There were tears in her eyes and a knife at her throat. She didn't say a word, didn't even whimper as a sure hand drew the blade in one quick motion letting her life spill away but her eyes were pleading. "Do something" they said, but he couldn't move a muscle. She lay motionless in a pool of red, her killer disappeared like vapor in the wind. As if with her stillness his mobility returned and he rushed to her side kneeling in the mess of her death. With tears of his own he met her lifeless stare, gently though he knew he shouldn't he closed her eyes. She could not have been sleeping. Suddenly she was gone and he was left alone in the empty room with bloodstained clothes and her haunting voice "Why didn't you save me? Look at all I could have been".

She was seven and dancing on her daddies toes. She was twelve and it was her first day of middle school, she didn't want to admit she was scared but she clung to her mother's hand until the bus rolled up the hill. She was a freshman feeling so grown up slow dancing with a senior. High school graduation, her smile was brighter than the sun. She met her true love freshman year at Yale; they were married the year after graduation. She danced with her Dad at the wedding, this time on her own two feet. Her first day of work is just as scary as middle school. She had two beautiful children.

The he's back again alone in the room stained red with her nineteen years of life and all the ones she'd never have.

Spencer Reid awoke in a cold sweat with a shout, his own pleas and apologies. Terror and regret rise in him like bile making him sick.

He cried on the cold tile floor of the bathroom for the life he couldn't save not bothering to wipe the sick from his chin. Hours later when the first rays of light filtered through the blinds her rose.