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"Mirror mirror" I whispered again. Not for an update this time, just to view my feed. It pulled up a "bio-homepage", telling what it thought was my life story and a picture of me at my "most attractive moment." Personally i hated the picture, mostly because of how fake it made me seem. But I'm sure most of that was the system's editing. I motioned with my hands for the wall to tilt, turning it horizontal. I opened my cubby and dug around for my box of memory sticks. Everyone thought it was Rusty of me to keep them now that we had the mega memory system in our new eyes, i liked the idea of something solid to hold on to. Not to mention how bad turning some of the older ones into a huge collective library that the entire city could see. I put my palm on the input tab that pulled up on the bottom of the wall and gave it the operations homework I borrowed from Aaron Attack. I took a memory stick of an old history project I stole once. And made the wall compile them and translate them into Mandarin, French, Spanish, and Japanese. I figured that would keep it busy for a while. At least long enough for me to tell Cella what she needed to know to make it here. Things were getting tougher here, and she was going to have to adapt fast. I checked the news feeds, not to see the bubbly, happy people complain about their lives, but to see if anything… interesting had happened in prettyville. The Crims there had "reserfised", despite the fact that our city had never *had any Crims to begin with. Just another new fad for people to follow.

I heard the door ping ar me, telling me about my little visiter. "Let her in please," I said, and the room quickly responded with a ding and an open door. She was breathless, obviously been running through the dorm scrambling for things. A tiny thing, she was only five foot if that, and very pixie-like. Small, round face, large brown eyes, and flushed cheeks. A closer look at her face brought a shock… she was.. Too pretty. Not a natural, but too close. To… perfect. I tried to remember the last time I saw her, (it had only been once, just for a moment) but I didn't think she had been so… matching. "Hi Cella. You're not in your uniform yet?" I asked. Something had changed..

"No, was I supposed to be? I thought we only had to wear them in school." I sighed at her.

"It comes sooner than you think Cella-wa," I said sarcasticly. She frowned.

"I brought one? Does that count?"

"It *helps. Now get dressed. We have work to do, and I still have to get you ready for the thingie tonight." So much work. I turned my back to her while she changed into the ugly dorm uniform. "You need to do your hair and makeup too. You wouldn't seem edgy enough without them done love."

"Alright. How many points is it? I haven't been paying much attention to prices lately."

"Normaly its arround 20, but… well no one pays for the computer to do it. So we just… improvise."

"How so? Masks are usually a bit more than twenty. Unless… wait, you don't steal them do you?" Her huge eyes grew wider and wider at my silence. I Laughed.

"No love. We just go kinnda rusty with it. We have to draw on our faces. Like they did in history you know? Except ours doesn't look so bogus."

She let out a sigh of releif. "Good. But… how do you *draw on your face? I mean without a mask. That just seems a bit special. (*Special means diffrent still, like in Specials, but now it means an odd special. Not like Tally saw herself*).

I wrinkled my nose at her. "Its not special. Its trendy. We don't all have crumblies to buy us everything."

"My crumblies do not buy me everything! Did you ever think maybe I just work hardee than the rest of you?" she huffed.

"Rawrrr. Fine then. Look are you going or not? We have to decide soon love."

She bit her lip. "I …I guess so. But I'm not going to draw on my face. I'll just get a colored symmetry mask. " I gave her a blank stare.

"To make your face even? Like the morphs do. They arn't much. Only like 35 points. I'll get my hair done too. Don't worry about me okay?"