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Chapter Two: Lazy Day

The next morning when I got up the house smelled like bacon, eggs, and pancakes. I get dressed and go downstairs only to find Elijah, David, and Jayce sitting at the table. All of them with their plates completely full with food. "Jeez, thanks for saving me some guys." I say rolling my eyes annoyed.

"You're welcome Ab!" Elijah says eating another piece of bacon. "Besides, little piggy's shouldn't eat bacon." I roll my eyes about ready to smack him, but I don't. Instead, I put a couple pieces of bacon and some eggs.

"Hey Ab," Kayla says walking into the dinning room. "what are you're plans for today?"

"Oh, I don't know." I say looking at Kayla then at at Jayce. "I'll find something to do I guess."

The guys get up and leave without saying anything. "Well, I better go. You have fun today okay?" I nod my head as Kayla leaves the room. When she's gone, I change and got to the deck outside. I jump into the pool, and swim.

Sometime later, the boys come back to the beach house being loud about something that happened when they went to where ever they went to. "That was awesome!" Elijah says looking at Jayce, then David.

"What?" I ask looking at them wondering what they were talking about.

Elijah starts to laugh. "Nothing piggy." He says and goes into the house without another word. Jayce also goes into the house.

"If it makes you feel any better, it wasn't all that funny." David says sitting down next to me. David and I sit and talk for a while. After dinner, the guys played volleyball in the back yard. It was Elijah and David against Jayce. Jayce was leading by a point.

"Hey Ab come play with us!" Jayce says looking at me from where I was laying in the chair. My heart skipped a beat. Jayce wants me to play volleyball with him! On his team! I thought to myself getting up.

An hour later, Jayce and I high fived. "Man, whatever!" David and Elijah says going over to the picnic table and sits down.

"Don't listen to them, Ab. You did great. I don't think I would have been able to win without you." Jayce says smiling at me. My heart skipped another beat. I couldn't help but smile.

"Thanks." I say quietly. After a couple more minutes, Jayce goes into the house without saying another word. Sighing, I go into the house past Kayla's room. Kayla and my mom were in Kayla's room watching some old movie.

"Anna, come watch the movie with us." Kayla calls. I walk into the room and sit on the queen sized bed in between Kayla and my mom. Before the movie is over with, Kayla falls asleep. My mom tells me to go up to bed that she'll take care of things in Kayla's bedroom.

Not wanting to argue, I listen. I change into pajamas then lay in bed falling asleep instantly.