Digimon: Digidefenders


Okay, to get the technical stuff out of the way first, Digimon Tamers and all related people/
places/events are copyrighted Saban, Toei, and Fox Kids (ABC Family sort of since they're
currently airing reruns of seasons 1 and 2).

All right, now onto the important part. This series was started way back during the premier of
the Deva story arc of Digimon season 3. That's why some of the ideas might not correspond to
what was revealed in the later episodes. This series takes place in the Tamers' timeline and
will often feature characters from it.

All the ideas that I put into this series are MY OWN IDEAS. I thought up everything here off the
top of my head. There has been no help in this (well, except in spelling and grammar) so all you
flamers who want to e-mail me because I stole your idea, don't, because I had no clue you thought
of it.

The thoughts and ideas expressed by the characters do not necessarily represent those of the

The profiles from the Digimon Database I got off from the following web sites:
http://www.megchan.com/digimon (now closed)

To be truthful to you all, yes, I did change some of the attacks and digivolutions and no, it's
not a mistake. I meant to write everything here.

Again, everything here not thought of by Saban & Friends was thought of by me and I have read no
stories with similar ideas. If there are, it is purely coincidental.

Thank you, and now on with the show.