"This is an outrage Loreali." Loerali rolled her eyes and looked over the table at Rory.

"Yeah Loreali this is an outrage!" She echoed with a smile, earning her one of the scowls she lived for coming from Emily.

"Honestly Loreali, she needs to go. It's only a weekend away from you and I think some time with her peers would help her expand her horizons."

"Mom, she doesn't even know how to ski, why would she go on a ski trip with a whole group of kids she doesn't like?" The glint in Emily's eyes told her she should have dropped the subject while she could.

"I've acquired you a skiing teacher Rory. Isn't that just fun?" The Loreali's cocked their heads to the side, wondering at Emily's ability to phrase a question that wasn't really a question.

"Actually Grandma, me and mom were planning on going out of town that weekend to a concert." Emily nodded.

"Yes dear, but you can see that band anytime. I'll get you VIP tickets for the next one if that will make you happy. Just take a lesson and see how you like it, won't you? If you'll commit to three lessons, I'll even throw in a trip to New York for you and your mother." Rory sighed, and then nodded.

"Alright Grandma." Her tone was slightly defeated and Loreali sent her a pitying smile.

"Wonderful! Your first lesson is this weekend and your trip is four weekends from now, so you'll have time to squeeze all three lessons in beforehand!"

The rest of their Friday night dinner was filled with chitchat about this fundraiser and the DAR and Chilton. As they were leaving Emily threw up her hands. "Oh Rory, I almost forgot! I have something for you!"

She sent the maid downstairs and when she reappeared there were a set of brand new skis and a ski suit. Rory smiled appreciatively. "Thank you so much grandma. You saved me a trip to the mall." Emily nodded at the praise and then pushed them both out the door.

"I'll be seeing you next Friday. You girls have a safe drive home!"

As soon as they were in the car the real conversation started.

"Pushover!" Loreali exclaimed making Rory turn to her, agitated.

"Way to save me in there! She said 'trip to New York' and you couldn't wait to get rid of me!" Loreali smiled at her daughter but couldn't deny what she had said.

"You did too, you know it kid." Rory crossed her arms over her chest, clearly pouting.

"Yeah, yeah." And then the Bangles came on and all was forgotten for the moment as they both belted out the lyrics to Manic Monday and all was right with the Gilmore Girl World.