"I may regret asking, but what is this?" Squealer sniffs the liquid in his bowl before wrinkling his nose in disgust.

"It's whisky, my friend. That dear boy gave it to me, ohoho~"

"Pilkington... Can you trust him?" Squealer asks suspiciously. "How do you know that it isn't poisoned?"

Animal Farm's self appointed leader smirks. "I guess that's for you to find out."

"Me…?" Squealer is taken back. "Why would you want to poison me?"

Napoleon laughs. "It was a joke, my friend. Can't you tell when I'm joking?"

"Not really" Squealer mutters. "You sounded pretty serious. But to the point… why should I drink this?"

"You don't trust me?" Napoleon feigns feeling hurt.

"I don't think trust is my concern here. For all I know, you might think its pretty safe, but really..."

Napoleon nods in approval. "It's a good thing that you're a one of a kind."

"Why... because your precious plan would be thrawted otherwise…?"

"Exactly... The two of us are the only pigs needed to run this farm. No one else has the same feeling for... what should I say...?"

"Tactics" Squealer interjects, remembering an earlier speech of his where he'd fooled the other animals.

"Exactly" Napoleon replies. "But quit trying to get out of drinking this; it's extremely good."

"So you've tried it?"

Napoleon laughed. "Ohoho, of course I have. But I made sure to save some for you."

"Thanks... I guess" Squealer says. He lowers his mouth into the bowl and begins splurping up the beverage.

"Well?" Napoleon asks simply.

"It tasted... strange..." Squealer pauses. "But yeah, it's good."

Napoleon stares at the near empty bottle of whisky in front of him. "I guess I'll have to ask that dear boy for some more."

Squealer sighs. "First of all, do you have to keep calling Pilkington dear boy? And second of all..."

He pauses, forgetting his words for a second. "What was I saying... Yes, of course... second of all, where are we going to get the money to pay for it?"

"Ohoho... tactics, my friend"

"Stop being so cryptic and please tell me… how do you plan to raise the money?"

Napoleon wasn't listening to Squealer. "I shall tell that dear boy that he must send me some more bottles of whisky... I do like whisky! And friend, you'd better change that blasted rule about alcohol."

Squealer sighs and stands up. As he does so, the world starts to spin a little. He shakes it away and starts walking, Napoleon looking rather smug as he does so.

"Where have I set the paint, again?"

"In the spare bedroom" Napoleon answers with a smirk showing on his face.

"Of course, I'll go change that rule right now!"

"Yes, you do that, and remember to be careful"

"Be careful?" Squealer blinks in confusion. "What harm could come to me?"

"Oh nothing, forget I said it." Napoleon answers dismissively. "Don't mess up, or else you'll have a lot of explaining to do. And I don't think either of us will be up to it tomorrow. That dear boy told me about the downside of whisky."

Squealer didn't listen to what Napoleon said and instead concentrated on the task ahead. What would he write... What was that word? No animal shall drink alcohol to... to exit... to excitement...?

Squealer nodded happily to himself, "Napoloen was right, this whisky is making me feel great! Of course, Napoleon is always right! Isn't that what the horse always says? What's his name again...? Bertha... Boris... Bob...?"

He would work it out