Ivory-fanged-goddess: Okay so I borrowed this idea from THE Sekaiichi Hatsukoi On Facebook by TeddyBear216 and I did get permission to use this idea.

Thanks to TeddyBear216 for letting me use this idea that she came up with.

Please enjoy


Lavi Bookman OMG I'm totally a facebook-aholic 3

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Lavi Bookman: Hey where's Yu-chan?

Allen Walker: How should I know where Bakanda is!

Lavi Bookman: Well you were just on a mission with him, so you must know where he is duh.

Allen Walker: Well I don't so bug off!


Koumi Lee has joined Facebook.

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Allen Walker: Koumi did you only get a Facebook to stalk Lenalee?

Koumi Lee: No I did not I got one because everyone else had one and I didn't.

Lenalee Lee: Nii-san stop stalking me!

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Kanda Yuu: Oi! Sis-con do you have a mission for me yet?

Lavi Bookman: OMG its Yuu-chan! :D


Allen Walker liked Matarashi Dango and Manga books.

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Kanda Yuu: Che Glutton.

Allen Walker: Nani Bakanda! I only eat as much as I do because of my innocence and you know it!

Lenalee Lee: Guys stop fighting or do I need to break out the clipboard?

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Lavi Bookman: Neh you guys are so funny 3

Reever Wenham: Have you guys seen Chief Koumi?

Allen Walker: No I haven't sorry.

Lavi Bookman: Nope!