Ron looked over as the door opened and Hermione walked through, her arm around Draco's waist. He was walking gingerly, as if each motion hurt. "You okay, Draco?" Ron asked.

        "Feels like I have cotton stuffed in my head with a bunch of rats burrowing inside," Draco mumbled. He saw Ron look incredulous. "That was not a poke at you."

        "Yeah I know," Ron said, waving it off. "How's Harry?"

        "He's unconscious and Madame Pomfrey has no idea what is causing it," Hermione said, settling Draco down. "Have you seen Remus or Narcissa?"

        "We are here, dear," Narcissa said, her fiancé behind her. She hurried over to her son. "Draco, how is your head?"

        "Hurts like hell," Draco murmured. "The power in that room was so strong."

        "He mentioned a Dreamscape was in the room and was hurting Harry," Hermione said. "After Harry left I looked around the room, and I saw Pansy Parkinson's eyes had a red haze before she looked worried for Harry."

        "Does Miss Parkinson have a link to Harry at all?" Remus asked.

        "Nah, Pansy…"

        "She's in love with him," Draco mumbled as Hermione spoke out loud.

        "What!" Ron said, his eyes wide. "And you lot didn't tell me? Bloody hell."

        "Harry just told us yesterday," Hermione said.

        "That could be a reason she was able to hurt him," Narcissa said.

        "But why would she hurt him?" Hermione said. "Except for being a prat when he didn't know her feelings, he didn't do anything to her."

        "Yes, but Voldemort would use anything to his advantage," Remus said.

        "I've been doing some research on Dreamwalkers," Narcissa said. She rose and walked over to her bag, pulling out some parchments. She hand a few rolls to Hermione. "Dreamwalkers can only enter a Dreamscape's mind and control them to hurt someone specific if that person has a direct connection of some sort on a deeper level to the one that is being targeted."

        "So Pansy's love for Harry is being used against them both," Draco said, his head falling back against the back of the sofa.

        "Essentially yes," Narcissa said.

        Hermione's eyes were scanning the parchments. "Is there anyway for her to fight this?" she asked.

        "She needs to realize she is being controlled first," Narcissa said. "And the showdown to stop the control must be done on the dream plane, just as when Draco went searching for you to release you from what Lucius and Voldemort had you in."

        "If his control over her is already taking hold, we need to find a way to make her realize she is being controlled," Ron said.

        "Is this situation like Draco and mine?" Hermione asked. "Where only Draco could save me?"

        "Yes," Narcissa said. "It's one of the unfortunate things when dealing with Dreamscapes. When a Dreamscape is involved, only they can end it."

        "So the final battle has to be Pansy and Voldemort?" Ron asked.

        "Not necessarily the final battle," Narcissa said. "But essentially only Pansy can break the hold he has over her and then in turn reverse whatever has caused Harry's state."

        "So where do we begin?" Hermione asked.


        Pansy stared at her reflection, trying to remember what she had done. She felt chills beginning to raise on her skin and she trembled. Pain flooded her senses and she doubled over, trying to determine what was causing all of the pain. A scream was ripped from her throat before she was consciously shoved away and whatever was controlling her took over again. When her eyes opened, the red haze had returned.


        "How is he, Poppy?" Albus Dumbledore asked Madame Pomfrey as she walked out of Harry's room. Minerva McGonagall, Snape, Remus, Narcissa, and Sirius Black waiting for her with him.

        "No change," Pomfrey said sadly. "I'm afraid all I can do is make him as comfortable as I can until he wakes up."

        "If he wakes up," Snape said.

        Sirius growled at him. "He WILL wake up," he snapped.

        Narcissa leaned over and pressed a hand to her cousin's shoulder. "Unfortunately, Sirius, it is if he wakes up," she said sadly.

        "Narcissa, what can you tell us?" Dumbledore said.

        "Hermione and Draco informed me of the Dreamscape power exhibited that caused what has happened to Harry," Narcissa said. "And Hermione was able to determine that it was coming from Pansy Parkinson. We've already discussed that only Miss Parkinson herself can break whatever control Voldemort has over her and fix what has been done."

        "How can you be sure that Voldemort is controlling her?" Sirius asked.

        "Because there was Dark magic in how she was broadcasting, and Voldemort is a Dreamwalker," Narcissa said. "According to what I know of Miss Parkinson from when she was younger, she was once very spoiled and a bit on the snobbish side, but never vindictive, mean, spiteful, or hurtful."

        "That was when she was younger," Sirius pointed out.

        "Nothing has changed," Snape said. "In fact she has matured a great deal and is rather open minded to things the past year and a half."

        "Yes, I too have seen the change for the better she has taken," Dumbledore said.

        "Then why hurt Harry?" McGonagall asked. "Even if she is being controlled."

        "Dreawalkers can only gain access to someone through a Dreamscape, the only way they can possibly control a Dreamscape when it comes to a particular person is if that Dreamscape is directly linked to them," Narcissa said. "Pansy is in love with Harry."

        "So Harry is susceptible to Voldemort's attack through a Dreamscape because of that," Sirius said.

        "Only because she is not trained," Narcissa said. "And I am sure that she doesn't even know. Dreamscapes of any sort, be it part, half or full are rare."

        "Can Hermione or Draco held Miss Parkinson break the hold?" Dumbledore asked.

        "They are going to try," Narcissa said. "But only time will tell if it works."