worried if he would make a mistake in the party – and Wolfram looked at him, noticing Yuuri's shoulders were slightly tense. He massaged the tense shoulders and could feel that Yuuri relaxed into his touch.

Wolfram smiled.

He was glad that their relationship had been much better after they got back from their honeymoon.

He made a mental note to thanked his mother, later.

Night at Royal Chamber.

Wolfram was sitting on the bed while looking at his husband changing his clothes into his blue pyjama. Yuuri was way too silent after the announcement about a party. Wolfram was worried what could make his wimp worried like that. He waited until Yuuri finished changing and got on the bed.

"Yuuri" he started slowly.

Yuuri turned his head at his husband. "Umm?"

Wolfram eyed him warily before he spoke his mind. "What is it? Do you still worry about tomorrow banquet?"

Yuuri looked at him and smiled weakly. "I… hmm… you're right. I'm worried since tomorrow there will be many nobles coming and what if they're questioning our marriage." He said softly, almost inaudible.

Wolfram looked at him and smiled reassure. He hauled him into his arms and said softly. "Well, it can't be help. Since, our marriage was forced and there are still many questions about our marriage. But… did you regret marrying me?" Wolfram asked him – emerald eyes watching in bewilderment. Heart was pounding in anxious beat, waiting for the answer.

Yuuri looked up at his husband from Wolfram's chest and shook his head. "No. I'm never regret marrying you. It's just… they're always making assumptions and like to dig into our private life. I don't like it." he said and bit his lips – hard – once again. A trickle of blood dripped onto his chin. Wolfram saw that and kissed it away. Yuuri looked at him in shocked and embarrassment. The blond demon just smiled tenderly.

"Well, it couldn't be help. You are the King and it's big news to whatever happen to the King. Everything you do will be judge. Sometimes, the judgements are cruel and you'll have to be patient with it, while ignoring the vulgar comments."

Yuuri sighed and turned his body so he faced his husband before he wrapped his arms around the blond's waist affectionately. "You're right, Wolf. People just can't stop interfering with my life. I guess this is the price and risk of becoming a King."

Wolfram smiled lovingly and placed a kiss on his husband's forehead. "There's no need to mess your head with that. If they're making bad comments on you, I'll help you." Wolfram stopped to kiss Yuuri on his lips before he broke it and added. "…Don't worry. I'm going to be on your side the whole time on tomorrow banquet."

"Thanks, Wolf… I appreciate that."

"Well, there is no need to thank me. Let's just go to sleep. It's been a busy day for you." Wolfram said stopping his husband from worrying too much on the problem and hugged him tighter. Securing him safely in his arms.

"Hmm…" was Yuuri only answer.

Wolfram looked down on his chest and saw Yuuri was already fast sleeping. He smiled and carefully positioned Yuuri's head on the pillow before adjusting himself, so, he would be comfortable; while wrapping his arms around the double black – Wolfram's eyes starting to drop itself.

"Good night, Yuuri…"

"Night Wolf…" Yuuri murmured in his sleep.

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