Mind games

Chapter 1

Darkness… It's all I see in all directions. A split second later my surroundings are bathed in light. My eyes snap shut but the burning is already there. The burning is so intense. After what seems to be twenty minutes I finally open my eyes again. The burning is still there but I can see now. How long was the darkness there?

I start walking hoping to find someone. I then notice the sound similar to splashing water. I look down and see my reflection in the pool of water I'm standing in. I stare at my face for a minute taking in the details. Pink quills that run down to my hips, Sapphire eyes, and a tan muzzle. I then wade out of the pool. Where am I? Who am I? I don't know either.

As I get out I see other people looking at me. Some are even laughing. I don't understand at first. Then I realize that I'm likely in a city park. And I was in the middle of a pond. I shake myself off like nothing happened. I then see a rabbit staring at me.

"Only you would go in that pond, Amy" The rabbit says.

"Who's Amy?" I respond in utter confusion. I then realize that the name sounds familiar.

"Don't act stupid, Amy. I know it's you." The rabbit says as she grabs my hand. She then drags me off. When I get to my feet I can only assume I'm in her house.

"Mom I'm home!"

"Hey Cream. Your moms out" A pink hedgehog says as she walks into the room. She then visible tenses when she sees me.

"Hi Amy! Wait…" The rabbit which is named Cream says as she turns to look at me.

So that hedgehog is Amy.

"I told you I wasn't Amy."

"Then who are you?"

"I don't know."

"My question is how you are alive?" Amy says as she recovers.

"What do you mean?"

"You're dead, May."

Upon hearing the name May it feels as if something pierce my mind. I drop to the ground and then blackness happens.


"I don't know mom. Amy is really concerned about her. And I don't know why."

I open my eyes when I hear this. I see two emerald orbs and reflected in them are my own sapphire orbs.


"May… Is that really you?"

"I think… No I know… It's me… But pieces are missing…"

"Okay…"(This is so odd)

"Something wrong?"

"Nothing."(She wouldn't understand. She's all that I have left of my family.)

"Our Family?"

"How did you know?"

"A mental link"

"It's formed again?"