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Rin/robot/miracle (no opinions) =Souseiseki

There, so without further ado, Kokoro Kiseki, Rozen Maiden style!

Kokoro Kiseki

There was once a robot that was made by a very lonely scientist

Her creation was what many would call a miracle

Yet she still lacked something; something that you can't create.

It's what we call "Kokoro"

This was a story woven by Jun Sakurada, the scientist, and his creation


For a start, he wanted to teach her all the joys and sorrows of this world; the beginnings and ends to life, the pain from loss and the happiness from being gifted. Jun was somewhat confident that he could teach her about life, although past attempts proved it to be difficult.

"Do you know what singing is, Souseiseki?" He asked, although he didn't know why. She should already know, considering it's in her programming.

"The act of producing musical sounds with the voice, and augments regular speech by the use of both tonality and rhythm. One who sings is called a singer or vocalist. Singers perform music known as songs that can be sung either with or without accompaniment by musical instruments." Although it was a definite answer, the scientist still found it depressing when she answered with no hint of emotion.

"Okay, then…" Jun trailed off, still hesitant about how this may turn out. "Well, we're going to try singing, and if this works, then you might be considered an artificial being." That is, if you can sing with feeling. He thought to himself before he began singing a lullaby he remembered from his childhood. When he finished, he signaled for Souseiseki to try, and she sang all the words in the lullaby. But to his frustration, they were nothing more than words; no emotion, no feelings, nothing. Again, he asked her to try again, only to receive the same result. In defeat, he started groping, much to Souseiseki's confusion.

"Is anything wrong, Father?" She asked in the same emotionless voice. He looked up with a cheerful smile and started to mess with her hair.

"It's nothing, okay?" Jun said with reassurance. "For now, just keep practicing on your singing. Sooner or later, you'll be able to sing like any other person in this world." And hopefully, by then, I'll finish the program.

Unfortunately, failure continued delaying, and time soon became infinite.

She was getting better with each passing year; she could sing any song without flaw. She even managed to fill each note with emotion, making the sound even more harmonious. But even then, that feeling was not from Souseiseki; she just repeated the entire song. Jun was glad, though, that she could produce such a beautiful sound, compared to before. Even then, he still wishes to install the program he had created only the year before. Program "Kokoro."

He badly wanted to install the program, but when he ran the program, there came yet another problem. If he were to try and install, there came the high risk that she'll short-out. In other words, she'll die. So, ever since his dreadful discovery, Jun continued to work on "Kokoro", in hope that one day Souseiseki will be able to install the program. But he also realized, soon after, that he's running out of time. In the same year, one month after finishing the program, Jun got lung cancer, and there came occasional times where he will have trouble breathing or worse, coughing up blood. It came into realization that he'll soon die, and it's that thought that pained him the most.

"Damn it!" He cried out in frustration. Stress was building up on him, and it came to the point where the stress became so great that Jun needed to let out all of his frustration. There was just one thing he didn't realize, and Souseiseki noticed it in a flash.

"Father, why do you cry?" Her question rang in the scientist's ear, and Jun came into realization that he was, indeed, crying. It then came by instinct that he grasped the robot and held her in a tight hug. He didn't know why he did that, but at that moment, the reason mattered very little.

It was then that he also realized something; he was in love with the miracle robot. He had for a while, but until now, he thought of it, more so, fatherly love. But that love grew into a deeper kind of love, and it was probably this feeling that still drove him forward, regardless of the time that passed. But as another year passed, his condition became worse. By then, he thought of just stopping it all, until a miracle happened; a wonderful miracle. Souseiseki came to him one day with a message, and this surprised Jun quite a bit.

"Who is the message from?" He asked, still a bit shaken about receiving a message, considering he was isolated from everyone.

"The message is from me," She answered, surprising the scientist even more. "from the future."

It was then that the message appeared throughout all the screens in the lab, all bearing one message, and that message was 'Thank you'. Jun couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the message, and more so, he couldn't believe what he was hearing. Souseiseki was singing for him, and it wasn't like all those other times; these were not just plain words; or words with fake feeling. She was singing all her feelings for him, and that alone brought tears to the scientist's eyes.

After several years, his life ended.

He finished the program, and gave her the inheritance of solitude.

Along with that, he entrusted her with the Key to the miracle.

The scientist had died, although no one knows where.

As for the miracle robot.

She stayed there, and achieved the final step hundreds of years after.

Ever since he left her there for the many years to come, Souseiseki began to wonder why that man worked till the end of his life just to make such a program. Program "Kokoro" as he called it. She could remember him from her data; how sometimes she would do something by accident and how he'll get mad and frustrated, as well as how nice and relaxed he was when trying to teach her something new. Like singing, although he didn't really enjoy it so much the first time.

"What is that you want me to learn?" She asked to no one in particular. "You always said that I'll be able to understand what happiness and sadness is someday. Is it in the program you had worked on for so long? The program you made for me? Program 'Kokoro'?"

Even then she still wondered, ever since he died. Long before they had planted a tiny sakura tree, which now had became enormous. Every late spring now and then, sakura petals would fall and shower the surrounding field with them. It was a beautiful sight, but Souseiseki still wonders what beautiful is supposed to be. Because of this, the tree still lacked praised, but it was also then that the miracle robot would repeat the same wish as before, and that was enough for the old tree. It's would be the same as always, but this moment was very different.

It was when she made this wish that a monitor behind her lit up. With much wonder, she approached the monitor, and it was when she was in front of it that a word appeared on the screen; 'Kokoro'. Souseiseki understood that this was the program the man had worked on for so long, and proceeded in installing the program in her data. It was then that the robot felt a pulse within her chest, and many new feelings filled her being. She could feel wet drops of water flowing down from her face; tears. She was crying, although she couldn't understand why, nor could she understand why she was shaking. It came to her what this was; her creator spent his entire life creating her very own "Kokoro", in other words, her own heart.

The miracle robot wasted no time in noticing all wonders that surrounded her.

It was then she realized what the scientist taught her.

He taught her about happiness, and he taught her about sadness.

And it came to her, how deep and moving these emotions were.

It wasn't long after receiving her Kokoro that Souseiseki began to feel lonely. The man was always on her mind, and she constantly thought about him. As she thought about him, her heart started beating faster than usually. It was then that it became clear that she was in love; that man told her about it before, although she couldn't understand what 'love' was back then. Now, she understood, but she knew that it's too late to tell him. So she kept to herself until the miracle found a horrifying sight. She was just resting among a patch of red flowers when she stumbled upon a skeleton; the skeleton of her creator. The robot couldn't help it; she cried. She cried for her father, her creator, her first love.

She knew now, why she was created, why she was born. That man was lonely, with no body by his side. Souseiseki understood the feeling; she was lonely because he wasn't here like before. With a tearful face, she gazed at the sakura tree and spoke her wish.

"Please," the miracle begged, "Carry my message back to him. Tell him that I thank him for bringing me to this world, for the days spent together, for the things he has given me. Tell him, please, tell him that I will sing for him for eternity."

And that was what she did. She sang her heart out to the scientist; all her feelings poured out. It was then that she felt grateful for existing, she felt grateful that she met him. "Thank you, Father."

It was definitely a miracle

The miracle robot kept on running, and sang all her feelings

But it only lasted for a moment.

The Kokoro was too heavy for her, and she shorted, never to move again.

"What you are about to see next on our tour may probably be one of the biggest discoveries in history." Suiseiseki sighed once more as the tour guide went on. This was supposed to be her birthday present from her mother, but she only found this gift to be rather dull.

"One of your great uncle's inventions was found and placed in that museum, so you should feel proud to be part of the Sakurada family line." Was what Nori Sakurada, her grandmother, told her when she heard that she was going, but even that didn't cheer her up. They continued walking down the museum halls until they reached their destination. It was vacant, and the guide explained that this room is only accessible through tours or a scientist discovering its secrets.

"This was created by the lone scientist, Jun Sakurada, whom died of age 20 due to cancer." He explained as everyone gathered around the case, oohing over it like it's a pile of gold. "It was discovered when demolishers had to tear down his lab, and came across this."

Full of curiosity, Suiseiseki pushed forward through the crowd and looked at her great uncle's invention. She couldn't believe what she saw. Inside was a girl who looked to be around the age of 14. She wore what looked like Victorian clothing; a blue caplet over a white shirt with blue pants and short black boots. Along with that, she had shoulder length, auburn hair, and it somewhat stuns her that she looked quite a bit like her. It didn't hit her yet that she wasn't human until after screaming at the guide for keeping a dead girl in the museum.

"But this isn't a human girl." The guide explained, "This is a robot made by the great Dr. Sakurada. Unlike most robots, she could talk, think, and feel like any human. She's special because she is the first robot to think on her own. Unfortunately, she shorted, and scientists are still researching on how they could revive her."

With an explanation like that, the guide signaled for everyone to follow, and she was left alone with the robot. She gazed into the case and saw a small smile planted on the girl's face. Suiseiseki was still amazed to see how human she looked when she heard a voice somewhere, surprising the girl. It continued to echo, growing faint into the distance. Suiseiseki looked back at the robot, and continued to wonder who that was when it came again, but she listened to the voice this time.

"Thank you, Father." Was what the voice said, and Suiseiseki began to think that this girl was probably the world's greatest miracle, and will continue to be for many years to come.

Her face was planted with a smile

And she did, in fact, look like an angel.

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