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I felt like I was throwing up my internal organs. And unlike when I usually get sick and throw up, it seemed that no matter how much of this tar like vomit left my body I was only feeling worse. It was amazing that I hadn't gotten any on my hair or shoes. Hell, it's a wonder my legs hadn't given yet. I couldn't understand what the hell was going on with my body. This felt worse than any time I'd ever gotten drunk, which was only a handful of times. My body shook with the stress it was going through. My whole body hurt, even the parts that didn't have to do with this sickness. My eyes hurt and every car that passed sounded much too loud for normal.

I heard a car door slam, causing me to flinch at the sound. As I tried to stay standing and control my urge to empty my already practically bare stomach, I listened to the person who had gotten out of the car, waiting for them to pass. Their footsteps approached me until finally I saw pink shoes in my peripheral vision.

"Are you alright?" the female asked from beside me.

"I've been throwing up for what feels like an hour and I can't stop shaking. I don't think I'm alright," I replied, my voice shaking as much as my body was. The person turned to talk to whoever was in the car.

"Get Sanford out here!" she called, causing me to cover my ears. There was a moment before a door opened and closed and another pair of feet came into my vision.

"What do you think?"

"I think she was bitten. But you could had deduced that yourself if you used your brain."

"Hey, you're the doctor, not me. I don't know what to tell her." I couldn't hold back my stomach any more. The two people stepped back as I threw up again. There was another door slam and hurried steps.

"Jesus Christ. You guys have no idea how to deal with vomiting," another person murmured at a much more reasonable volume. I felt and saw hands pull back my hair as I emptied my stomach for a fifth time that night. The now free hand stroked my back, soothing some of my tremors away.

"Sanford, you better explain what's going on to her before she passes out. I'm surprised she's still standing," the quieter male said as I finished up. There was a grunt from beside me where this Sanford must have been standing. But my attention was drawn away from him when the soothing voice directed my attention.

"What's your name?"

"Rachelle Stein, but everyone calls me Raquel," I said, holding out my hand shakily in greeting. The hand that had been rubbing my back quickly took mine and gave it a gentle squeeze before returning to my back.

"We're gonna get you somewhere safe, okay Raquel?" I nodded and allowed myself to be guided. Unfortunately my legs couldn't handle movement. I collapsed the moment I turned away from the black tar vomit. Luckily the hands became arms and caught me.

"I-I'm sorry," I apologized, as I was picked up.

"It's alright, you're really weak right now. Just relax and we'll take care of you." That was the last thing I remember before blacking out.

When I came to, I was very warm and my tremors had finally stopped. I still felt horrible, but I didn't need to vomit. As I opened my eyes, I realized that there was dark glass before my vision. Sun glasses? I wondered vaguely. Then I saw what was behind the glass, a group of people all sitting in a circle. They were discussing something that I didn't quiet hear. I couldn't figure out why until I realized that my ear buds were in and my music was playing. I followed the cord to where it was in the jacket that I was wrapped in. I turned off the music just in time to hear that everyone's attention was on me.

"Sleeping beauty has finally risen, I see," a girl said, grinning at me. I recognized her voice and her shoes as the first person to approach me that night.

"Where am I?" I asked, pulling the coat closer around me.

"St. Agatha's church. It's the safest place for you right now," a man across from me said. I could tell he was a priest from the way he was dressed and his manner of speech. I looked around the circle, seeing that I was included in this circle of sickly looking people.

"Are you feeling better, Raquel?" I turned to the calming voice to find a young man beside me, gazing at me through a mess of curls with a worried expression. He doesn't look much older than me… no wonder he knew how to take care of me, I thought thankfully.

"A little better, but not by much. Thank you," I replied with a weak smile.

"I'm afraid that you won't be feeling much better any time soon. You still have another 24 hours of this at the very least," the priest informed me, directing my attention back to him.

"So you know what's wrong with me?" I asked as a small tremor ran through me. The young man beside me rubbed my back again.

"Yes, but I'm quite unsure if you will believe me," the man informed with a half smile.

"It can't possibly be that farfetched of a concept. If there is an actual name to go with how I feel, I'd like to know it," I said as the shakes subsided. But they wouldn't for long after what I was told next.

"You're becoming a vampire."