Chapter One

Los Angeles

Jazmyn Shock Pierce looked around the city, lights from various places shone down on to the street. It was dark out, but the lighting gave a soft glow. She stayed close to her family, and her best friend's family, careful to stay out of the busy streets of Los Angeles. Her eyes wandered to Roach, who wasn't aware that he was holding her hand, a small smile evident on his face as he gazed forward.


When they first met, they were both about five, the first day at school. Their parents were barely able to send them to a public school, even though it was free. The supplies and uniform that the school required was quite expensive. However, they were able to manage. Jazmyn, being the quite, shy, and untrusting one, never played with the other kids at recess, nor did she talk to them. She would always stay on the swing, head down, looking at her hands. One day, Roach finally got the courage to go talk the black haired girl.

By the time he got to her, she had already looked up at him. Dark blue eyes peered up at him. She straightened her posture, but neck bent down some, as if she thought he was going to be mean, like some of the kids around. Much to her surprise, he immediately stretched out his arm, trying to get her to shake his hand. Her eyes got wider at the sudden gesture.

"I'm Roach." He said proudly, grinning down at her. 'What an odd name' she thought, wondering if she should introduce herself to the blonde.

"I-I'm er… Uh- call me S-Shock." She muttered, shaking his hand. 'Must be his nickname. I guess it's weird that I go by my middle.' He gave a bigger grin.


Now they were both eleven. They had been best friends ever since that day. The thing Shock refused to tell Roach was her first name. Why? Because Roach refused to tell her his. He may have been frustrated about that, but she never told him. Back to the point, the reason they were out in the city was because it was their elementary graduation AND their six year friendship anniversary. Their reward was some ice cream from downtown. It was one of the best ice cream shops in Los Angeles. Of course they could have some at home, but their parents wanted them to have some fun in the city.

They entered the shop, eyes wandering all around. Jazmyn stayed behind Roach at all times, nervous to be entering a place she had never been to before. It was very old fashioned, old bar stools with a few tears in the leather. Don't forget the waitresses who twirled on roller-skates in poodle skirts, trays twirling in their hand. They sat up on the stools, the white surface glared up at them. They then put in their order, turns out it was a restaurant too, their parents even asked if they wanted something other than ice cream. They refused, saying that they were only going to get what they came for.

Jazmyn was always a bit schizophrenic, so she just stared at her ice cream. Roach rolled his eyes and gave her a look that said, 'Really? It's ice cream, a bunch of people all ready that same type.' She still left the ice cream untouched. Roach finally gave up and licked some off of hers. If it was poisoned, and she got whatever it was that was on there, he would have it too. Her eyes widened for a minute, but it eventually clicked in her head. She gave a small smile, and licked the other side of the cone.

Afterwards, they ran outside, cones tight in hands, while the parents ate food that they got for themselves, their treat.They apologized as they nearly hit a woman. Her hair was bright red, matching her lipstick, a man with brown, slicked back, followed behind her. They stared at them and had a quick chat as they walked down around the alleyway. It didn't bother them much, 'cause it started to rain. They giggle as their clothes got all wet, and their ice cream fell off the cones. They gave another snicker.

"Well, the roaches can eat it." She said grinning. Roach raised an eyebrow.

"Haha. Very funny." She gave another grin.

This is what Jazmyn kind of looks like. It'd be nice to get reviews. I know most people won't read this story, but I like putting myself into it. XEFX

Like Becky from True Blood. Minus the dress.