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The Summer Annabelle Fisher Turned Pretty:

Chapter one: The arrival:

We finally arrive in Cousins after a long drive. I couldn't wait too see my summer friends, and my summer family, the Basham's. Kayla and my mom knew each other since they were in elementary school. Every summer my mom, brother Elijah and I would come to Cousins to spend the summer with Kayla and her two boys, Jayce, and David. Jayce was the oldest out of all of us. He was almost eighteen. Elijah was seventeen. David was sixteen, and I was only fifteen. The youngest of all of us and it really sucked.

After a few more minutes of driving, we get to the large white beach house that we'll be staying at for the entire summer. Jayce and David are sitting on the porch playing cards. When my mom stops the car, I am the first to get out. David runs up to me and gives me a big bear hug. "Hey there Ab." He says after a minute and finally lets me go.

My eyes are on Jayce though. He's gotten taller since last summer. Jayce's hair was dark brown, and kind of shaggy. David's hair was a lighter brown, and it was curly. Both boys had gray eyes, like their father. "Hi Davey, hi Jayce." I say looking at each of them. My brother gives each of them a man hug, then my mother hugs them each.

"Where is your mother at boys?" My mom asks worried. Kayla had cancer a few years back. She was strong though, and got rid of it.

"In her room, resting." David says. "She has dinner made already." My mom rolls her eyes and goes inside the house to see her best friend.

"Come on Lijah, unpack and come down to the beach with us." David says. "Rob is having his beginning of the summer party tonight and I told him we'd help with a few things beforehand." Rob's parties were supposed to be great. I wouldn't know though, because I'm never allowed to go. Every single year the boys say I can't go because I'm too young or something. Not this year though. I am almost sixteen, and I'm not going to let them tell me what I can and can't do this year.

Elijah grabs his bags from the trunk of my mom's blue minivan and goes inside with Jayce and David following him. I get my bags and go inside straight to my room in the back of the house on the second floor. The walls are faded pink, and the carpet is white. The dressers, the bed, and every other piece of furniture in the room is painted pink.

Pink was my favorite color as a kid, so I didn't mind everything being pink. The boys always made fun of me for having all the pink calling be either Barbie, or piggy. Which I hated. I unpack my things into the dressers and the closet then go down stairs where the boys are in the living room putting their shoes on. I sit on the couch and turn the TV on when they leave.

By the time they come back its five o'clock. Kayla and my mom are getting everything out to eat. "Figures the three of you would come back right when dinner is about to go on the table." I say annoyed.

"Shut up piggy." Elijah says then makes pig sounds. I roll my eyes knowing there's nothing I can do to make him stop. I was not going to be a tattle tale this summer. Besides, it's not like my mom or Kayla would do much anyways. The boys got away with almost everything they did.. Both David and Jayce laugh at my brothers joke. "Why don't you go be a good little piggy and help mom and Kayla?"

"You can't tell me what to do." I say rolling my eyes, which just makes the three of them laugh even more. This summer I would not let the three of them boss me around like I was a little kid. I was only two years younger then Jayce was. A year and a half younger then Elijah, and a year younger then David. "Just because your a little older then I am, does not mean you can boss me around."

"HA!" Elijah laughs. "Yeah right Ab-or should I say piggy. Being older does make us the boss of you."

"Lihah, stop." Jayce says, which makes us all look at him surprised. Jayce is actually sticking up for me? This is a first. I think to myself.

We sit down at the picnic table in the back yard and eat a dinner of potato soup and bread. "You look different Ab" Kayla says looking at me. I didn't look that different. Over the past year, I got contacts and I've been using some face stuff to get rid of the zits I had. The braces I wore last summer were now off and my teeth were straight. "Pretty. Of course, you always have been pretty."

The boys start to laugh. Kayla glares at them, and they stop. "Thank you Kayla." I say blushing. Kayla has always been like my second mom. Of course, I'd see her every single summer, and she'd basically spoil me. Which was one of the good things about being the only teenage girl in the house.

"Not a problem dear. Don't you think she looks prettier, Belly?" Kayla asks looking at my mom. She nods. Belly, of course, wasn't her real name. It was really Isabel, but most people called her Belly due to her like of Jelly Belly's when she was a kid. My mom nods her head in agreement.

"So what are you all planning to do tonight?" my mom asks looking at the four of us.

"I don't know about Ab, but we're going to Rob's beginning of the summer party." Jayce says matter of factly. I just stay quiet. I know there's no pint in arguing with them. Not right now anyways. When Kayla and my mom go inside is when I decide to speak.

"I'm going to that party too." I say looking at them. No one speaks for a few minutes.

"No way!" Jayce says shaking his head. "Your not going to this party, Ab. You're too young."

"I'm going. Whether you like it or not Jayce. You can't tell me I can't." I say. My heart is pounding in my chest. I've never talked to Jayce like that before. He just shakes his head and gets up. David and Elijah follow him into the house. Probably to talk about how to make me not go to that party.

To bad, boys. I'm going. I think to myself smiling. I go upstairs to my room to pick out what I'm going to wear.

"I think it's a good thing that you go Ab." David says walking into my room without knocking. "I don't see why you can't go."

I look at him and smile. "Thanks Davey." I say. He sits on my clothes covered bed. "You mind helping me a little?" David gets up from my bed smirking. He leaves without saying anything else. "Some help you are!" I call after him. In the end, I decide to wear blue jean shorts and a faded blue shirt with blue flip flops. When I go down stairs, the boys are already gone.

Ten minutes later, I find the party. It wasn't that hard to find. All I had to do was follow the loud music that was playing down the beach a little ways. There was a fire going in the middle of the beach with a bunch of people around it. I see Jayce, and he sees me. "What are you doing here, Ab?" He hisses. "I told you not to come."

"I can do whatever I want to, Jayce. If I remember right, which I do, it is a free country. Besides, your not the boss of me." I say.

"Yeah, and if I told your father he'd be really pleased that his daughter is going to parties?" Jayce asks.

I clench my hands into fists. My dad left my mom last summer right before we came to Cousins. When we got back in August, all of his stuff was gone. I cried in my room for days after that. It was hard at first, not having a dad in the house I mean. Over time though, I got used to it. "Don't you even say anything about him!" I say louder then I meant to.

"Just go back to the house Ab. It's the best thing for you to do. If you don't and Conrad finds out then.." Jayce starts to say. Before he can finish his sentence, I walk away fighting the urge to punch him. I couldn't believe he was trying to tell me what to do again. I go over and sit near the fire that was started.

Every time I looked over at Jayce, I'd find him looking at me. I get up and walk to the shoreline then sit in the sand not caring if I got wet from the cold ocean or not. It wasn't fair that Jayce thought he could tell me what to do. I eventually go back to the campfire and sit there talking to some of the other people but don't really pay attention to what they are saying. Around eleven thirty, I end up going back to the beach house and going to bed.