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It had taken Izaya a moment to realize what exactly was happening.

At one moment, he felt like his heart was going to break.

It was almost like he was somewhat betrayed, simply because he missed his opportunity to kiss Shizuo when he had been sleeping.

However, when the bodyguard had pressed his lips to his own, all of that was forgotten, and his heart burst with intensified joy as it pounded against his chest.

The blonde's lips were soft, and the kiss was gentle…so much more gentle than Izaya ever had imagined. For a man who had superhuman strength, this was truly unexpected.

Not that Izaya minded.

After a few long moments, Shizuo had wrapped an arm around Izaya's waist, the other around his shoulders in order to pull him closer and keep him there. Izaya settled with placing both of his arms around Shizuo's back.

They remained on the couch, breaking the initial first kiss for a breath of air. There was a brief meeting of crimson and golden eyes, as if they were searching for something. Both asked unspoken questions which seemed to be answered upon eye contact.

After they had gotten their fill of much needed oxygen, Shizuo swooped back down and began leaving swift kisses on the other's lips, then moving to his jaw.

He took immediate notice to the brunettes reactions as he felt him shuddering in his arms, pausing his actions to gaze at his companion.

There were warm droplets of tears rolling down Izaya's face, his whole body shaking as he held on tighter to the blonde, silently crying. His eyes were shut tightly as if they were trying to delay the falling of tears.

The first reaction Shizuo felt was guilt. Had he done something wrong?

"I'm sorry…" He said quietly, placing a hand on the brunette's face to wipe away the tears with his thumb.

"Sh-Shizu-chan…" The blond was caught off guard as Izaya leapt onto him, causing him to fall onto the couch, the informant clinging to him as if for dear life. Not knowing what else to do, Shizuo pulled him so that they were both laying side by side, Izaya snugly fitting in his arms. He proceeded to kiss Izaya's forehead, touching his own to the brunette's so that he could look him in the eyes.

"What's the matter?" He spoke calmly as Izaya's eyes widened, the tears having ceased.

Instead of an answer, however, Izaya looked down at his mouth. Shizuo wasn't expecting lips to be touched to his, ever so slightly, before more light pressure was added. Izaya gripped Shizuo's vest and pulled away, burying his face into the bodyguard's neck.

Shizuo nuzzled his face against Izaya's soft black hair, kissing his head and running fingers through the strands, gently. He felt his companion relax next to him, their bodies pressed together perfectly as they held each other.

"I just…I don't know what to feel…" It was a bit muffled due to Izaya's face being on Shizuo's neck, but it was easy to understand.

"Hmm?" Shizuo paused petting the brunette's hair and waited patiently.

"I mean that…I'm feeling so many emotions right now…" Izaya had lifted his head and rested it so that he was facing the side of Shizuo's face, beginning to observe him closely. "Just moments ago, I felt like I couldn't take it any longer. I felt like I was going to break…"

At this, Shizuo raised his head in alarm.

"Were you really in that much pain?"

His response was a slow nod. "These past weeks have been torment, Shizu-chan. But now, I've gone from one extreme flow of emotions to another, all in one instant."

"Izaya…" Shizuo pressed his lips to his forehead yet again, speaking against it. "I'm sorry for causing all of that."

"There's no need to feel upset…after all, you hadn't know, Shizu-chan." Izaya closed his eyes and smiled as more kisses where left upon his face, freezing when he felt warm breath linger just above his lips.

"But I could have figured it out. I think that we both had known our own feelings, and I'm sure it was pretty obvious based on how we would act," The breath was even closer as lips brushed against each other. Izaya felt Shizuo's mouth curve into a smile. "You and your looking for excuses to be hugged."

"Ne, who was the one who gave in so eagerly?" Izaya opened his eyes and playfully stuck out his tongue, poking it against the corner of Shizuo's mouth. The blonde growled at this and closed the distance with another kiss, applying a bit more pressure than Izaya had earlier.

"Well, it looks like I won't need to come up with excuses to be hugged now…or even kissed, for that matter. You won't stop anyway." He chuckled happily as Shizuo shifted, sitting up and taking the brunette with him so that he was sitting in his lap, pressing one more chaste kiss to the side of his head as if to prove Izaya's point.

"So, now what?"

A long pause.

"Shizu-chan, what an absurd question. That is, firstly, a poor expression of your intentions. You haven't indicated as to what sort of answer you are expecting. It is also, perhaps, one of the most commonly asked questions ever used to express no knowledge on what one is t-" He was shut up by the blonde's mouth over his.

"I'll ask again to fit your preferences, your highness." Izaya touched fingers to his own lips, crimson eyes darted to the side in embarrassment. "What do you feel like doing right now to pass the time, while I'm here with you?"

"W-well…" A flustered Izaya leaned backward so that his head was resting on Shizuo's shoulder. "You're the guest and…I've never been in this sort of situation before, Shizu-chan. I don't know exactly what to do…"

Shizuo sighed, then smiled at Izaya's uncertainty yet eagerness to please.

Neither of them had ever been in a relationship before, so this was a new experience for the both of them. But figuring out how to make it work wouldn't be too difficult, as long as they acted the way they had been, right?

"Hey Izaya, how about we just do what we've been doing for the past couple of months?"

Now it was Izaya's turn to mutter, "Hmm?".

"Well, you know how we disguised ourselves those few times before so that we could check out other parts of the city and not be recognized? We could do that again, but this time we would be going on…d-da-….uh, you know…" Shizuo stopped himself. He couldn't bring himself to say it.

Luckily, Izaya understood.

"You'll have to get used to saying the word 'date', Shizu-chan. After all, we'll be going on several of them." He chuckled and kissed the other's jaw, who in turn began to gently run a hand up and down his arm.

"So now…does this mean that you're my…my…b-boyf-…" No one would believe that the fortissimo of Ikebukuro could be flustered this easily unless they saw him now.

Izaya smiled warmly and nuzzled his face into the crook of the other's neck. "Boyfriend? Yes, Shizu-chan. That's exactly what it means. Unless there's something else that you wish me to go by…" He paused as if in deep thought, then moments later, smirked mischievously. "Aha, well, that term wouldn't be quite fitting right now…it can come later on."

"Eh? What term?" Shizuo blinked.

"Nothing Shizu-chan! I was just thinking aloud, is all." He grinned innocently and rested his head back into Shizuo's chest.

Shizuo grunted suspiciously and then decided not to worry about it. If whatever Izaya had been referring to did happen later on, then he'd know…eventually.

"Did you want to go out right now?" Izaya murmured, his eyes closed.

The blonde leaned forward and laid his forehead on Izaya's shoulder, pulling his now-boyfriend closer to himself.

"Nah. I'd much rather stay here."

"Mm." Izaya hummed his approval and shifted so that he was more comfortable. He blinked open his eyes after a moment's time. "You know, I haven't eaten dinner yet, and I highly doubt that you've eaten either."

Shizuo sighed. "You're right. I haven't really gotten a chance. You want to go somewhere?"



"You just said that you'd rather stay here."

"…Yeah…I would. But we could still always go out."

"Ne, that's fine. I'm not really in the mood to leave right now. So, with that said, shall I make us something here or call for delivery?"

Shizuo frowned. His boyfriend noticed his expression and let out a small chuckle at the indecisive look on his face. "How about an easier question. What do you feel like eating?"

The blonde locked his gaze on Izaya the moment he said that.

"I'd say that question is more difficult to answer…but luckily for you, I know what I want."

The brunette tilted his head.

"Alright. What would you like to have?"

"Hmm. Can I have…you?"

Izaya felt the heat rush to his face. "U-uh…Shizu-chan…I'm not an option in this case…"

Shizuo chuckled and nibbled the brunette's ear. "But you taste delicious, Izaya."

"Haah…" He shuddered as he felt the hot breath move from his ear to his neck, where lips pressed against it. "Shi-…ahh…"

He was pulled closer, a warm hand coming up to turn his head slightly so that mouths could meet in another kiss. Immediately deciding that this position wasn't the most comfortable, Izaya moved his legs to the side so that he could face the blonde, wrapping his arms around the other's neck to get more contact. Shizuo placed both of his arms around the other's waist.

After what seemed like minutes, they stopped for air. Izaya sighed and hid his face in Shizuo's shoulder, nuzzling his neck in contentment. His boyfriend rested his chin on top of his head softly.

"So, what are my options again?" Shizuo broke the silence with a hint of playfulness in his voice.

Izaya lifted his head a bit so that he could speak clearly. "I can call for delivery or…I could cook us something…"

"You know, since I can't eat you, I guess that the next best thing would be to try your cooking."

This made Izaya hide his face again, shuddering slightly from the memory of what had just happened as a result of Shizuo having said that before.

However, the thought of making something for his new boyfriend made him smile.

"Alright, I suppose that I could make something. But don't expect anything too fancy."

Shizuo chuckled. "Aw that's fine. I don't typically eat anything considered 'fancy' anyway." He cuddled Izaya closer and grinned. "Knowing you made it is better quality than any expensive restaurant could serve."

How many times must Shizuo make Izaya's heart pound faster with his flattering words and loving affection? This was all overwhelming and almost surreal. But he knew that this was real, and Izaya didn't mind in the slightest.

He had never been happier than he was right now.

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