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Chapter 29: The Secret behind the Pregnancy

Something was wrong with the King's maryoku. He focused his maryoku once more to see more to the problem. As he pinpointed his maryoku at the King's stomach, he could feel another maryoku was there. Though, it was faint and weak… it was there. The maryoku was foreign and it wasn't belong to Yuuri. His frown deepened. Digging into his study about the medical and healing subject… there was only one possibility and that was…

His eyes widened considerably as his maryoku stopped flowing into the King's body.

'Yu-Yuuri is pregnant?'

Shinou Temple.

Ulrike frowned in confusion as the crystal sphere that showed the Maou's maryoku flickered unstably. The light was wavering before it was gone and replaced by a small but noticeable light of maryoku.

Her frown deepened.

"Ulrike, what's going on?" a male voice resounded in the closed room.

Turning at the male, Ulrike shook her head. "Your Majesty Shinou, something is wrong with His Majesty Yuuri."

"Shibuya?" the other male's – much younger – voice spoken out. "What's wrong with him?"

"Your Eminence." Ulrike greeted, stepping to the side, as she showed the crystal ball in her possession. There, in the middle of the glass sphere, the small light was flickering weakly. "There's a foreign maryoku and His Majesty Yuuri's maryoku isn't here and replaces by this foreign one."

"What's that?" Murata acquired when he saw the small light. While, his glasses glinted in curiosity.

Shinou's cerulean blue eyes glinted in knowing. He smirked when he saw the light flickered again. Walking to the nearby forbidden box, he sat leisurely on the wooden box before he spoke. "Looks like the Maou's family is growing up." He smirked which earned curious looks from both Murata and Ulrike.

"Your Majesty?" Ulrike said, confused.

Murata was quiet for a second before the realization hit him. "So, that's it. The thing that we have discussed before this?"

The blond King nodded his head. "Yes. I believe that my Chosen Maou has that ability and now, this proven our theory, my Sage."

Murata nodded his head, smiling. "I bet Lord von Bielefeld and Shibuya will get shocked over this but nonetheless, they'll be very happy. After all, Shibuya really loves small kids."

Ulrike who left out of the conversation between the two figures, staring at Murata and Shinou with puzzlement was evidence in her eyes. "Your Majesty Shinou, Your Eminence, what were you talking about?"

Shinou let out a chuckle while Murata just smiled sheepishly. The ghostly figure stared at his Oracle, answering her question. "Well, Ulrike… actually, to put it simply…" he snickered. "My Chosen Maou is pregnant with my descendant's child."

Instantly, the Oracle's eyes widened in surprise. "His Majesty Yuuri is pregnant?" she asked, not believing the news. "B-But, His Majesty is a male."

"That's because he's my Chosen Maou that he gets pregnant," Shinou paused to laugh. "Though, I'd this suspicion from earlier that it's Yuuri who will submit to my fierce descendant."

"Haha, it's good that Shibuya is playing that position in the baseball, despite the fact that, he barely plays it nowadays." Murata added his two cents.

"I-I don't understand. How could male get pregnant?" Ulrike asked again, not satisfied that her question was ignored.

Shinou just smiled, crossing his legs before he answered her. "Well, practically Yuuri has two souls. One of it was the Maou's soul and another one, Julia's soul." he said. "And the original Maou was actually from an extinct tribe that existed long ago, 5000 years ago before I was crowned as the Maou. When the Lord from Weisberg was still a ruler to this land that's now we call as Shin Makoku."

"Eh?" Ulrike blinked her eyes in mystification. "Your Majesty was saying that you were not the first Maou?"

Shinou smiled, nodding his head. "Yes, that's to say after the original Maou's death, my Daikenja, the last person from the tribe of the perished Dark Kingdom, got the soul of the Maou. Though, this Dark Kingdom's location was discreet."

Ulrike looked over at the Sage for confirmation and Murata just nodded his head.

"This soul is proven very powerful," Shinou continued. "It held a very strong maryoku and no one can posses it easily. It chooses its own owner. That's why for this whole time, many Maous had descended to the throne but none of them is suitable to become the container of the original Maou's soul."

The blond King paused.

"I'd to stay for 4000 years to wait for that to happen and Julia, the woman from Wincott family held the most pure and untainted soul I've ever seen. That was why I made a bargain with her to sacrifice herself and gave her soul to be merged with the original Maou's soul. By doing this, it'll make it easier for me to find the new container for this new developed soul."

"Julia…" Ulrike muttered silently. A sad emotion plastered on her young face.

"I'm really sorry but it had to be done," Shinou looked away in guilty. "Julia had to be sacrificed in order to save this world from Originators. And I found out that one of the family in the Earth, the other world, held the most warm and loving souls. I believed if I plant the soul into the newborn baby, the baby would be able to stand the strong maryoku and his personality is as good as his parents and kind as Julia. Also, this is to protect the future Maou's soul from the war that was happened during Queen Cecilie's reign."

Murata just smiled. "And you were right, Shinou. Shibuya does really fit that role and now, we've obtained the peace that both of us seek from four thousand years ago."

"Yes, but it's not only that," Shinou continued as he saw the confused look from Ulrike. "The Daikenja's tribe is mostly known as the double black's clan. Their tribe held special ability."

The small maiden raised her eyebrow. "By special, you mean?"

"The male population of that tribe, my Daikenja's tribe is able to conceive a baby. Though, it is only a male with strong maryoku. They need the male with powerful maryoku since the fetus tends to consume its parent's maryoku. And also, with Lady Julia's soul, the female ones, Yuuri would be able to stand the maryoku from his child though the effect is, he wouldn't be able to use his own maryoku and it'll stay dormant in his body – to prevent it from get consumed completely by his child."

"And that's to say, this effect will start take action exactly during one month of pregnancy and the rest of the pregnancy." Murata added, smiling. "So, from your crystal sphere we know that Shibuya is exactly one month pregnant."

The silver haired maiden kept silent trying to register all the new information. Slowly, she let out a smile on her face. "I never knew that…" she said thoughtfully. "But, it's really a good news and the baby of His Majesty Yuuri and His Highness Wolfram is surely as cute and beautiful as its fathers."

Murata smiled. "Maybe, I should go visit Shibuya and tease him. I'm sure his reactions are funny."

Shinou just laughed before his expression darkened for a split second. Murata who realized this, looked at the Great One in question before his glasses glinted, hiding his true emotions.

Silently, the two spoke in their minds.

'Shinou, do you sense any trouble, coming?'

Shinou's eyes were hard and his lips pursed in a tight line. 'Something is wrong in the Blood Pledge Castle and it has to be with those two again.'

The Daikenja's reincarnation nodded his head in understanding. "I'll be off to the Blood Pledge Castle."

After making sure, that Yuuri had slept… softly and carefully, he planted a light kiss on the young half-demon's lips. Even now, the news about Yuuri's pregnancy still shocked him. He didn't take any account that Yuuri could get pregnant. Even though, they were demon or maybe half-demon, it was still impossible for a male, a man to get pregnant. He never heard any news or possible case of male's pregnancy.

Just what was happening?

Kevin mused as he walked out of the room. Carefully, he closed the door and made sure not to make any noise. He then found two soldiers, asked them to guard the King's chamber, and didn't allow anyone to enter the room. The two guards just silently followed the Lord's command and stood guarding in front of the Maou's chamber.

Marching down the hallways in calm, the dark-green haired Lord gritted his teeth. He still couldn't fathom on how Yuuri could get pregnant. It was impossible and non-logical. Even he as the best medical student in his land never heard any case of male pregnancy.

"This is absurd." he shook his head.

Foremost, he didn't want to believe that Yuuri was pregnant with Lord Wolfram's child. Yuuri was his and no one had any right to the sweet double black. Especially, him. Thinking about the child that was now growing in Yuuri's stomach made him grimace in anger and jealousy.

Unconsciously, he had his fists clenched.

And without he realized it, he had arrived at the Maou's office. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he let his fist knock on the huge double mahogany doors. He waited for an affirmative from inside before he entered the room.


Twisting the door knob, he opened the heavy door. There behind the door were the famous advisors of the Maou; Lord Gwendal von Voltaire, Lord Conrart Weller and Lord Gunter von Christ.

"Your Excellencies," he greeted the men. Slowly, he made his way to the center of the office. "I've something to announce here."

Gwendal frowned. Silently, he gestured to the vacant chair in the table in the middle of the room.

Understanding the signal, Kevin made his way out to the chair. Noting that the eyes were looking at him skeptically, the Weisberg's Lord scowled. He never cared people's scrutinize. But, now he was confused, jealous and mad. The revelation of Lord Wolfram's cheating on Yuuri made him mad. Also, the revelation of Yuuri's pregnancy made him jealous and confused.

Sitting on the chair, Kevin placed his hands on the table before lacing it together. His dark eyes narrowed at the three demons before he stopped his gaze at the grumpy advisor. "Lord Gwendal," he started. "I believe that you'd made copy what I requested."

Gwendal nodded his head wordlessly.

He then glanced at the lavender haired advisor. "Lord Gunter, about the invitation to the meeting with Ten Nobles, have you done it?"

"Ah, yes. I'd sent the letters to the head of Ten Nobles." Gunter answered as his amethyst eyes gleamed in confusion.

Kevin nodded his appreciation. "That's good to hear since the meeting tomorrow it's not only about the public announcement of my power as the Weisberg's Lord but it also the announcement of treason of Prince Consort Wolfram against the King."

Instantly, the three occupants' eyes widened in surprise. Just what was this young demon talking about?

As someone who was as nearly as impatience as Wolfram, Gwendal stood up from his chair, slamming the desk in process. "It's absurd! I wouldn't believe it! If you're trying to use this against His Majesty then I advise you to stop now, Lord Kevin von Weisberg."

Kevin shook his head in grim. "I did not lie nor did I plan this."

"I wouldn't believe that Wolfram is ever trying to plan treason against the King." Gwendal gritted his teeth.

Gunter nodded his head. "I don't believe you Lord Kevin. Even though, Wolfram is a Little Lord Brat, he loves His Majesty and would never commit such act."

"You maybe don't believe me but His Majesty Yuuri and I witnessed his infidelity," the dark-green haired demon explained through gritted teeth. "I hope you'll understand why I wanted to make this known in the meeting tomorrow. I can't just let him slide away."

"Absurd! This is absurd, Lord Kevin!" Gwendal roared. "My little brother wouldn't commit infidelity! And if His Majesty was the witness, I want to speak with him first!"

"Yuuri is still shocked and now sleeping. I advise you to stay away from distressing him." Kevin warned, eyes sharpening. "I wouldn't tolerate any disturbance while he's resting."

Gwendal was about to make another remark but a soft touch on his shoulder stopped him. He looked up to see Conrart's reassuring smile. Understanding, the grumpy demon sat back in his chair reluctantly and glared hard at the dark-green haired demon.

"I'm sorry, Lord Kevin. I just don't get this thing you were talking about," Conrart paused, smiling but behind that smiling façade was a threat. "Why did you say that Lord Wolfram have committed infidelity towards His Majesty?"

Kevin sighed, hands gripped tightly on the table. "I and Yuuri was just finished talking with each other and a soldier informed us about Lord Wolfram's arrival." he gritted his teeth as he remembered the rest of the incident. "The soldier told us about Lord Wolfram meeting with Lady Elizabeth in his old chamber. So, Yuuri walked there to see his husband and I just followed him. But then! That cheater was kissing Lady Elizabeth in front of us and he even said that he loves her!"

Kevin finished his rage as he punched the table in frustration.

"Because of him… Yuuri cried! And because of him, Yuuri is sick! I can never forgive him! That tramp!"

All of the people went into silence as they heard the real story. Gunter was too stunned that he just sat in his chair without any word. Meanwhile, Gwendal rubbed his forehead furiously, groaning in distress. At the same time, the brunet soldier, Conrart, kept quiet but his eyes were hard at the thought of his little brother cheated on his godson.

"This…" Gwendal started, unsurely. He felt a bit calmer than before. "This is not just a lie you plan?"

The Lord shook his head. "No. I didn't create a lie and when Yuuri is getting better, you can ask him."

"Where's Wolfram?" Conrart asked.

"I sent him to the dungeon." Kevin said. "Until the punishment is ready, he'll stay in there."

Murata shortly arrived at the Blood Pledge Castle. He smiled in glee and whistled lightly while he walked through the hallways to the Royal Chamber where the King and his bestfriend residing. The existence of the two guards in front of the door didn't ring any bell to him until the two guards preventing him from going inside.

"We're sorry, Your Eminence," one guard said. "Lord Kevin von Weisberg told us to never allow anyone to enter the King's chamber."

Murata raised his eyebrow. "Lord von Weisberg?"


"You do realize that I am the Great Sage don't you, gentlemen?" Murata smiled his eerily smile and his glasses glinted in warning.

The guards gulped down and nodded before they made a way for him and opened the door. The two guards were still clueless about the Prince Consort being jailed in the underground cell for committing infidelity because Lord Kevin had taken measure – Kevin had made sure that the two soldiers that sent Prince Consort to the jail shut their mouth – that this incident should be kept secret.

Walking into the Royal Chamber, Murata closed the door behind him before he locked it. Then, he eyed the whole room, he didn't hear any single noise, and deemed his friend was sleeping. Strutting towards the king-sized bed, the double-black Sage wondered what did the guard mean and why he didn't see the short-tempered blond fire demon.

He stopped when he arrived near the bed and saw the boy King indeed sleeping. He smiled when he saw his friend sleep almost peacefully. Keyword here was almost. Sitting at the edge of the bed, Murata stared down at his friend's face. There were trails of dried tears on his cheeks and his face looked puffy. He cringed. What had happened? Why did Shibuya cry?

Seeing the boy was still sleeping, he wondered if anyone knew that the King was pregnant. He knew that waiting here wouldn't make any different, Murata stood and smiled sadly at his friend. Slowly, he let his hand caress the soft hair of his friend and pray for him that the troubles were not big. He also hoped that Prince Consort von Bielefeld wouldn't had any trouble but hearing from the guards outside of the room, Murata knew that something big had happened.

"Stay strong, Shibuya."

He whispered before he left the room and headed for the office where the others' were residing.

"Now, that Prince Consort Wolfram has caused infidelity," Conrart said, "what are you going to do, Lord Kevin?"

Kevin's eyes narrowed with both hatred and anger just at the mentioned of Yuuri's husband. "I'll discuss it with the Ten Nobles tomorrow during the meeting but firstly, I'll discuss with Yuuri when he wakes up."

The other three just nodded their head in understanding. That was good to hear the rational mind of the young demon since if according to the law, the King or Queen's consort should be executed with death punishment.

"He's lucky I didn't kill him right there and then." Kevin continued and Gwendal's eyes hardened. "I don't want Yuuri to hurt and by hurting that demon, I know Yuuri would hurt badly."

Conrart didn't want to admit it but Lord Kevin indeed loved his godson. He was very confused and mystified on how could Wolfram cheat on his beloved husband. It was just plain uncanny. He wanted to see for himself his little brother but that maybe will happen later. He would make sure to visit him before the court tomorrow.

Also, he needed to get the explanation from Yuuri.

Yuuri would not lie – not as if Wolfram would lie either – and he intended to do it today.

A knock on the door made all heads turned towards the double doors. Without waiting for the permission, the door opened by itself and walking into the room was the Great Sage himself, Murata Ken.

"Good evening, gentlemen." he smiled and realized in just one look that the atmosphere in the office was intense. His glasses glinted in knowing look when he saw in the middle of the room, was Lord Kevin von Weisberg.

"Lord von Weisberg," he smiled. "Nice to see you. What brought you here?"

The dark green haired demon stared at the wise man and nodded his head in acknowledgement. "Your Eminence, nice to see you too." he said. "I've came here to order the things that should be brought up to the tomorrow's meeting."


"Yes, meeting with the Ten Nobles." Kevin answered and saw the glint in Murata's spectacles that wanting him to explain further. "It's because of certain someone who has brought the shame to the royalty."

At the mentioned of that, Gwendal and Conrart flinched in their place and that didn't go unnoticed to the glasses double black. He made a connection from von Weisberg's words and the two's behavior, and made a conclusion that the Prince Consort had caused the infidelity.

"Were you saying that," Murata paused. "His Highness von Bielefeld has brought the shame by cheating on my bestfriend, Yuuri."

Kevin nodded his head. "Yes, Your Eminence."

"Do you have any solid proof? Or the witnesses?" Murata asked calmly. He needed to go into the problem deeply. Therefore, when Shinou said about the trouble coming, it was this. And, indeed this was the big problem ever.

"His Majesty Yuuri and I had seen and heard it by our own eyes and ears when His Highness Wolfram doing the act with Lady Elizabeth."

The teenager Great Sage knew it. His bestfriend must have seen it by himself or else he wouldn't cry like that. Inwardly, he grimaced. That Lady was indeed dangerous. He had warned the two about her and still this had happened. He did believe that von Bielefeld was innocent, even though, he still wasn't sure what had caused the loyal King's consort to commit such act.

"Are you sure, Lord Kevin?" he asked again.

The Weisberg's Lord narrowed his eyes. "Were you saying that I was lying, Your Eminence?"

Murata shook his head. "No." he confirmed. "What I was saying is, are you sure that His Highness von Bielefeld did it under his self consciousness?"

"What do you mean?" Gwendal asked, frowning.

Kevin just kept quiet.

"Are you sure he didn't do it under some spell or enchantment? We all know how deep is his love for Shibuya."

Kevin narrowed his eyes at the statement. The Great Sage was right about that. He knew that the blond Prince was very possessive of Yuuri but he also had hurt Yuuri during the night on the party. But, from what he could see this late afternoon, the Prince looked guilty and some sort of confused. He frowned. Maybe the Sage was right but then he shook his head before he spoke. "I don't know about any spell or enchantment but he did commit such act and he's guilty of the charge."

Murata sighed. "If that's the case, I'll need to talk with von Bielefeld and Shibuya himself." He said. "And you, Lord von Weisberg, why didn't you tell them the news about Shibuya's pregnancy?"

Gasps and shocks filled the room. Dark green eyes narrowed at Murata's black ones. "How did you know about it, Your Eminence? I believe that I didn't tell any soul."

"Ah…" Murata chuckled. "You know there's a certain someone that love snooping around my friend's room and he knows that my friend is expecting."

"Shinou." Kevin whispered.

"Yes, him."

Gunter just recovered from his earlier shock, speaking hurriedly. "But how? How could His Majesty get pregnant? He's a male and so does Wolfram!"

"Your Eminence," Gwendal said. "So, you're saying that all those throw ups, mood swings and food cravings are the same symptoms that could be found in pregnant woman?"

Murata nodded his head. "Yes, that's correct."

"I assume that Your Eminence knows how this is happening." Kevin interrupted. "From my medical and healing studies, I've never heard of any possible case of male could be impregnated."

"Well, let's just say that Shibuya is a special case," the Daikenja's reincarnation smiled. "He posses the original Maou's soul and that soul are from the perished tribe of mine, long time ago. When I was a Daikenja not Murata Ken."

"Original Maou?" Gunter asked, confused. "What were you saying, Your Eminence?"

Murata sighed. Looked like he had to repeat the things again. Walking to the vacant chair, he sat down and pinched the bridge of his nose before he settled down. "Okay, I'll tell you all about the Dark kingdom where all the double black came from," he said. "And their special ability beside their powerful maryoku and different color from the other demons."

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