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Kanda Yuu: My training was interrupted by the Moyashi and the Baka Usagi. Idiots beware! That means you Komui!

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Allen Walker: Nani Bakanda! It's not my fault that Komui-san was building another Komurin! (

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Lavi Bookman: Neh Yu-chan we're sry ;-; but we had to run otherwise eh hehe

Kanda Yuu: Che you idiots could have ran a different way or better yet stood still and let that baka sis-con's robot attack you. 8^(

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Kanda Yuu: BAKA USAGI! What the hell did I tell you if you called me by that name?

Komui Lee: WAAAAA! ;A; Why must you hate on my precious Komurin!

Allen Walker: Neh Komui-san … -_-llllll

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Kanda Yuu: Che whatever I'm going to go finish my training…

Komui Lee: Nehhhhh Too much paper work not enough Lenalee-chan time ;A;

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Lenalee Lee: -sigh- Nii-san get to work

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Komui Lee: But Lena-chan I want to spend time with you! WAAAAAAAAAA T-T

Reever Wenham: CHIEF! Get back to work and stop playing Farmville on Facebook!

Komui Lee: But I'm not playing Farmville I'm playing Angry Birds 8D

Johnny Gill: Chief that's the same thing so get back to work.

Komui Lee: Actually it's not Farmville is where you raise a farm with animals and crops but Angry Birds is where you fling different birds out of a sling shot and try to squish the little green piggy's 8^D

Lenalee Lee: -sigh- NII-SAN GET BACK TO WORK or I won't talk to you for a week

Komui Lee: NOOOOOOO! My precious Lenalee (goes off to work)

Reever Wenham: Thank you Lenalee

Lenalee Lee: No problem, I'll be down in a few with coffee

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Krory, Alistair: Missing my sweet Eliade

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Lavi Bookman: Awww come on Crow-chan I'm sure she's watching over you right now.

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Krory, Alistair: Thank you guys so much that makes me so happy

Allen Walker: Your welcome Krory : )

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Lenalee Lee: Had a great time in this pic with Allen, Lavi, Kanda, and Timcampy

Allen Walker: Poor Krory he didn't understand how those doughnuts got on his baton in the first place.

Lavi Bookman: Hahaha yeah poor Crow-chan, Miranda also cause she spilled all that food on both you and Yuu-chan 8^D

Kanda Yuu: Oi baka usagi didn't you get pelted with sickly sweet pastries too?

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Lavi Bookman: Neh guys -_-lllll

Allen Walker: Poor Tim, it looks like Lenalee is squishing him

Lavi Bookman: Neh Moyashi-Chan's right but it was because my soda was spilling all over Yuu-chan and Lena-chan.

Allen Walker: OI ITS ALLEN BAKA LAVI! Lavi you're gonna die soon a very painful death

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Kanda Yuu: This is the one time I'm gonna agree with the Moyashi on something but you're gonna die soon rabbit.

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Any way I thought you might like to see what pictures I was actually talking about but apparently fan fiction won't let you post links so I'll put them on my profile instead