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The tow truck had been designed to carry cars, trucks, and tractors of any size. It was built to withstand hundreds of pounds of weight, and it had done its job well, so far.

However, it had never encountered Dora before.

The driver(which looked suspiciously like Swiper, but I'm not telling you that till later, ha ha ha) gritted his teeth as he floored the accelerator as much as he could. Yet the tow truck still moved sluggishly as it tried to pull hundreds of pounds of Dora. She was almost like a round, squishy ball after the massive snack-time, and Boots had rushed to the nearest city to get a tow truck, but not before Dora had eaten all the picnic baskets and most of the road too.

Boots sat at the top of the tow truck, taking in his surroundings. He could spot the Rock of ROFLness in the distance, like a massive black nothing of ballishness. He glanced at Dora and made a mental note to save money for the liposuction after all this was over.

Suddenly the tow truck stopped. Boots looked inside the driver's cab.

'What's going on? Why have we stopped?'

'There's too much weight on board. Dora's just too fat!' the driver said.

Boots narrowed his eyes. 'How did you know her name?'

The driver was wearing a balaclava, and as he took it off, Boots could see a nose, a mouth, and eyes.

It looked a lot like… a face.

But whose face was it?

Suddenly Boots mentally snapped his fingers. Of course! It was the face of an animal. How could he have been so stupid?

And then he (took an arrow to the knee) got whacked in the face with a bat, and fell off the roof of the car, unconscious.

The driver chuckled. 'Heh heh heh heh heh! You'll never catch me now!'

Swiper floored the accelerator once again, and the tow truck continued its way to the Rock of ROFLness.

But in a different direction.

Boots woke up. The world spun around him. He groaned.

'Where am I?' He stood up. All he could see was masses of jungle and squirrels and breadbins. No sign of civilization.

Suddenly he gasped as two hands clutched tightly around his blue monkey throat. He coughed and spluttered.

'You will come with me,' the… thing said. 'You will walk with me to HQ. If you even think about running away, remember that your throat is in my hands.'

Boots nodded slightly. He didn't have much movement in his head now that he couldn't move his neck.

'Good. Now come,' the thing said. 'There's somebody I know who wants to see you.'

They continued their walk through the unknown.

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