Digimon: Digidefenders

Episode 11: The Commander's Secret: A New Old Friend

It's hard to believe that a lot has changed over the years. The world used to be so simple, so

That was before they came. The Wild Ones, the inorganic animals, the Digimon.

I wasn't even in the position I was at now. In fact, I was just a common thief, no different
from the other riff raff you would usually find roaming around Shinjuku. I was an alley cat,
dirty, wild, savage, feral, no amount of words could describe how I came to be in that position.
How did I get this way? That's a question I too am asking.

I was good at what I did: stealing. Perhaps that was why the DD project ran so smoothely,
because I was technically stealing children, stealing away their old lives and giving them new
ones, one where things aren't as carefree as it was in times long past.

"DUCK!" The children ducked as the giant bug came around for another pass.

"This is insane," Rick called. "Ashley."

"I know, I know. Saberdramon!"

"I'm doing my best, Ashley," the giant bird Digimon called again.

"Yard Sale Bomb!" The Digidefenders scrambled for cover as a washer fell from nowhere.

"Those have to be the craziest powers I have ever seen. Mari, what are they again?"


Name: Roachmon
Level: Champion
Type: Insect
Attribute: Virus
Attacks: Garbage Dump, Yard Sale Bomb, Dream Dust, Flying Attack

Mari: Roachmon. Wow, they has a lot of attacks. And they're all corny.


"Garbage Dump!" A bag of garbage dropped on Kiwimon's head.

"Ow, those corny attacks really pack some punch," she commented.

"This is insane. Saberdramon, Leomon, and Seadramon are the only Digimon who can reach those
Roachmon," Rick commented. Mari looked through her Digidownload data. All she had were
Boarmon and Ninjamon.

"Yard Sale Bomb!"

"Get away!" Nikolai pushed the two of them out of the way of the falling grand piano.

"I could've gotten away myself, you know," Mari said annoyed.

"Think of it as my way of repaying you for what you did for me in Paris."

There were about four Roachmon in all, but each of them were pretty powerful. The Digidefenders
had already tried defeating them in their rookie forms, Rick even had Betamon digivolve to Mud
Frigimon. It wasn't good.

The Shinjuku Government Center is the tallest building in Shinjuku. It was like the Japanese World
Trade Center although now that might be a pretty bad analogy. It also had all those radar dishes
and antannae on it. That meant that whoever worked there either worked in the communication
business or they're trying to pick up television stations from all over Earth.

It was the perfect chance to truly test my thieving prowess.

Getting in wasn't so hard. A sewer pipe lead to an emergency exit on the very bottom. I manage
to get in by cutting the lock with a knife. Either whoever lived or worked here was either
careless, they didn't know this door existed, or they didn't think anyone would be crazy enough
to try such a feet.

Either way, fate was shining down on me.

I climbed the stairs all the way up. I could've used the elevator, but I also didn't want to get
caught. I kept going until I was on the verge of collapse. I decided to stop on a floor.
Coming out, I walked down a hallway. People looked at me once then continued on their merry way.
I don't know why they didn't stop me and I didn't question it.

I finally stopped at an office. This one had wooden doors with polish and a brass nameplate.
Obviously, whoever worked here was the boss.

The door was unlocked! This was too good to be true. Then again, he might've been there in
which case I was screwed big time. But the office was empty. Not only that, but there was a
computer set up on the desk. I sat down in the chair (comfy) and hacked into their mainframe.

"All right, Mr. Businessman," I said to myself. "Let's see what juicy little secrets you hide."

Later, I realized that I shouldn't have said that, because then I wouldn't have found out.

The files detained outlines for some sort of computer program. I knew zilch about computers at
the time but I was a quick learner. I had to be, you never know when someone would be onto you.
The computer program was called Yuggoth. Apparently it was some sort of tracking program. So
this guy worked for some sort of computer firm.

Then I read further. The program was suppose to keep track of "Wild Ones." Those two words,
with the capital letters, meant it was the code name for something.

I opened up the file on the Wild Ones and it was there that I first discovered Digimon. At
first, I thought maybe it was a spelling error, but no. This file gave everything, their
genetic makeup, their history, something called "digivolving." One sentence caught my interest.

"They must be destroyed at all costs."

Suddenly I realized that this wasn't a computer firm at all, it was some sort of government

It was then that the door opened and he came in.

I got into a defensive stanse. He had all the trademarks of a government flunkie. Short blonde
hair, eyes hidden behind a pair of dark glasses, a three piece black suit. For some reason, he
was opening and closing a lighter.

He scowled at me, I scowled back. But there was no denying the truth, he caught me.

"Digi-Download Gesomon data!" Ebidramon's claws were replaced with tentacles. He reached out
and snared one of the Roachmon. Squeezing it, it dissolved and copied its data into Nikolai's

"One down, three to go," Shinji said. But the Roachmon continued their barrage.

"Man, there throwing everything at us but the kitchen sink," Ashley commented. But as she turned
to run, what fell right in front of her but a sink. "Me and my big mouth."

"Dream Dust!" Little sprinkles began falling over them.

"Cover your mouth," Rick instructed. Everyone did so and held their breath as an added defense.
Saberdramon flapped his mighty wings and a wind blew the dust away.

"I think it's over," Rick said. "Looks like we all made it."

"Not all of us," Seadramon said. Rick looked in his direction and saw that Shinji and Kiwimon
were knocked out. Kiwimon dedigivolved to Floramon and returned to her card form. Mari grabbed
Floramon's card before the Roachmon could drop a desk on it.

It was a stalemate. The only response he gave to me asking for his name was Yamaki. Was that
his first name? Last name? Some sort of code name? Well he definitely wasn't giving out any
more information.

"How much did you see?" He asked.

"Enough," I replied.

"How much is enough?"


Yamaki slammed his hand down on the table of the interrogation room we were in. "For crying out
loud, stop these riddles. Tell me your name right now!"

I decided to give him a break and told him my first name. He looked me over as if trying to
assess that my name went with my face. Unkempt hair, bloodshot eyes, a lean frame from doing
all sorts of arobic-type activities (i.e. running away from the cops).

My father always told me that to be successful, you must take advantage of the situation other
people put you into. I decided to evoke that advice.

"I tell you what. You give me the nickle and dime tour and I'll keep what you're doing a secret.
Okay with you?"

"Not okay with me! You are in no position to make demands!"

"All right then, I guess I should take my findings to the press. I'm sure what you're doing is
breaking some law."

Yamaki growled. "You would never escape here."

"I've escaped from much tighter security, Yamaki. This'll be a walk in the park."

Yamaki took ten deep breaths. I knew because I counted them. Obviously, he was trying to calm
that savage temper of his.

Eventually, he consented. "Follow me." He took me to the very top of one of the towers. He
told me that the place was called Hypnos, short for HYPer Network Online Solutions." There
was a huge control room, monitors encompassed the room. High above were two chairs. Two
operators wearing high-tech goggles were sitting in them, a tall redhead with an abnormally thin
body and a short blonde who was trying her best not to be seen by Yamaki.

I turned to Yamaki. "Why do you think these 'Wild Ones'..." I made quote signs with my fingers.
"Need to be destroyed at all cost?"

He turned to look at me. There was disgust and malice in his eyes, I could tell even though he
had his glasses on. It took all my energy to keep from slapping him senseless.

"They are a menace to society, destructive and hideous. I hope to one day wipe them out."

I didn't say anything. I admit I wasn't an angel, but such destruction was far beyond from
anything even I wanted to do.

"You will not tell anyone what you have seen here, right?" Yamaki asked.

"Sure," I replied. For the fifteenth time, I cursed myself and my curiosity.

"Dark Saber!"

"Ice Blast!"

"Fist of the Beast King!"

"Coral Crusher!"

But no matter how hard the Digimon tried, there was no way they could hit the Roachmon.

"Shinji!" Leomon flew down on Dinobeemon's wings and landed by his partner.

"He's all right, Leomon," Mari assured him, "just K-Oed."

"We have no choice," Nikolai told Rick. "We need to get Chi, Eli, and Nikolai over here right
now. Rick, contact the Commander."

Rick gave him anannoyed look. He was suppose to be the leader, not Nikolai.

Yamaki apparently didn't trust me to keep my word because next thing I knew, somebody signed me
up for Boot Camp.

All throughout my training, one thought kept running through my mind: the 'Wild Ones.' Were they
just a reckless as Yamaki said they were? Or were they merely the victim of prejudice, like
certain humans?

I often wrote letters to him, dropping hints like 'things are not always what they seem' or
'wild doesn't always mean savage.' He probably thought I was talking jibberish.

Eventually, I worked my way up to my current rank. I was stationed at the military base in
Shinjuku. One night I was patrolling my own stomping grounds. And that was when I came upon

She obviously had been in a battle, her body was covered with bruises and scars. I picked her

"Are you okay?" I asked, surprised to hear compassion coming from my voice.

"I've been better," she replied weakly. Suddenly she began to glow. She changed into something
else, a smaller version of herself.

I saw myself reflected in her eyes. Like me, she was ruthless and savage, but she was also noble
and had a good heart. In short, it was like we were one and the same.

"Hold it right there!" I turned around to discover a S.W.A.T. Team heading in my direction.
But I knew they weren't normal S.W.A.T. Team members, but a commando squad sent by Hypnos.

"Step away from the Wild One," their leader told me, confirming my suspician. "It's coming with

"Like blazes it is," I said drawing out the hand gun that I kept underneath my shirt for just
such an emergency.

"Hand it over or we'll be forced to shoot," the leader warned.

"Same here. Tell your boss Yamaki that there is more than one way to handle Wild Ones other than
killing them."

"They're dangerous!" The leader protested. Yup, definitely Yamaki's stooge.

"Yeah, but then again..." I fired the gun between his feet. "So am I." And then I turned and
ran away. I knew this area like the back of my hand and I knew exactly where to run to get
away from them.

Or so I thought.

Apparently an alleyway, that I thought to have been clear, had a brick wall in the center of it.

I was at the mercy of the commando team.

Or so I thought.

The little bundle in my arms said something then fired a beam of light at them. It knocked one
of the soldiers back. She kept on doing that. Once the team saw they were outgunned, they

That was when I felt two things in my pocket. I took out a blue colored card that looked like
it had a hologram on it. The other was a card reader. Military personnell use these to scan
an officer's ID badge to check to see if they have clearance to a certain area. I ran the blue
card through the reader. It sparkled and suddenly changed. The device it took the form of was
generally round and had a small screen on it. There was a crack on the side like one of those
credit card scanners one would normally find in a grocery store. There was a strap on it.

Suddenly the device changed shape again. This new form looked like a large digital watch or
some sort of wrist device.

As for the card itself, it became what looked like a playing card with her picture on the front.

It was then that I knew what I had to do.

"Commander?" The Commander opened her eyes. One of the technicians was staring at her funny.
"Commander, the Digidefenders are trying to contact you."

The Commander left her station and went up to the communication consol. "What is it?"

"Commander, the Roachmon have us pinned down, can you contact Eli, Jorge, and Chi for us?"

The Commander stared straight forward as if lost in thought. Suddenly she put on a face that was
a mixture of realization and fury, furious that she didn't realize it to begin with.

"I'm on my way."

Rick paused a moment, staring at his D-4. Did the Commander just say she was on her way? To
contact the other Digidefenders or here to the battlesite?

"Digi-Download Roachmon data!" Nikolai commanded. Roachmon's wings appeared on Ebidramon's
back as he joined Seadramon, Saberdramon, and Leomon in the sky.

"Digi-Download Chameleonmon data!" Ashley shouted. Saberdramon immediately vanished, becoming
the same color as the sky. The Roachmon looked around for him but spotted Ebidramon instead.

"Yard Sale Bomb." And a matching dryer to the washer that the Roachmon dropped earlier landed
square on the Roachmon.

"Dark Saber!" Saberdramon deactivated Chameleonmon's cloaking powers and fired his attack,
dissolving the Roachmon and copying his data into Ashley's D-4.

"Where are they," Rick muttered as the two remaining Roachmon gained up on Ebidramon.

I immediately took what I found to my superiors. They said they would look into it. They
probably thought I was crazy at the time, but they realized the truth once they sent in their own
man to investigate.

I was given funding to spearhead the project. A Command Center was built and trusthworthy men
and women were gathered from around Japan. All of them knew my secret and knew what was
eventually coming: the formation of a group of people dedicated to sending the Digimon back to
their own world and out of Yamaki's grasp where he could perform who-knows-what sort of torture
experiments on.

The formation of the Digidefenders.

The Commander stepped up to the control screen. She pressed her hand against it and disappeared
in a flash of light.

"Ebidramon, dedigivolve, you're too much of a target!" Nikolai instructed. Ebidramon turned
back into Gizamon. He landed safely. Leomon Seadramon and Saberdramon dedigivolved as well.
Shinji was beginning to stir. Ashley was watching over him.

"Guys, Shinji's beginning to wake up!"

"Garbage Dump!" The Digidefenders scattered again as a pile of garbage dropped from the sky.

"The Department of Sanitation is going to have a field day," Rick cracked.

Shinji's D-Pilot began to glow. The others turned expecting to see Jorge, Chi, and Eli or any
combination of the three. They certainly weren't expecting the Commander.

"Commander, what are you doing here?" Rick asked.

"I'm going to help you stop them," the Commander replied.

Mari let out a snort of cynicism. "What are you going to do, order them to leave?"

"If things were that easy, yeah, but they aren't, so I'm going to have to take care of them some
other way."

The Commander stood before the Roachmon.

"Hey look who it is," one of the Roachmon said. "This gal thinks she can be some sort of hero."

"This is going to get messy in more ways than one," Mari commented and Nikolai agreed with her.

"The Commander doesn't know what she's doing," Ashley said helping an awake but dazed Shinji to
his feet.

The Commander took off her sunglasses and the Digidefenders saw her eyes for the first time, two
green orbs that almost seemed to crackle with energy.

"You're right, I didn't know what I was doing... until now, now I realize why I was given it, so
I could do something other than sit on the sidelines."

The Commander took off one of her gloves and pushed up her sleeve. The Digidefenders all gasped.
On her left pale-white wrist was a solid blue D-4.

"A D-4," Shinji identified, still trying to shake out the effects of Roachmon's Dream Dust. "How
did she get that."

The Commander also reached into her jacket and took out a blue card case similar to the ones the
Digidefenders kept their Digimon cards in.

"Digimerge!" The Commander shouted sliding the card through the D-4 the same way the others did.
The card expanded to form what looked like a small white dog with big blue eyes and a gold collar
around her neck.


Name: Salamon
Level: Rookie
Type: Mammal
Attribute: Vaccine
Attacks: Puppy Howling, Petty Punch

Elecmon: It's Salamon. She may be small, but her attacks are nothing to howl at.


Rick paused in thought. "If I remember my digivolving guide, Salamon eventually digivolves to...

"Salamon, attack!" The Commander ordered.

"Puppy Howling!" Salamon shot out a blast of green energy waves that knocked one of the Roachmon

"That's it!" The other Roachmon cried. "You're going down!"

"No, you are," the Commander argued as she pressed the digivolving button on her D-4. "Salamon,


"Salamon, digivolve to... Gatomon!" Salamon turned into a white cat with large claws in green
and orange gloves, large ears with purples spikes of fur on top, and a long purple and white tail
with a gold ring around it.

"I knew it!" Rick cried.


Name: Gatomon
Level: Champion
Type: Animal
Attribute: Vaccine
Attacks: Lightning Paw, Cat's Eye Hypnotism

Betamon: Well, if you knew that Gatomon was Salamon's champion form and that she channels the
energy from her tail ring into her attacks, then you're right.


"Gatomon, it's time to finish them once and for all."

"You got it," Gatomon cried, her voice sounding the exact same way as her character on the show.
Her tail ring begin to glow at the same time her claws also glowed with energy.

"Lightning Paw!" Gatomon stabbed one of the Roachmon right in the chest. The Roachmon was

The other Roachmon, enraged at his brother's defeat, flew up to the air and performed a flying
attack, diving down at his opponent.

Again, Gatomon's tail ring began to glow. But this time, her eyes narrowed and revealed a
purple light.

"Cat's Eye Hypnotism."

Immediately the Roachmon froze. "What... Can't... move."

"Penguinmon, now!"

Roachmon managed to turn his head to see Penguinmon, equipped with Airdramon's wings, soar at him
like a raging bullet. "Slide Attack!" He hit the Roachmon in the back, stabbing him with his
beak. Just like his brothers, the final Roachmon disappeared.

"Hey, Marisa, I have a present for you." Ashley transferred the data she collected from the
fourth Roachmon over to her D-4.

"Thanks," Mari said as if what she wanted to say was 'thanks for giving me something I don't need
or want.'

"Commander, I didn't know you had a D-4," Nikolai said.

"Yeah," Shinji agreed. "How did that come about?"

"It's a long story," the Commander said redonning her sun glasses.

"I like long stories," Mari said as if it was a challenge.

The Commander nodded. Gatomon, walking on all fours, behind her. "All right, well it all
started years before the Digimon came. I wasn't even at the rank I am now. In fact..."

----------------------------------Digidefender Profile----------------------------------------

Name: Pavelnik, Nikolai
Nickname: None
Age: 14
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 105 lbs.
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Skin: White
DOB: 5/5/1988
POB: Moscow, Russia


In many ways, Nikolai's personality rivals that of his teammate, Marisa LeChon. He too is not
afraid to state his opinion on things or take action to solve a problem. Too often, that action
results in a fight. He's a take charge kind of guy and will do anything to stop anything that he
feels is inhumane or cruel.

While Nikolai's personality might mirror Marisa's, people with her attitude make him really
mad. While the two were in France, Nikolai told her in no uncertain terms what he thought of
her. As Mari brought her hand up to slap him, Nikolai, rather than take it like one normally
would, blocked it. Upon reflection, Nikolai appears to hold his feelings above anything else,
even the code of conduct that says a man has to absorb the slap of a woman.

Nikolai lives in the northern part of Russia with his parents and uncle. He is well-liked around
town. He has won the City-Wide Kickboxing championship two years in a row, so he will retaliate
against anybody, even evil Digimon.

Over the course of the series, Nikolai will lose his jagged appearance and adopt one of humility.
Although that may not be happening any time soon.

Digi-Download Data

Nikolai received Gesomon's data
while he was in Paris with Mari.
When Floramon failed against him,
Nikolai sent Ebidramon into
battle where he succeeded by
dragging him under water.
When Ebidramon receives Gesomon's
data, his claws turn into talons
and he can perform Gesomon's
coral crusher.

Nikolai was in Chicago along with
Rick, Mari, Shinji, and Ashley
when four Roachmon attacked.
He managed to defeat one of them,
But it took Gatomon, who was then
revealed to be the Commander's
Digimon partner, and Penguinmon/
Saberdramon to defeat the other