Slight Lassiet one-sided

"Carlton, Carlton, please wake up!" My eyes opened slowly to find O'Hara leaning over me, frantically tugging at my collar.

"O'Hara." I say but it comes out as a whisper.

"Oh, Carlton, thank god! I thought I was going to lose you!" Before I can tell her that I had those exact same thoughts, she leans down and kisses my cheek. "Thank god you're alive." She says, and I realize she had only kissed me out of happiness, and I was glad I hadn't said anything. She collapsed back to the ground next to me, our movements still restricted because of being sewn together.

"Okay." I said, naturally taking charge of the situation. "We have to keep going. Find someone, get as far away from that building as possible. Jigsaw usually doesn't come back for his victims, but then again, we only have a few accounts to go by since hardly anyone escapes, and I'm not taking any chances. We made past the hard part, O'Hara."

I look over at her. God, she's so…damn beautiful. Yeah, she's covered in soot and blood, her hair falling out of her messy ponytail, but her eyes, they look at me with trust, she's relying on me.

"We made it." I say again.

She bites her lower lip and looks down, a small tear at her eye. She puts her right hand on her stomach.

Oh. I had forgotten. Cutting open her stomach must've…

"Juliet." I can tell I surprise her by using her first name

"3 months." She says. "I was 3 months along. Shawn was the happiest person in the world, he was so excited about being a father. The day I told him, he went out and spent 1000 dollars on baby stuff. I don't think I've ever seen anyone so happy. I can't imagine…" her voice trails off.

I lean in closer to her and let her softly cry on my shoulder, her sobs making her whole body shake. I put my left arm around her and gently rub up and down her back.

Eventually she stops and I feel numb and distant as we get up and start walking awkwardly. It's as if I'm watching myself from somewhere else.

We walk in silence for a while. This area is all woods. We come to a steep slope, and at first we try to scoot our way down on our butts, but suddenly O'Hara's foot gets caught on a root and she stumbles forward and we both tumble down the hill roughly. I see the tree coming before I can manage to stop us, and we both end up tumbling towards opposite sides of the tree. The sides where we are stitched together hits the tree at full-force, ripping out arms apart with a tearing noise so sick that I throw up.

We lay like that for a while, each clutching our now free arm to our chest to try and stop the bleeding, our legs still around the tree. I am still trying to get over the pain of my arm ripping. The string was so strong, our flesh ripped instead. I ended up with the threads still in my arm, while they had ripped clean out of O'Hara's, her arm looking like something large had taken a bite out of it. I moved to her side of the tree and we finished our descent down the hill.

At the bottom, Juliet collapses to her knees, taking me down with her. "I can't go any farther." She says. It is getting dark, and since we can barely walk in daylight, I don't even want to try at night. I agree and we lay in a comfortable half-sitting position.

"What he said…he was right." She says quietly. "About me pushing people away, about you not letting anyone close…" She trailed off, the dim lighting of the moon reflecting in her eyes as she stared out into the sky.

"He's a damn bastard." I say. "But he is right. And what he said about…growing apart. Not letting anyone in. Even I've noticed you've been drifting away from Shawn."

"But we were going to be closer! This baby was everything. It was our way to save our relationship. Carlton…I just want to go home." She started crying again.

"I know O'Hara. I'm so sorry." I held her tighter, and squeezed my eyes closed, wishing we were home. People should be looking for us by now, but we could be on the other side of the country, in the middle of these freaking woods, who knows where. Soon I fell asleep without even realizing it.

The light shone brightly on my eyes and I squinted them open to see the sun peeking through the trees. I nudged O'Hara to wake her up, but when I looked over, she was already awake. Tears sparkled around her eyes and her right hand clutched her stomach tightly in pain. Using my teeth and my good hand, I tore a strip off my shirt, then tied it tight around her midsection to seal the wound. We got up and started walking, and for hours we awkwardly walked in silence, taking breaks every half hour.

Soon we stumbled upon a road, and decided to sit until a car came by.

"Carlton, Carlton!" I felt O'Hara nudging my shoulder, then realized that I had fallen asleep. I heard a slow rumbling getting louder. "Car!" She shouted.

That woke me up.

"Holy shit, yes!" I cried. We both stood up and waved our arms. Soon the yellow pickup truck slowed near us.

"My god! Lassiter, Juliet! What are you doing here?"