Give His Heart a Break.

Authors Note: To anyone who has read my previous stories you will know that I have been planning this. I wasn't going to start writing this just yet but it appears to be getting in the way of my other ideas. So, here it is: my first chapter story for you. I'm not entirely sure how this story is going to go. I have a beginning and an ending in mind, the rest I'm hoping will just flow while I am writing. So, enough rambling from me; the multi-chapters are about to begin.
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Chapter One: Nine Months.

Two things; he had needed her for two things.

They were simple things, he thought.

One, he needed a place to stay; a place to hide.

Two, he needed her to… be there for John.

But, when he had asked the second task of her, he had not expected it to end up like this.

Nine months, seven days, two hours and thirty three minutes had passed since he had asked those two things of her.

And it was on the day of those nine months, seven days, two hours and thirty three minutes that life took another drastic turn he hadn't anticipated.

Molly Hooper had arrived back at her apartment after a day at London Zoo with Dr. John Watson.

Sherlock knew this due to the overpowering odour of sheep, pigs and goats all mingled in to one (they must have been allowed to touch some of the animals).

Also, Molly had not shut up about it since John had asked her the week previous.

Molly hadn't really stopped talking about John since two months had passed after Sherlock's 'death.'

John was ready to open up and after all her persistence of trying to comfort him; he had chosen her to be the one to talk to.

Sherlock didn't really mind her rambling, (for once, he would never admit that though) as it gave him a piece of his old life back; it gave him a piece of John back.

Even though Molly and John were becoming close he feared not that she would end up taking his place.

No one could replace him; he was Sherlock Holmes.

The thought was laughable.

But as the door to her apartment had shut in that annoying gentle way of hers and an overjoyed sigh had emitted from her lips, he knew something had changed.

He just wasn't too sure what that something was.

When she entered her stuffy living room, he saw no physical difference with her (other than the content look on her face and the signs of wearing in her clothes.)

Obviously the change in her was psychological.

"Did you enjoy watching that sheep give birth?" He did not even glance up from the microscope his eye appeared attached to.

"Hm? Wait… how did yo—oh, never mind." Molly shrugged her shoulders and came to rest her elbow on the table the microscope rested upon.

"I did." She simply smiled at him.

Sherlock kept his head down.

She wasn't rambling.

How… odd.

"How's John?" He was generally interested in that, more so than Molly's behaviour.

"John." That sigh again.

It irritated Sherlock now.


She didn't reply.

He pulled up from the microscope and was met with a wistful look on Molly's face.

"Molly." He almost growled.

Her eyes locked on his, the look never fading.

"John is just terrific." She grinned at him.

Sherlock's eyes narrowed slightly, unnoticed by Molly.

Sherlock hadn't heard anything other than "fine" or "ok" when he'd asked that question before.

He had a feeling he would not like the reason why John was feeling terrific.

He's mind scanned back to the times before when John had seemed that way in himself.

Only two times came to his mind.

One, whenever they were on an exciting case.

Which clearly wasn't the reason considering he was 'dead' and all.

Two, whenever John was seeing someone new.

That must have been the reason.

Sherlock never quite understood why John always seemed bright when he went on a date with some woman.

Anytime he had met the said woman, she was always so… dull.

It was ridiculous to him.

He turned his attention back to his microscope, waiting for Molly to begin rambling on about the day spent at the zoo.

She didn't.

"Did you… see any… dogs?" He prompted.

That brought Molly back to him.

"Why would I have seen any dogs?"

"It's a zoo. They keep animals there. Dogs are animals, Molly."

She raised an eyebrow.

"Have you ever been to a zoo, Sherlock?"


He felt no need to go to a Zoo.

What was he really going to learn by going to a Zoo?

"You've never been to a Zoo?"


"You think Zoo's keep… dogs?"

He didn't respond.

"It's a Zoo, Sherlock. Not Battersea."


"You don't know what Battersea is?"


He was getting irritated with her constant questioning of the obvious.

He had already stated it for crying out loud.

"It's a charity. They look after dogs and cats. They recuse them."


As useless as knowing that… that… thing everyone is always going on about him not knowing.

What is it again?

John wrote it on his blog.

Something about the moon… NO! … The Sun and Earth.

That's it.

Molly was staring at him.

"That's nice."

That seemed the right thing to say, didn't it?

He'd forgotten what she had said… something about a charity, wasn't it?

"Really? I wasn't too sure how you'd react."

Oh no.

She had that wistful look, again.

It clearly wasn't to do with charity.


"Its tomorrow night, eight o'clock. You'll have to hide; John's picking me up here."

Sherlock's head slowly rose back up from the microscope.

"Molly, we made the rule that John was never to come here."

"I know but, he wants it to be like a proper first one."

A minute, barely noticeable, frown fell across Sherlock's face.

A proper first what?

He stared at Molly for a few moments.

It was beginning to dawn on him.


It just could not be.

Don't let it be.

'Oh Molly,' he thought, "for once, let me be wrong!'

"A first what?" His voice rough.

A noticeable frown slipped over Molly's face and she tilted her head an inch to the left.

"Were you even listening to me just now?"

Well done, Molly.


She sighed but her eyes held that excited, blissful look once again.

"John asked me out."

"So? You always go out. You go out for coffee, lunch. You go to the cinema, the zoo and shopping. Why is this news?"

He knew why.

He knew the difference.

He just didn't like the difference.

"John asked me out for dinner." She emphasised the word dinner like it made all the sense in the world.

It did.

But, he had already known.

He didn't reply.

His eyes went down to the microscope and he began to analyse the bacteria on the little slide.

Molly Hooper and John Watson going out for… dinner.

It was… odd.

It was… something that made his chest tighten and his head feel small until his world was spinning.

"I need a fag." He mumbled to himself – Molly had vacated her spot and gone upstairs to her bedroom.

John Watson and Molly Hooper going out for dinner.

Molly Hooper and John Watson going on a… date.

John was his best friend and Molly she was his… his… PATAHOLIGIST!

The two simply did not mix.

Why couldn't they see that?

All he had asked of her was two things:

One, give him a place to stay; a place to hide.

Two, she needed to be there for John.

But this?

This was ridiculous and taking it too far.

This Sherlock Holmes had not anticipated, at all.

Authors Note: So, there it is. The first chapter to my story. I'm unsure whether I like it or not. I'm a little fuzzy in the head right now due to a cold and my concentration isn't all there. I hope you enjoyed it. It took a while to get in to the flow of things as I wasn't sure how to put it down in words but I got there eventually and it turned out longer than I first thought. The endings a bit weird… I'm not sure if I like it… but, I really wanted to use that final line. Also, I'm not sure if Sherlock is in character this time. Please, let me know. Something feels off about him and I want to change that. So, thank-you for reading. I hope I receive some reviews and look out for the next chapter!