Drabble Dramas

A\N: Humanized drabbles. Might contain fluff.


It was completely pointless to pretend. Rico knew that Kowalski knew about his feelings.


"Private! Are you okay?" Skipper hurried over to the injured soldier. He took Private in his arms, searching for wounds. "I´m dazed now." Private murmured.


It was pretty clear from the start. But now it was even clearer when the team caught Skipper standing in the kitchen wearing Marlene´s pink apron.


Skipper sneaked into the bedroom. Here he saw the figure escape into. "Surprise!" Hans shouted from behind Skipper. "What the- Hans!" "Surprise indeed." Hans said, smirking as he locked the door.


Julian rolled over in his bed. "Hmmm, you smell good, my lover." The king murmured in his sleep. He licked his lips, then kissed the pillow he had stolen from Skipper.


It was hopeless. Skipper would never love a psycho like him. Rico sadly kissed the picture. Why did he think Skipper would turn gay, lose all respect from the people all around him, get fired and load shame onto his back just for a crazed soldier? Rico turned away, tears in his eyes. He suddenly felt a warm hand wipe away his hot tears. He spun around and instantly felt soft lips meet his own. Rico´s eyes widened, then he moaned quietly, relaxing into his leader´s arms. His lover might just take the risk.


Kowalski felt the rush deep in his stomach as Rico tackled him down, saving him from Blowhole´s deadly missile. Their eyes met and for a second everything stopped. Then the maniac pulled him up and told him to be careful next time. Kowalski nodded, drunkenly fighting to retain his concentration.


It was a nightmare that gave Private the permission to sleep with Kowalski. He lay awake, listening to his crush´s breathing. Then, all of the sudden, Kowalski rolled over, draping an arm over Private´s body. The young soldier´s face flushed.


Mort kept looking at Private. Finally, when Private asked him what the matter is, Mort replied shyly: "There is a bug in your hair." The boy reached over and pretended to loosen the ´bug´ out of the other´s hair, but really was feeling the silky, black top.


"Heeeeelllo, Marlene!" Julian stepped into Marlene´s dressing room. He saw Marlene, only in bra and underwear. "Ahh! J-Julian! Wh-what?" The king stepped out. "Oops! Sorry." He turned, hiding his blush and grin.


Maurice´s skilled hands ran along his King´s back. Julian had his eyes closed, enjoying the tingly sensation his stomach gave him with every bliss-filled second. He started day-dreaming, how would Maurice´s body feel like?


"You´ll never win, Blowhole!" Skipper yelled into his enemy´s smirking face. "But I´ve already won, Peng-u-in." "No! My team will be here any second to kick your sorry ass. Even thought you´ve captured me, it doesn´t-" "Skipper, let me do you a favor and shut you up." Blowhole interrupted bored, than leaned forward, his lips hitting Skipper´s.


Private watched in fear as Rico chased the badger away. "There. He´s gone. Happy?" Private nodded and was just about to give Rico his thanks when the other took his hand suddenly. "Just in case something else attacks you." Rico said, winking.


Marlene didn´t know why she jumped into Kowalski´s arms at the sight of a mouse. I t just startled her, that´s all. But after seeing that cute blush on the scientist´s handsome face, she decided that form now on, she has a phobia of mice, spiders, rats, ect. whenever Kowalski is around.

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