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Bonus chapter

Joey walked out of the airport and asked Roland, who was with him, "Ya think Seto will pay for a car to get me back?"

"I'll pay for it," Roland answered, "I got orders to get you back at all costs, meaning that he'll pay me back."

"Great." Joey smiled at Roland's reply. "That means I can stop by at Yugi's first, because I want to see him again. And you only get me to Kaiba if I saw him first so you technically have to take me to Yugi's, right?"

"Correct." Roland answered laughing. He came to really enjoy the company of his bosses boyfriend Mister Wheeler who preferred to be called Joey. When Mister Kaiba left America on the 26th of January, he had ordered Roland to stay behind and watch over Joey and to make sure that he would be back with him as fast as possible at all costs, even if it meant to kill someone. Of course he wouldn't go that far but he did pay for everything that would get Joey back to Domino a little faster, like sending some of Joey's stuff ahead and paying for that.

Joey had also gotten to throw a huge party for all of his friends. He simply had said out loud that he would find a job first to save enough money to throw said party and then Roland offered to pay on Kaiba's expenses and Joey could throw it. He sort of felt bad for taking that much money out of Seto but he really wanted to be back soon as well as say goodbye to his friends properly. And even now, he just had to stop by at his friends´ place first to tell them that he was there, since he hadn't told them yet to surprise them. But he didn't want to risk them running into him or someone else who had seen him and find out that he's back by coincidence. He wanted to be the one to tell them properly that he was back in the area and that they could see each other much more often again.

He took a cap and was excited. The last time he had seen them was a little while after Yami's disappearance and the epic duel between the pharaoh and Yugi. The last time he had seen his friends in person was right before his father had gotten that job and they had moved. They had been at the airport and Joey and cried a little even in front of them because he had to leave. It had been hard to pretend to be strong and fine with the move and he had totally failed there but at least he could talk his father on that day into believing that he might miss them but was still excited to meet new friends soon.

"Roland?" Joey asked at some point during the drive "Do you have to tell Kaiba that we arrived?"

"I haven't told him that we left America either," Roland answered.

"Yeah but only because I said that I would only go back if ya didn't" Joey answered. "I am back now and have no way of paying for a flight back, so there is nothing to threaten you with."

"If you want me to, I´ll call him." Roland said with a smile. "But if you prefer I´ll drag it out a little. Mister Kaiba said to get you to his place and you still could threaten that you'd be staying at Mister Muto's place instead of the Kaiba mansion if I spoil the surprise for you."

"Why would I stay with Yugi's gramps?" Joey asked.

"I meant the younger Mister Muto." Roland replied.

"I hate your Mister talk." Joey complained. "That is Yugi, not Mister Muto. Why are you always saying Mister this and Mister that? It's annoying."

"It's polite and I'm working for Mister Kaiba and have to address his business partners in that manner too, so I'm used to it." Roland explained to the pouting blond man he shared a cap with and smiled. He started to understand why his boss liked this man so much, even though he didn't feel the same way. It was just that he could see the appeal he had for someone who was into guys rather than women. Especially to Seto Kaiba, who could really need someone to bring some humor into his life.

A little while later the cap stopped in front of the Kama Game shop and Roland got out of it and wanted to hold the door open for Joey but like always, he was out too fast for that, not waiting for him to get around the cap. He clearly wasn't used to the comfort of having someone working for him yet. But he did manage to hold the door of the shop open for the blond young man who walked past him and right up to Yugi, who was just putting some new items up for display, while Roland stayed outside to give them some privacy for a chat. "Hey pal," Joey said loudly from behind him and Yugi jumped up and turned around at the same time and then stared at the smiling face of his friend, who was fighting a laughing fit after giving Yugi a little fright. "Why so jumpy?" He asked after Yugi just stared. "Did ya see a ghost?"

"I think I still do." Yugi said, "Aren't you supposed to be in America?"

"What sort of welcome is that?" Joey asked and his smile turned into a pout but it was clear that he only did that to make Yugi feel guilty a little and wasn't surprised at his reaction at all because he was still visibly close to a laughing fit.

"Sorry." Yugi said and had a hand over his chest since he heard Joey's voice from behind himself. "I'm just surprised, but I'm happy to see you." Yugi smiled and then hugged his friend.

"Where are the others?" Joey asked. "I don't know how much time I´ve got before I need to see someone but would love to see everyone at least for a little while."

"Who do you have to see and why are you here and how long are you going to stay?" Yugi started to ask and got his phone out to text Tristan first and tell him to inform the rest to show up extra fast because he had an emergency. He didn't want to tell them that Joey was back in a message and wanted them to be at least nearly as surprised as he was.

"I need to meet my boyfriend, I'm here because he wanted to see me more often again and I'm going to move in with him, so I'm going to stay permanently, at least for now. I mean I don't know what I do if it isn't working out with him, which actually is pretty likely, but I want to give it a shot since that one night with him was really nice and I never thought he could be that nice." Joey rambled a little, finding it hilarious to watch Yugi's face while he had to take in all those information at once. Joey was moving back, he had a boyfriend, which also meant that Joey was gay and obviously had already spent a night with that boyfriend.

"You're gay?" He asked, trying to wrap his head around all the things he had just said. "And you have a boyfriend?"

"Right." Joey replied with a slight blush. "Sorry I never mentioned it before but I hadn't been sure when I moved back and once I was I didn't want to tell in a letter and since I never had a real boyfriend I never thought it necessary to drop the bomb on a phone or such."

"It's fine." Yugi said still looking a little surprised. "I mean, I understand that and don't mind at all. You're not even the only one that I know. Tristan and Duke are dating too, they didn't want to tell you on the phone either."

"Cool." Joey smiled at Yugi "I bet they´re a cute couple."

"So," Yugi asked curious, "Who's your boyfriend?"

"About that, don't forget that I said that I doubt that it's going to work out, I'm just giving it one shot because he was sort of nice on my birthday." Joey said with an even more blushed face. "He just showed up and was nice, well sort of and then he wanted me to come back and I missed you guys and we talked and then…well you don't want to hear that, but it was great."

"You still didn't tell me who it is." Yugi reminded him, be really was curious now since Joey seemed to try and get around it.

"Well, it's someone we both know." Joey said, "I mean that's why I said that I didn't know that he could be this nice and…" He had been about to say his boyfriend´s name when the door opened and Mokuba Kaiba walked in. Joey needed to look at the kid twice to recognize the boy who was taller than him by now. His hair was still wild and a little longer than his brother´s. "Gees you've grown." Joey said surprised.

"Joey." Mokuba said and walked over to give him a hug. "You're here, why are you here, how long are you staying, oh wait, YES, you´re moving in, aren't you? You're the reason Roland stayed in America and is outside now, isn't it? You're finally dating Seto, aren't you, please say you are, I mean it would explain why he's much less grumpy these days."

"You're dating SETO?" Yugi asked surprised.

"Well," Joey said with a blush, "I guess I am, and yes I'm moving in, didn't Seto tell ya that already?"

"No, he didn't," Mokuba answered sounding outraged that his brother had dared to keep that from him. "He only said that Roland had to overlook something in America and that it would be a surprise for me, I guess it's more for him but I'm happy too."

"Is he really less grumpy nowadays?" Joey asked, "I mean I wasn't even around yet."

"Yeah, he is." Mokuba confirmed. "Maybe it's because he knows that you're coming and is happy about it."

"Maybe it's just because it's true that you're in a better mood when ya got laid." Joey wondered.

"Gross." Mokuba said. "He's my brother for christs sake, I really don't need to hear ya talking about sex with him, so please cut it out."

"Sorry kid, that just slipped out." Joey said with a grin.

"Where is that jerk?" Was suddenly heard from the door and the three of them looked over to see Tristan walking in followed by Duke.

"Don't tell them I told you, please." Yugi quickly whispered, he knew that Tristan wanted to tell Joey about his relationship in person and only had let it slip because Joey had looked so nervous.

"What jerk?" Joey asked pretending like Yugi hadn't said anything just to make sure Tristan wouldn't ask about it. He hadn't planned to say anything in the first place and already assumed as much.

"Joey." Tristan just said and hugged him before he looked to Yugi. "Is he the emergency? Because after seeing Roland outside I thought it´d be Kaiba who was trying to torture you or something."

"I wouldn't torture Yugi." Mokuba said with a wicked grin.

"I meant the other Kaiba." Tristan said, "And you know that. I never call you Kaiba."

"I know," Mokuba said with a grin "But you should learn to get along with my brother."

"Why?" Tristan asked, "I hardly saw the jerk since graduation and I'm happy about it."

Joey shook his head, looking at Mokuba who just looked confused but Joey winked. And went to the door and said "You'll see in a moment but since you mentioned Roland, I need to tell him something, so excuse me for a second."

He left the shop to tell Roland that he could call Kaiba and tell him where he was and in the meantime Tristan asked Yugi how it came that Joey was back all of a sudden but Yugi only told him to ask Joey himself.

Once Joey was back inside Tristan looked at him and asked: "How long are you going to stay?"

"For a while," Joey said, "I'm moving in with someone for a while and look for a job here, I lost my other one anyway."

"How comes?" Tristan asked.

"My boyfriend got me fired." Joey answered honestly.

"He did what?" Mokuba asked, "I promise I´ll talk to him about it, he can't just go around and get you fired."

"Don't worry, kiddo." Joey answered. "He doesn't know that I know it, but he also made sure that I would get my job back if I didn't come here with him. He just wanted to motivate me."

"You got a boyfriend?" Tristan asked surprised. "And such a jerk on top of it? I mean he could have asked you normally, he shouldn't get you fired and who does something like that anyway?"

"My jerk boyfriend. But he can be nice and he's…well I can't tell ya in front of Mokuba." Joey answered with an evil grin.

"Oh come on," Tristan said, "He isn't a kid anymore."

"I still don't want to hear that." Mokuba mumbled.

"You didn't seem to mind when I said that Duke is a rocket in bed." Tristan said and eyed Joey with a blush.

"You two are dating too?" Joey asked and smiled at them with a fake surprise on his face.

"Yeah we are." Tristan said, "I would have told you sooner but you weren't really around you know."

"Don't worry." Joey replies with a smile. "I didn't tell you that I was gay either, and for the same reasons by the way. I just wanted to tell you in person but as you pointed out, I wasn't really around for a while."

"I'm just glad that it changes now." Tristan said and gave Joey another hug before he asked: "But now tell me, who is that boyfriend of yours? I've got to see if he's good enough for my best pal."

"Oh he's never going to make that cut." Joey answered with a laugh.

"Why?" Tristan asked. "Because he used a trick to get you back? I guess I'll forgive him that since I'm just so happy to see you."

"No," Joey said "That isn't the only reason."

"Why then?" Tristan asked wearily. "Is there something else he did?"

"What didn't he do?" Joey mused and grinned. "But don't worry, I'm not going to let it end badly, I just want to give it a try and if it doesn't work out then I'll deal with it."

"But you love him, don't you?" Mokuba asked worried.

"I'm not sure," Joey answered honestly. "I like him, and I like him very much, but there was so much in the past that one great night can't make me forget it all, but I really missed him the last few days and hurried here to see him sooner. But don't worry, once I'm sure I'll let him know and I never said that I love him yet."

"I see." Mokuba answered, sounding a little worried.

"As long as he isn't going to hurt you." Tristan said, "I don't care."

"I do." Mokuba said "Try not to hurt him, okay?"

"Don't worry, Mokuba." Joey answers and smiled. "I don't intent to hurt him. And I do want to give it a real shot and hope that it'll work out. Like I said that one night was…wow."

"Oh please." Mokuba complained and put his fingers into his ears.

Joey just laughed while Tristan looked confused, but not for long. Joey was still laughing when the door was opened once more and in walked no one else but a furious Seto Kaiba and he walked right towards Joey and grabbed him with the words "Why didn't you let me know that you arrived?"

Instead of answering, Joey giggled a little and gave him a little kiss before he pointed to Tristan and said: "That's why."

In the meantime Tristan had fallen backwards with the shock of seeing Joey giving Kaiba a kiss, now he sat there and stared up at the couple with a pale face and one hand twitching like he wanted to grab Joey and pull him away from the jerk that was sure to break his heart. Even Mokuba and Yugi laughed a little over Tristan's reaction to the scene he had just witnessed and it took a moment for him to find his voice but once he did, he said: "Please tell me that you aren't dating Kaiba."

"Okay." Joey answered, still chuckling. "But then I can't tell you who I'm dating, because mummy and daddy told me not to lie."

Even Seto had to chuckle a little and looked proud while he pulled Joey closer to himself and gave him another kiss, much more heated than the one before.

To his dismay Joey stopped the kiss soon and walked to Trsitan and held his hand towards him to help him up and said: "Don't worry Tristan, I can mind myself."

"Are you sure," Tristan asked with a blush. "Since when are you together anyway?"

"Since my birthday." Joey answered.

"Great, your dating him for like a few weeks and already make fun of me too." Tristan mumbled upset.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to make fun of ya." Joey answered. "I mainly did it this way because I taught that ya ain't gonna believe me that I'm dating Kaiba. I mean I hardly believe it myself that I really do like him, how are you supposed to believe it…and it ain't my fault that ya looked too funny right now."

"You should have been able to assume it though." Tristan mumbled upset.

"I don't assume anything anymore." Joey whined. "And I loath the word assume, I really don't wanna hear it ever again."

Yugi, Tristan, Duke and Mokuba looked at Joey in surprise while Seto just smiled and walked up to Joey from behind and put his arms around him again. "I like it though, without your assumptions we wouldn't be together."

"Ya mean, without ya messing around with my head, using my assumptions and driving me literally insane, we wouldn't be together, right?" Joey grumbled.

"Don't pretend you didn't like it." Seto mused smugly. "You love me just as much as I love you."

"I never said that." Joey answered with an even stronger blush. He didn't want Seto's hopes up too much until he was certain himself.

"Of course you don't." Seto said and moved Joey's head a little to kiss him. Joey moved around in his arms completely and leaned into the kiss that quickly got a much more heated while Seto played with Joey's lips and tongue, moving his own tongue around his mouth until he could hear a little moan coming from the blond´s throat. Seto broke the contact of their lips before it got any further since they still had an audience even though Joey seemed to have forgotten all about it. Seto enjoyed the blushed and longing look on Joey's face and the sparkle in his eyes. It was clear to him that Joey did indeed love him, even if he wasn't sure about it yet, it was clear in his eyes and the way he kissed him back. "You've always been slow with noticing things, but I know that you love me."

"Oh wipe the smug grin off your face." Joey said upset all over again that Seto could be that sure of himself.

"I guess you're right, Mokuba." Tristan suddenly said and looked upset to Seto. "I really will need to get used to the jerk because he unfortunately is right for once. But if he dares to hurt my best friend, I'm going to kill him."

Mokuba just grind and said proudly. "Seto is always right. And I doubt that you need to try and kill him, he loves Joey just as much."

"What are you talking about?" Joey asked confused. He still didn't know why everyone was suddenly so sure that he really loved Seto Kaiba, sure his heart started to beat overtime when Seto had kissed him and still wasn't back to normal and knew already from experience that it wouldn't go back to normal until Seto was gone. It had been the same on his birthday. He also knew that he dreamed about Seto every single night since his birthday and not one of those dreams had been a nightmare. But that didn't mean that he loved him, did it?

After thinking about it for a moment and another few kisses Joey thought 'well…maybe it does mean just that, but I'm not going to give him the satisfaction and tell him right now.'

But he would make sure to tell Seto how he felt the next time Seto did something really nice for him. Which, knowing Seto Kaiba, might take a while.