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"I'm sorry, but we failed once again." A low, deep voice said. The one who said it was the fallen angel. His white-stained wings brushed the floor, and the golden rosary strung around his neck fell away from his chest, gleaming in the low light. They gleamed like the holy rings that were bound to his wrists, ankles, and triceps, each one encrypted with the holy code.

"That is because the ones we used were too weak. We need a stronger digimon, one who can bring them to the light." A soft, feminine voice said. It belonged to the girl in white, the one who held the angel's fate in her hands.

"Perhaps…we can use one we saved. A dark digimon brought to us." Another voice spoke up. This voice belonged to boy in black, with a rosary strung around his own neck. "Up to this point, we've only been using the light. We need to balance it out, we can't show favoritism."

"So what should I do now?" the angel asked. He looked up, his green eyes focusing on the two beings in front of him. The girl in white approached him, kneeling down until she was at his level.

"Take four of our trusted followers, and lead them to the human world. Find the tamers, beat them, and take them to us. You know what we have to do." She replied. The angel hesitated.

"And what if they don't come back with me? What if they defeat us?" he asked. This time, it was the boy who spoke.

"Then we will make them see our way. We have to, and we will, one way or the other." He replied. The angel bowed his head, his green eyes closing once more.

"Alright, I'll go. I'll defeat them for you." He replied. The girl smiled, still kneeling, and laid a hand on his head, careful to avoid his still-open third eye.

"Thank you. I knew we could count on you, Beelzemon."


Rika stared absently out the window, tapping her finger against the desk. The teacher continued droning on, about things Rika already knew, or honestly didn't care about. She would give anything for school to be over, to just go home and sleep for a while.

Lately, she felt tired. Not just from all the fighting they'd been doing lately, it was definitely something more. It was like a blanket of exhaustion had been thrown over her lately. Not just Rika, but Renamon too. They could both feel it, weighing them down, dragging them into whatever had set it.

And only they could feel it.

Nothing had happened to Takato or Henry, or any of the others, either. It seemed like only Rika could feel it, no one else.

Only Rika.

A sudden burst of light flared from her pocket, and Rika quickly retrieved her digivice. A digimon was in the area, another one of those ones that kept popping up to fight. Rika stuffed it back into her pocket, muffling its glow, and then she stood up, careful to bend down slightly, just enough to keep her pocket under her desk.

"Excuse me, but can I go to the nurse's office? I think I'm going to be sick!" she said, shooting her hand up into the air. The teacher, alarmed, immediately released her. The tamer sprinted out of the room, grabbing her bag as she went, and ran as fast as she could out of the building. She pulled out her digivice, and began to track it.

"Rika, it's another one of those odd ones, the digimon that feel tainted." Renamon said, appearing behind Rika. The tamer didn't even look up.

"I know. It's coming from the park. Where are the others?" Rika asked. She kept her eyes on the digivice; carefully tracking the digimon's every movement. After a moment, a few more signals began to show up. Renamon stiffened, and Rika gritted her teeth. Takato and Henry really needed to get their butts in gear, or else there would be trouble.

It took a few minutes, but they finally reached the park. All was still, save for the rustling of the leaves. The sun was still high in the sky, so they should have been able to see the digimon…why weren't they there?

"Do you think they left?" Rika asked. Renamon shook her head.

"No. I still sense them. I sense the portal, too. They're hiding." Renamon replied. She tilted her head back, silently drinking in the scents and sounds of the still air. Then the sound of pounding footsteps approached. Renamon and Rika whirled around, but it was only Henry, Takato, Terriermon, and Guilmon.

"I came as fast as I could." Takato stated between gasps. Beside him, Guilmon nodded silently, panting heavily. Henry, though, scanned the park, just as aware of the wrongness of the whole situation.

"I picked up five signals here, where are the digimon?" Henry asked. Rika shrugged, and went back to scanning the treetops.

"I think they're hiding…but I'm not sure." She replied. "We should keep ourselves alert." At that moment, Guilmon hunched forward, his yellow eyes getting narrowed.

"Takato. There are digimon hiding in the shadows." He growled. They turned to face the shifting shadows in the trees. A pair of red eyes glowered back, and a wolf creature stepped forward on dainty paws. A holy ring was fitted around its neck, and four others were attached to its paws.

Following it were three members of the Devimon family. Ladydevimon, Devidramon, and a Devimon itself. The Ladydevimon grinned, rising up her red-clawed hand. The holy ring on it gleamed in the light. Something occurred to Rika.

They were dark digimon, in fact, they were demons. Why would they be wearing something restricted to angel digimon?

She had no time to ponder this question, however. The next thing she knew, she was being screamed at to digivolve Renamon. She did so, and Renamon became Taomon.

Exhaustion. It fell upon her, wrapping her in its embrace. She could feel her eyelids grow heavy, and she could barely stand. Taomon felt it as well. The fox priestess stopped moving, and she fell to the earth, unable to fight any longer. Devidramon saw this, and dove in for the kill.

"Taomon! Get up! 'Tri-beam!'" Rapidmon called out, firing the lazar at the demon, finally destroying it. Taomon got to her feet, and coughed, barely able to stand.

"Sorry…I just…felt weak. I feel better now…'Talisman of light!'" she replied, attacking Ladydevimon. The demon grinned, dodging the spell, and rushing at the fox. Taomon's eyes widened as she came face to face with her enemy. The rings attached to the demon gleamed, and Taomon found her eyes drawn to the glow emanating from them. They seemed to be calling her, beckoning her to take one and wear it proudly. Not only that, but another wave of weakness fell over her.

Taomon couldn't move. She couldn't fight back.

"'Darkness wing. '" Ladydevimon said. A crimson blade grew from her clawed hands, and she thrust it forward. At the last moment, Taomon jerked her face away, but not quite enough. Ladydevimon pierced the side of her cheek, and intense power hit Taomon. Ladydevimon was a demon, after all, and Taomon was a holy digimon. Darkness naturally repelled light.

"'Talisman of light.'" Taomon hissed, forming the spell and firing at Ladydevimon. The demoness cried out in pain as the light hit her, quickly jerking away from Taomon, and backing into the battle. Taomon sank to her knees, panting heavily. The cloud of exhaustion still hung over her, but the pull was gone.

"'Atomic blaster!'" Wargrowlmon cried out, firing the lazar from his chest. Ladydevimon was destroyed. At the same time, Rapidmon was finally able to destroy Devidramon.

Rika fell to her knees, one hand on her sore cheek, the other clutching her digivice. Immediately, Takato was at her side, helping her up.

"Rika? Are you alright? You've been acting odd lately, let me help you up-" he started, but Rika threw him off, standing up on her own.

"I'm fine! Don't touch me!" she snapped. Takato jerked back, and Rika stood up, brushing herself off. The digimon degenerated, and returned to their tamers.

"That was only four. There is still one more here." Renamon said. Rika tensed up, watching. Terriermon froze, his enormous ears lifting up, listening.

"Henry. I hear something approaching. Something big. It has wings." The bunny digimon hissed. Guilmon backed up in Takato's direction, hunched over, growling.

"Maybe we should digivolve, guys." Takato said. He lifted up his digivice, ready to digivolve Guilmon, but a sudden blast of energy shot it out of his hands. At the same time, a silhouette of a flying digimon appeared briefly over them, before landing in front of them.

The tamers could only stare in shock.

"Beelzemon? Is that you?" Guilmon asked. The dragon straightened out of his crouch and took a hesitant step forward. Indeed it was, but a few minor changes had been made to the demon lord. His wings were still their signature black, but they were also streaked with white, a reflection of his new holy nature. Six holy rings were attached to his body, as well as a rosary engraved with the same holy code. Other than that, he looked the exact same.

"Beelzemon?" Guilmon tried again. The demon lord looked directly at him, his green eyes cold and piercing. Slowly, he raised his blaster, pointing it directly at the tamers.

"Don't take another step, or I'll be forced to shoot you." Beelzemon stated. Guilmon froze, his yellow eyes going wide.

"Beelzemon…? What are you doing?" Takato asked. "Why are you attacking us? What's going on?" he asked. Beelzemon didn't reply. Instead, he shifted his blaster onto Takato.

"I'm following my orders." He replied. He took a step forward, his white-stained feathers shivering in the wind. His piercing green eyes moved from one face to the next, and then he stopped moving, but kept his blaster aimed at the tamers.

"I suggest you digivolve, and fast. I don't like to fight weaklings." Beelzemon said. The tamers jumped, and quickly did so. Unfortunately, they couldn't digivolve to mega. That power was taken away when they returned to the real world, only able to work the first time. So, they were left as three ultimates facing a mega in blast mode.

They didn't stand a chance.

"'Corona blaster!'" Beelzemon cried out, firing at Rapidmon. The ultimate quickly dodged, then fired his missiles from his arms. The bullets didn't even appear to faze Beelzemon, who calmly resumed his assault on the tamers. Henry cried out in pain as Rapidmon was finally hit with the attack. As soon as Rapidmon was weakened, Beelzemon moved onto another target, and then another, until all three of the digimon were weakened.

"I was given orders to defeat you, not destroy you, and then to bring you back with me. Will you come peacefully, or will I have to resort to using force?" Beelzemon asked, approaching them slowly. His eyes narrowed, focused and intense. Slowly, he traced a pentagram in the air, filling it with dark power.

"I guess we were wrong. I guess you haven't changed, you are still the same traitorous murderer you always were." Takato growled, glaring at Beelzemon. The demon lord paused, still halfway in preforming his attack. After a moment, he lowered his arm.

"I don't like picking on the weak. I'll fight you again when you're stronger. Until then, expect others to try and convince you to see the light." He finally said. Then Beelzemon took off in the air, leaving the tamers behind.

"Wait! Beelzemon! BEELZEMON!" Takato yelled, but Henry held him back. The Chinese boy appeared angry, his lips pressed into a thin line.

"Don't waste your breath. He'll be back, he always is." Henry replied. Without a word, he began walking away, taking Terriermon with him. Takato fell silent, and he left as well, appearing more troubled than he had been in a long time.


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