Situation: Season 7, episode 9: Child's play - Abby's lab

Don't own them, just enjoying their company.

What does Abby mean when she says: "Thought you're gonna give me something hard"? And what does Gibbs think? Just a little Gabby fun. Rated M just to be safe.


"Hey Abby."

Gibbs walked into her lab.

Hey gorgeous.

"Hang on a minute Gibbs, 'cause this is important. It's my great aunts Cranberry sauce recipe. I lost it and now I'm trying to duplicate it before Ducky's Thanksgiving dinner. I don't wanne let Ducky's turkey down, you know."

And I hope you'll like it too.

He blinked, arms crossed over his chest, slowly breathed out and waited, but not for long.


Right, work. Focus, Abby!

She looked up at him.

Stop being so nervous! Ducky invited everybody and Gibbs may actually show up this year. Dinner together, a glass of wine or two, maybe something stronger, watching the game together on the couch, I'm leaning against him …

"Today." with a forceful tone in his voice he had her attention back.

What? Oh, right.

"What can I do for you, Gibblet? It's kind of a seasonal play … "


"I'm ready, sir."

Jeez, Abbs, get your head straight! What's he gonna think when you're acting all crazy like this. He needs you to do a good job, nothing else.

A faint smile flashed over his face.

Was he smiling when she called him Gibblet? Nice!

"Turn this into pictures", he handed her the device in the bag.

Hmm, that's easy.

Walking over to her computer she said: "thought you're gonna give me something hard".

Give me something hard? Sometimes you say the stupidest things for a smart girl. Did he ... oh yeah, he knows!

He followed her to her computer, standing so close to her she could feel her lab coat brushing against his legs.

If I just take a little step back I can feel your... . I gotta stop thinking like this! Damn, it's impossible that I'm the only one feeling like this.

He watched her connecting the USB cable to the computer.

Is he really THAT interested in my work or is he trying to hide something?

"So, what are you bringing to Ducky's dinner?", she asked.

Are you going, are you, are you?

"Not sure I'm going", he said.


"What do you mean you're not going!"

"Who's gonna carve the turkey? Who's gonna watch the game with me? Who's gonna eat too much pie?" she said forcefully, poking her finger into Gibbs' stomach when she mentioned the pie.

"Abby ...", he muttered, slightly uneasy.

I can't believe I just did that. And what is that look on your face? Is that …

"The photo's!", the words dismissing her further thoughts.

She looked into his eyes, her eyes half shut.

There is something you're not telling me, I can feel it! If I look deep enough I can read your mind! But you're blocking me.

Then she turned and asked "what am I looking for?"

Stop it Abby. Get out of the danger zone.

Leaving it up to her to find out what the two pictures meant he headed for the door, tasting the cranberry sauce when he passed it and said "more sugar".

Oh yeah, you're coming to the dinner!