So, hi! You came here expecting a chapter and you got an author's ramble. Terribly sorry. I won't do it again. I was leery of doing this it all, but I figured I needed a dichotomy, what with this not being a structured story. If you don't care, just skip this 'chapter'.

These are drabbles, and will not be finished into a coherent story. The story is marked as 'complete' because of that, although I might add more snippets from time to time. Basically, some events where Alex Mercer is in KOTOR II. Honestly, I haven't worked on these for a pretty long time… but I figured they were decent enough to enjoy, and I recently rediscovered them. They aren't directly linked to each other, and some might assume knowledge of events that didn't happen because I never wrote them, but for the most part, they're in chronological order.

Here's the background. This story ignores Star Wars' timeline, because I'm really not sure where KOTOR time lines up with present-day earth, so it goes with the following undoubtedly incorrect assumption. Mercer was working as a miner on Peragus before the facility's destruction, simply drifting around the galaxy as an aimless wanderer. This was about five hundred years after the Outbreak; at this point, considering how wide the galaxy is, what happened in Manhattan is an obscure legend at best. Alex, being what he is, doesn't age, but Dana Mercer died a long time ago - and he never really settled down after that.

I gave character 'bios' for interactions, most likely because I'd probably never get far enough to show them interacting, and I at least felt like getting these thoughts down. I'm going with the Light Side Female party, to follow the main character I used for the purpose of these drabbles.

So, here's the cast and how they'd get along with everyone's favorite viral abomination.

Now, Mira is pretty awesome. Love that girl. Honestly, now that I've played Prototype, she reminds me a lot of Dana, except with physical capabilities to match the snark. They even have pretty similar voices. She'd probably be wary as hell of Mercer, but I get the feeling he'd like her - partly for Dana similarities and partly because she's a badass bounty hunter with a knack for explosives. Alex likes explosives. He also respects badassery, so I figure he'd like her enough. As for Mira's thoughts towards Alex... that's more murky. Time would tell, for that one. It'd probably be unrequited. Mira's wary, and also, Mercer's modus operandi could not be farther from hers.

Mandalore/Canderous and Mercer would get along like two peas in a pod. I picture them sitting at a table, drinking and swapping war stories and expressing their manly joy in watching things explode spectacularly. Not sure if Mercer drinks, but you get the picture.

Disciple… There's nothing going on there. He's kind of a pansy, and his studies don't interest Alex at all. Disciple's probably afraid of him, Alex is disdainful.

Since I'm using a LSF party, the Handmaiden doesn't come into play as a party member; nor does Hanharr.

Visas... it'd interesting how she first reacts when she sees Mercer via Force Sight, but other than that, I just can't see them interacting much. I know that she's troubled by revenge, which Mercer sympathizes with, but the two characters just don't resonate with me. I wish they did, but they don't.

HK-47... Another case of Mercer realizing there are people/things worth knowing in the universe. HK can join him and Mandalore at the table. Meatbags... Mercer's like, finally somebody who understands. They would totally hit it off, much to everyone else's dismay.

G0-T0 - I sense thorough mutual dislike here. G0T0's the head of a massive organization, something Mercer has crappy experiences with, and he only joins the party after putting the player through his little slice of hell in the form of a ship filled with crazy bounty hunters and mines everywhere. Mercer, on the other hand, is a chaotic wildcard with enough power to seriously screw up intergalactic events if he so tries. G0T0 does not like this. At all. I mean, he's expressly stated that he doesn't care whether the Sith or the Republic win, and that he just wants stability. Mercer is anything but stability.

Atton: At first, he distrusts Alex, just like he distrusts pretty much everyone else. This relationship turns around when the crew discovers what Mercer is. Now, that sounds a bit cracky at first, because finding out your co-worker is an eldritch abomination is a bit of a turn-off, but it goes like this. Once he's uncovered, Kreia makes it no secret that she thinks Alex is little more than a beast and a slave to his instincts. As such, she treats him as subhuman. Once this enmity between them is unearthed, Atton and Alex become... not close, but more like partners-in-hating-Kreia's-guts, because Kreia always had it in for Atton like nobody else, and treating Alex like an 'it' is going to get you on his bad side, real fast.

Also, expect a lot of snark.

T3-M4: Can't think of anything. He's a droid, and not a psycho like HK. Alex doesn't really notice him more. Neutral - neutral.

Kreia: Extreme tension. Alex hates Kreia. Like, utterly loathes. He refuses to do anything with her, even if the Exile asks for them to cooperate, and will do pretty much the opposite of what Kreia asks or implies. For example, he will make an effort not to blatantly kill everything as he is so wont to do, just because Kreia called him a mindless killer and he feels a need to disprove her. The only thing that stops him from killing the hell out of her and desecrating the corpse is that Force Bond thing between her and the Exile; death for one is death for the other, and Alex likes the Exile. Kreia believes Alex is little more than a tool and an animal - a whirlwind of destruction you set out upon your enemies, but other than that, a creature that can hardly think for itself. Once his nature is out in the open, she will plainly tell the others exactly what she thinks of him, openly flaunting around things Alex would really rather not share - such as him having to struggle not to lash out and kill everyone, all the people he's killed, you know, little things like that. Oddly, this will actually make some of the others like Alex more, because pretty much everyone hates Kreia, and when she says black, the crew choruses white.

Anyway, enough of this... and on to the snippets.