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Prologue: Genesis-Beginning


White draped over the room, coating anything in its pearly, ethereal glow. Golden light streamed through the beautiful, stained glass windows, giving the room almost an illuminative feel. In the center of all of this beauty, there was a smudge of black, offsetting the entire room. An angel with black wings, a being who was once pure good, fallen from his place on high.

And yet, he was welcome. Two other beings stood beside him, draped in white and gold and light, one with a symbol of light, and the other with an ark. Both of them were blessed, blessed with power, with fortune, blessed with the power of creation and good. They held the fallen angel in their palm, they redeemed him, brought him to light.

And he would never betray them, even if it went against everything he stood for.

They held power over much in this world. They commanded the light, justice, holy beings. They were beings beyond imagination, something other creatures would kill to have. They held power to change, to create, to destroy.

And they had a mission. They had to change this world, to obey their master, to deliver everything in his name.

The fallen angel bowed his head, his dark wings stretching out in a waterfall of black feathers. He took flight, going to command his army, to change the world.

And somewhere, across the rift of dimensions, a boy with brown hair and a golden ark, touched by destiny, shot up in his bed, aware of the danger to come.


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