"Lovegood, Luna!"

What an interesting way to sort us. I wonder who thought of such a thing.

"Hello there."

Good evening Mr. Hat.

"You're a very polite little thing, aren't you?

Yes, I think so. Politeness does have many health benefits you know-it keeps the Hulinkles away for one.

"Yes I-wait, what?"

The Hulinkles! They're huge fanged rat like creatures that feed off insults. Surely you heard of them!

"Of course I haven't! There's no such thing!"

Yes there are.

"No there are not!"

Yes there are.

"I am not arguing with an eleven year old girl! I know that there are no such things as Hulinkles!"

How would you know that?

"I would have heard about them."

Not necessarily. There are plenty of things I haven't heard of.


I wasn't arguing, I was just discussing.

"That's it! RAVENCLAW!"

Thank you very much Mr. Hat. I hope the Filbuys don't get you.

"The what? What are-never mind."