I'm Finally making a Gang Story. Yeahhhh. But this is gonna so sad...even for me. Kendall is so damaged and hurt in this story and threw his whole life it makes me wanna crawl into a little ball and just cry for a long time. Okay,so Logan is a gang leader, he's nineteen and Kendall is as well. They live in Minnesota. Kendall doesnt talk to anyone. He's trying to get his college degree in English Literature. Logan sells drugs. Kills ribal gang members. Beats the shot outta people. Has a huge branch of members not only in Minnesota but in Michagan and Wisconsin as well. He practically rules the whole damn state. He falls for Kendall, and at first Logan doesnt tell Kendall about what he does, or who he is. When he meets Kendall, he doesnt tell him his name is Logan Mitchell because he knows everyone knows who he is. So he just tells Kendall to call him El. Like the letter L. For Logan? You get it?

Kendall was laying on his bed, his little body covered by the dark,heavy blanket that was resting on top of his tiny, five year old body. Kendall yawnend and rolled onto his side, facing the window to his bedroom on the far wall.

Kendall ignored the loud noises that where coming from down stairs. He was beyond used to it by then. Whenever daddy had guest over he had to stay in his bed and to go to sleep, no matter how loud that it got under him.

Always stay upstairs.

Daddy said that when Mommy came home in the morning time, because mommy worked at night, then he could come down stairs and he could do whatever he wanted, but when Daddy had guest, no coming down stairs. Got to bed. Sleep. Dont make a noise.

Kendall had never questionend any of theese things at all, besides he was always sleepy by the time daddies 'friends' came over.

The little blonde snuggled deeper into his fluffy pillows, letting out a little baby yawn as his eyes started to droup close, he was so tired. He had been running around with Carlos all day, then he and Mommy had made cookie's, before she went to work. Then Daddy had brought him to McDonalds for dinner, and then he had made this huge tower with all of there blocks.

And that was all after a LONG day of kindergarden.

That was alot of work with such a little guy.

Kendall was just a moment away from falling into a deep, pony and rainbow filled sleep when he heard loud screams coming from down stairs.

"What the fuck do you mean YOU DONT HAVE THE MONEY?"

Kendall didnt know who the voice belonged too. He had never hears such a mean,nasty voice in all of his little life, that person must be very very mean. Who would want to yell at someone as nice as his daddy? Everyone loved his daddy didnt they? Kendall didnt like his dad that much, he made him eat greasy food cuz he didnt want to cook and sometimes he went to bed starving, and he made him take bathes without any bubbles, and sometimes touched him in his 'places' for far to long when he was drying him off before roughly and painfully shoving the blondes clothes onto him.

"It means what it means okay? I dont have the money, I just need more time then usual."

Kendall knew that voice this time. That was his daddy's voice. He had heard that voice many times. Like when daddy was yelling him for doing something bad when Mommy wasnt there, or when he was spanking him so hard he bruised when he didnt listen to him when mommy wasnt there.

But he had never heard his dad use THAT type of voice with anyone besides him before.

"I dont give a fucking shit,Knight,it's time for you to fucking pay."

Kendall jumped when he head a loud yelp, and then he head sharp, quessy gasps of something that he couldnt make out.

"What was that?" Kendall heard the man he had never meet ask his father.

"My son. I have a son. He's five. You can have him...as long as Jenny doesnt find out."

There was a short,little pause but then Kendall heard a soft, scary chuckle that sent chills up his spin and he would remember for the rest of his life, not matter how many times that he tried to forget in the future, he would always remember it, because a noise like that was something a person never forgot.

It was pure evil.

Kendall whimpered when suddenly the sound of boots slapping again the hard wood of the stairs of the house, and Kendall whimpered yet again as he hide under the covers, begging anything and everything that the man wouldnt open his door, and find him.

He didnt understand what his father had said. You can have him. What was that supposed to be mean?

Kendall clamped his lips together when he heard his bedroom door slowly creak open, and then there was another chuckle, that evil chuckle that only a monster or the devil could have.

"Come out, Come out, wherever you are." The man said in a sing song voice, before another chuckle followed soon after it.

Suddenly Kendalls blanket was being tugged off of him and then he was being grabbed, being flipped over onto his back and that was when he saw the man for the first time.

He had a tossel of unkept, but clean light brown hair with just a twinge of orange mixed in with it, he was tall and muscular, much bigger then his father, who was short and skinny, he was tan and had the most evil eyes Kendall had ever seen.

You know how people say the eyes are windows to the soul? This mans eyes showed he was evil. Real Evil.

Thoose eyes were light blue, almost crystal they were so light, and they send shivers down Kendalls spin and made him shake in his sheets.

"Well arent you just a little fuck toy?"

Before Kendall could protest or even really make a sound at all, the man was grabbing his ankles and climbing onto his bed, throwing his little legs open, and pulling down his Spider Man pajama pants and his underwear.

Kendall started to cry and struggle as the man started to touch him in his places were mommy said others shouldnt touch.

Kendall eyes popped out when the man pulled down his pants to reveal to his hard, throbbing, nasty looking dick, it was hard, and red and scary and Kendall didnt like it all. Kendall screamend and tried to kick the man away.

"Let me go! Let me go! Let me-"

The mans dick was inside of him, stretching out his tiny,virgin, entrance, without any amout of lube or saliva at all, making him scream out in agony and pain. Kendall started to sob in pain and fear.

The man seemend to enjoy every moment of it, he was fastly pumping in and out. In and out, making the most horrible noises that Kendall had ever heard in his whole short life, he was moaning and crying out, thrusting harder and harder making Kendall scream and sob.

Kendall felt wetness all on the lower half, as blood ran down his thighs and down his legs.

"Fuck your a tight little bitch arent ya? You like that baby, you like that?"

Kendall cried out in pain, turning his head to see his father standing in his door way, face blank.

"Daddy! Daddy help me! Please daddy please!"

His father made no move to do so.

"Daddy help me! He's hurting me! Please Daddy!"

Kendall Knight woke up with a start, sitting up so fast his head spin, he was panting and sobbing and tears were running down his face.

He looked around his bedroom,gasping.

It was okay, he was okay now. He was safe. He was nineteen. Not five. No ones was hurting him. He was okay.

I feel like the worst person who ever existed for just writing that, right now. Please, if you want to hunt me down and kill me, I invite you to do so. I'm a sobbing mess right now.
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