{Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from the Dora universe. Anyone who does will soon wish they hadn't!}

One day, Dora was outside doing her… exploring stuff, while her blue pet monkey Boots tagged along behind her.

'Any sign of the Rock of ROFLness yet?' Boots asked Dora, his red boots scraping against the yellow-ish road they always seem to walk on.

'Nope,' replied Dora, 'not just yet. Wait! I see something!'

'Really?' Boots squinted at the horizon to try to get a closer look.

'Yes! It's coming up fast now!'

'Where? Where?' Boots screamed.

'I can see it now! It's yellow, all right! It's – the road!'

Boots facepalmed and counted to ten under his breath.

'Of course you can see the road Dora. It's beneath us. We are walking on the road.'

'Well at least it's a step closer to finding the Rock of ROFLcopter!'

Boots rolled his eyes. Honestly, Dora couldn't do anything right.

'The Rock of ROFLness, Dora.'

'Oh. Right. I knew that.'

Boots gestured to Dora's Backpack.

'Should we check our next stop on the way?'

'Alright,' Dora said. 'Let's see now…' She took her backpack off her head and grabbed the Map. Suddenly a huge green cloud of smelly gas floated up in Dora's face.

'I told you not to pull my little finger,' the Map shouted angrily.

'Sorry…mmph…' Dora mumbled, trying not to puke.

'Alright Map,' Boots said, grabbing the Map from the puking Dora and opening it up. 'Where should we go next?'

'Well…' said the Map, for really he was terrible when it came to directions, 'You have to go up to the Troll's Bridge, past the Big Dog Poop On The Sidewalk, and then you'll be at the Rock of ROFLness! Repeat after me. Bridge, Poop, Rock. Bridge, Poop, Rock. Bridge, Poop, Rock. Bridge, Poop, Ro—'

'ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT!' screamed Boots. 'I know where to go!'

The Map instantly died of shock and crumbled to dust.

'So Boots,' said Dora, after making a huge vomit-y mess on the road, 'where should we go?'

Boots took his eyes off the Map Dust. 'Well, we have to go through the Troll's Bridge and past the Big Dog Poop On The Sidewalk.'

'Well.' Dora remarked. 'Let's gooooo-woah!' she said, right before slipping on the vomit and landing in a huge smelly heap on the road. 'Well shoot.'