It was another day at NCIS and Tony was sitting in the bullpen at his desk. He had a pen in his right hand and a sheet of paper in front of him. He was looking around the room, making sure Gibbs wasn't there as he would kick off as he wasn't working.

Ziva and McGee were typing away on their keyboards, while Tony sat there wondering what to write on the paper. He had been told by Abby, that if he can't tell the person he likes what he feels, he should right them down and then keep it.

He thought it was a stupid idea at first but then again, he couldn't tell anyone who he liked. He liked Gibbs and if Gibbs found out everything would be ruined between them.

So as he stared in to space, he thought about what he liked about Gibbs. Well liked wasn't the right word as he loved everything about his boss. He smiled as he looked down at the paper and began writing down what he felt.

Dear Gibbs,

I know you'll never find this or I hope not anyway cause that would balls everything up, but I love you. I want to tell you so badly how much I care and what I feel for you, but I can't. I know you don't feel the same, but that doesn't change my feelings. I don't know when it was or how I fell in love with you, but I'm glad I did. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I still remember that day we first met, like it was just yesterday. I remember chasing you and diving on you. When I first looked at you, you took my breath away. I guess you could say it was love at first sight, because when I saw you, nothing existed but you. Your blue eyes had me hypnotised, my stomach was doing summersaults and I didn't have butterflies in my stomach, I had elephants. I felt like I couldn't breathe as I looked at you. The first time I heard your voice, it sounded like angels singing, and I loved the way your gruff voice turned me on. Then when you first hit me across the back of my head, I didn't like it at first but I realised it's a sign of affection. I'm glad that you're still around as so many times you've almost died. That time when that explosion on the boat happened, I was so worried when you couldn't remember anything. Then when you quit your job and my world fell apart knowing I wouldn't hear your angelic voice or see your face. I prayed every night that you would come back and then you did when Ziva needed you. I remember when you drove off a pier and I had to save your ass, which I didn't mind as I got to touch your warm, soft but rough lips. I know it wasn't a kiss but it was the closest to a kiss I'll ever get. You've also been blown up after that but this time you weren't hurt and I'm glad you weren't. Every time something bad happens to you, my heart falls to pieces and it aches so badly. I know that you've been married 4 times or it something like that, and I know you don't date men, I just wish we could be together some day, some way. I know you like women and that's fine, but they are the luckiest people in the world as they got to kiss your lips, to hold you close, to hold you in the night, to sleep with you, to have you by their side, and to have you say those words, the 8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning. I know I stand no chance with you, but I'll still love you for eternity and nothing anyone says can change that. I hope one day that reality will be better than my dreams, cause in my dreams we are together and in reality you don't even look at me twice. I know this is trailing on but I have so much more to say than this. I'm truly love you, Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Love Tony x

As Tony put down his pen, he folded the paper in half and put it on the side of his desk. He picked up his case report, that he had printed off and he set it down on top of his letter for the moment. He looked up when Gibbs strolled in to the bullpen and he turned to face Tony, as he sat down at his own desk.

"Case report," Gibbs said.

Tony quickly picked up the pieces of paper, leaving the letter on the desk and he hurried across to his boss. He handed him the papers and went back to his desk, to sit down. He looked at the side of his desk where the letter was and he picked it up and put it in his jacket pocket.

As Gibbs read through the case report he seemed satisfied with it and nodded. Then he left the bullpen and went up to see Director Vance with the report. Tony watched him as he walked and he smiled at him, as he checked out his ass.

Tony then got the letter back out of his jacket pocket, as he read it properly to himself and he got up out of his seat. He walked towards the elevator and waited for the metal doors to open as he pressed the button. When the doors opened, he stepped inside and pressed the floor for Abby's lab. The doors closed again and he waited as the elevator moved.

When the doors opened again, he stepped out and walked in to the lab to see Abby. She wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug and he laughed as he hugged back.

"Tony," Abby smiled.

"Abbs, here is the letter, but you can not give it to Gibbs," Tony said.

"Don't worry Tony, it will stay right with me," Abby told him.

Tony handed her the letter, and as she got to reading it, he walked off back to the elevator. As the doors closed, Abby smiled at the letter and she set it down on her desk. As she took a sip of her Caf-Pow she continued working.

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