"Everyone ready?" Twilight said, "I'm really excited about this camping trip, but we're going to have to get moving soon if we want to stay on schedule."

"We have a schedule?" Rainbow Dash, bleary eyed, glared eastward at the rising sun, as if blaming Celestia herself for having woken so early.

"Of course!" Twilight said. "There's just so much to do out by Leapfrog Lake, but if we want enough time to relax, we need to budget our time accordingly." she nodded, and looked at her five friends. Each of the ponies had brought along saddlebags, save for Applejack, who just had a large canteen dangling from around her neck. "Remember, we're going to be out there for a few days, so if we need anything, we need to bring it with us."

"Er, Applejack," Rarity said, "aren't you forgetting something?"

"Am I?" Applejack said, glancing over her shoulder. "Shoot, reckon I'd better make a rundown...lessee...got my hat."

"And?" Rarity said.

"n' a knife." Applejack rolled her hat off of her head and peered inside.

"And?" Rarity said.

"n' a rope."

"And?" Rarity said.

"n' some whiskey."

"Yay!" Pinkie Pie said.

"That's it?" Rarity said.

"Yep!" Applejack nodded, and put her hat back on. "That's all I need."

"You're sure." Rarity deadpanned.

"'course I am!"Applejack said.

"That's all you need for several days away from Ponyville?" Rarity said.

"Aw heck, yer right, Rarity! I plum forgot my guitar!" and with that, the cowpony galloped back towards Sweet Apple Acres. "I'll meet y'all at the campsite!"

Rarity tilted her head to the side and watched Applejack depart. "Okay girls," she said, "I'm putting this out there right now- if Applejack finds she's forgotten anything, it's her own fault." she tilted her nose up, and began to trot down the path. "Now then...are you sure you've got everything, Spike?"

"Of course!" A voice from somewhere within a pile of gear said. "There's the sleeping bag, the tent, your other tent, the nail kit, the makeup kit, the mirror, the backup mirror, the backup backup mirror, your curling iron, your curlers, your curling broom, three pounds of combs, hoof wax, horn wax, your sun hat, your rain hat, your umbrella, your sunbrella, sunscreen, a sun dress, a sun lamp, four days worth of gourmet alfalfa, six bars of hoof-made soap, your good badminton set, your favorite chair, and, uh..." Spike poked his head out and looked over at a wheeled contrivance- the sort usually reserved for light freight. "Your...travel wardrobe."

"Good." Rarity fussed with her mane. "I'm trying to travel light."