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The guard and the monkey continued through the forest.

Boots was getting tired. He had asked the guard twice already if he could go to the toilet, and the guard had refused on both counts. Where was he going, anyway? It was easy to get lost in the forest. He remembered a terrible story he had heard before, about a famous explorer called Wilhelm von Jiggles who had announced he was going into a forest. A rescue crew found his body five hours later. And he hadn't even gone into the forest yet.

The forest is always a dangerous place to be around. Remember that, kids.

But finally, Boots the Aptly-Named Unnaturally Blue Monkey found that he was no longer surrounded by the forest anymore; rather a giant hole that went down as far as the eye could see, and then further, stretched out in front of him.

The guard stopped, and pushed Boots back with his hand.

'This,' said the guard slowly, 'is where you're going. Jump down.' He stood back.

'Phew,' Boots said. He suddenly started peeing into the hole. 'Aaaahh...'

The guard didn't seem to notice what Boots was doing until now.

'Wha-?' He turned three shades of purple. 'What are you DOING?!' he screamed, racing towards Boots. 'That's the main entrance to the facility! It's a confidential and sterile area, you can't... I never...' Words failed him.

The guard picked Boots up and threw him into the hole. 'Good riddance!' he fumed.

'I wasn't finished yeeeeeett..' cried Boots as he fell through the hole.

He landed hard on something wet. 'Ouch!' Boots shouted. He got up, slipping a few times, and saw that he had landed on his own pee.

'Euch.' Boots grimaced, wiping off some of the shiny wet stuff off of his arms.

He was lying in a dark room. Apart from the giant hole he had fallen into, there was no light coming into the room. He could make out a door in the darkness.

'Ooh, a door!' Boots thought. He started walking towards the door, not knowing the terrible things that would happen...

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After Boots opened the door, he found himself in a hallway. After walking along it for a while, he noticed a door in front of him - with the message 'CONTAINMENT FACILITY ENTRANCE' printed on top of it in capital letters. BIG capital letters.

He opened the door to find himself in front of another guard.

'Freeze!' the guard said. 'The Boss has told me all about you and your tricks. Don't try any of them on me now, or else you'll-'

He looked down.

A dead blue monkey was at his feet.

He prodded it with his boot, to make sure if it really was dead. He got up, satisfied, and made his way towards the door.

After the guard had left, a shadow that looked surprisingly like a Very Weird-Looking And Annoying Type Of Monkey got out from its hiding place. It dragged the dead monkey out into the shadows, and walked out, revealing its true identity.

Why, it was Toto, the World's Smelliest Talking Baboon!

Not really. I wish it was though. That would be awesome.

'This "Boss" might have told him some of my tricks,' Boots cackled, 'but he didn't tell him about my greatest one. Who knew that cloning myself would save my life?'

{Yes, Boots can do that. How else do you think he can always appear, at all hours, clean and wearing boots? Obviously Dora had never looked in the basement closet back at home, otherwise Mama would have sent him away long ago.}

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