So this is my first story on this site, and I'm not entirely used to it yet. I am a fan of fragments, and since i know some of you hate that, i thought i would tell you that you may see a few once in a while. (I try to correct them).Please review and give ideas or advice? Thank You!

Ping! "Update Feeds Now." Ping! "Update feeds now." I sighed. What a lovely way to begin the day, being yelled at by the government. Ping! I ripped off my interface ring, only to remember that the pings would keep coming in with my new eyescrenes. The Them had made it mandatory to have your eyeballs ripped out and replaced with computers put in.

I sighed again and roller over to get out of bed.

Ping! I stood up.

Ping! It was enough to drive anyone batshit crazy. "ugh!" I groaned. Fuck the Them! I thought. But I couldn't say it. No one could anymore. Talking like that about our dictator… I mean lovely leaders was a for sure way to get yourself killed. Especially not that the Them could hear everything now. Every single word. Ping! The interface reminded me once again.

"Mirror mirror," I whispered. My wallscrean flickered to life. It was honestly shaped like and old Rusty mirror, with a large wooden frame and everything. The stupid mod cost me almost 200 Points. I stepped in front of it, and it began to "processes" me. After it tested the microscopic incisions in my new eyes to determine that it was me, it brought me to my homescrean. "Saving Serverina" was displayed in bold letters across the top of the wall, followed by a full-bodied still of me, from last night. Before replacing it with the more current one it was taking, it scanned me for any new surge, hair colors, or newly made clothes or anything else that someone deserved face for. It checked my eyescan for a mood to display, and settled on tired. I was thinking more along the lines of angsty or well… I don't know if there's a mood that fits anarchy, but something more like that. Tired works too I guess.

When it was done analyzing my location and making sure I was alone, it began to speak. "Welcome to your homepage Saving Serverina. You earned a total of twelve Points last week, and they will now be deposited into your account for general use. This brings your total to 104. Would you like to make a purchase?"

"No thank you Mirror."

"Very well. You lost no face while you slept Saving Serverina. Today is the twenty fourth of January, and you have a total of five classes and three events planned for your attendance today. Would you like me to suggest your outfits for today? It will cost you a total of two Points."

"No thank you Mirror."

"Very well. You have two hours before your fist class begins. Thank you for updating. You may now return to your regular activities. Your next update is in three hours. Goodbye Saving Serverina." Mirror logged off and let me have my wall back.

It wasn't always like this. Supposedly before the Mind-Rain everything was peaceful. But that was before Tally Youngblood came and ruined everything. Yes, supposedly she stopped the government from brainwashing millions of people. But from what I understand, she was more fucked up than anyone else. Not to mention all the new expansion, and the minor fact that she started the first war in close to 300 years. After the peace ended, all the citys needed protection and laws. Our city got The Them.

The few who remember it say it was way worse before Aya and the Extras. I persolaly doubt it. No one out west had even thought about making an economy based on popularity until the Extras got out and everyone started paying attention. Apparently she saved everyone from a dark period in history.

But I call bullshit. The Them had turned the idea into an excuse to always watch you, to know every detail. To stop "revolutionist" like Tally and Aya. There not kidding anyone though. Aya was just a fifteen year old trying to get face. And Tally was just a brainwashed zombie following orders. Not like any of that mattered anymore though.

I walked over to my white board and placed my hand on palm-print. I shut my eyes and thought to remind myself to ping Aaron Attack her Operations homework back. When I pulled my hand off the print, it appeared on the board in beautiful letters. My mother swore that she learned in her Rusty class in school as a littlie that people used to have to write *everything by hand. but that seams out there. People said Rustys had computers too right?

A message at the edge of my eyescreen blinked at me. new ugly. Poor little thing, no one told her about the dorms. Her crumblies were doctors, so they had plenty of Points. She got to dress and act like a pretty all the time, and now she was stuck in uglyville. She got put in mine and the Rebel's dorm. Luckily for her, we aren't quite as particular as some of the other clicks.