I kinda wondered on what Naruto would be like if he was trained as one of the most powerful mage in the world, who would later be a shinobi. Also, for the 1st 2 chapters, the set up is kinda like the same with my other story, but that's it.


The moon was full as the night sky was as clear as glass. Unfortunately, for the people of Konoha, a night like this was not a night to enjoy since the night peaceful silence was instead filled with the noise of chaos that was going all around.

Currently now, the Kyuubi was unleashing its fury all on the village, destroying homes and killing people. For the citizens of Konoha, they know what the Kyubi was. It was a force of nature, a tremedious force of power which it can create Tsunamis and destroy mountains with one of its 9 tails. Many wonder on how the Kyubi was attacking their village. But for now, the village's shinobis were fighting with everything they have to stop the beast from destroying their homes and slautering their families.

As the battle precided, the shinobis gain hope as their great leader appeard on top his summon toad and landed on the Kyubi. He was the 4th Hokage, Minato Namikaze. As the Kyubi was about to unleash another devastating blast of chakra, Minato used his famous Hirashi no Justu to teleport him and the Kyubi away from Konoha to a secluded area about 10 miles away. It was then that all the shinobi of Konoha saw a strong and powerful explosion in the distance.

With Minato

The Kyubi blasted a powerful blast of its charka at the area where Minato transported it to. Near the Kyubi, was Minato along and next to his side was his wife Kushina. As they saw the destruction caused by the Kyubi, both Minato and Kushina heard the cries of their greatest treasure that they have.

In Minato arms, he held the person that they love the most, more than each other right now. With them was their newborn son Naruto. Even thought Minato and Kushina were both happy their baby was alright, they both knew that if they don't stop the Kyubi now, their precious legacy would die here and now. Minato knew what needed to be done, which he was prepared to do. Kushina also knew what needed to be done as well. She went 1st on the assault on the Kyubi as Minato created the barrier to contain Kyubi from escaping.

Kushina unleashed her chakra chains on the Kyubi to immobilize it. As Kushina held it in place, Minato notice how weak Kushina was getting since she is now the former Jinchuriki of Kyubi. So having the Kyubi being ripped apart from her was leading to her death. She wanted to protect the 2 people that she loved the most by making sure the Kyubi was gone for now.

Minato saw what she was doing and decided to do on what he needed to do for not only for Konoha, but also for the future. He stopped Kushina before she starts to seal the Kyubi inside her again.

"Kushina don't… As the one, who not made me Hokage, but a man and now a father to my son that you gave me… I can't let you die like this." Stated Minato

"B-but… M-M-Min..ato… this is… the only… w-way …I-I-I… c-c-can be…sure to… s-s-save the… both of you…" gasped Kushina

"Kushina" tearful Minato

"D-d-don't cry…after all… to-today… is… o-our son's… birthday… the… only thing I regret… is… not to… be able to… see him… grow up…" smiled Kushina

Minato was speechless as Kushina continue on, "but… thinking about it… all… of us… being o-one… family… I-I couldn't be… anymore… happier… than that…" smiled Kushina

Minato was silent for moment, until he had a look of determination on his face.

"Kushina… save your strength... your going to need that in order to see Naruto again." Stated Minato

Kushina was confused until Minato said, "Iwill seal your remaining chakra inside Naruto with the Hakke Fuin. Then I will take the Kyubi down with me with a jutsu that a non Jinchuriki can use, Shiki Fujin!" he stated while gently placing Naruto on the ground.

Kushina was afraid of this because, if Minato use the Shiki Fujin, then he would die. But Minato thought back on what happened earlier tonight and told Kushina on what he realized. It was because a masked man attacks Kushina that all this happened. He then thought about what Jiraya said about the "Child of Prophecy" the he was told and he believed now that it was his son since he was born in this moment of time as the masked man attack Kushina to release the Kyubi. He told Kushina that he would seal the yang half along with Kushina with the Hakke Fuin, while he takes down the yin half with him in death.

Minato started to create the hands sign, but before he could finish it, the Sandaime Hokage appeared behind him and knocked him out just before he finished the hand signing. Kushina was surprised to see the Sandaime here.


When Gamabunta landed on the Kyubi, the Sandaime saw Minato getting ready to use his Hirashi no Jutsu to teleport them to another location, where the Kyubi won't cause anymore damage. The Sandaime quickly went to the Kyubi and touch its back, just in time as Minato teleported them to the area.

There, the Sandaime saw Minato putting up the barrier to keep the Kyubi contained. The Sandaime was ready to help out Minato, when he saw him bring forth Kushina and, from what he guessed, his newborn son.

He heard Kushina going to sacrifice herself to save Minato and Naruto, but the Sautobi heard on what Minato said he was going to do, and overheard about the masked person attacking Kushina. Sarutobi heard on what Minato said and couldn't help but agree with the decision. Of course he had other plans since now he knew that Minato needed to live, as well as Kushina so they can truly be with their son. The Sandaime was ready to use a special jutsu that he learned for such acquation like this ever came up.

Unbenouced to everyone, the 3rd taught himself a bit of fuinjutsu incases of emergency. He decided to use the same jutsu as well on the Kyubi to spare Minato, as well as use another jutsu that would save Kushina's life since he knew that their child would need them in order to one day be able to fight the mask man.

End flashback

The Sandaime appeared and knocked out Minato with a nice chop on the back. Kushina was surprised to see him here. Kushina was about to ask him, butwas silence when the Sandaime said that he would perform the jutsu instead as well as savc her life.

"Sarutobi-sama… y-you can't… th… the… vil… village needs…. You…" panted Kushina

"No, the village needs Minato more since he is young, while Naruto not only needs his father, but needs his mother just as much. I overheard everything on what Minato said… and I have to agree with this decision… but instead I would be the one to do it…" stated the old Hokage

Kushina gasp in surprise, but before she can argue with him, the Sandaime spoke, "Kushina… I'm old… I have just lost my wife because of the masked man… the only thing I could do now, as my final act is secure the future for not only your son… but for also the next generation, which you and Minato must help lead by raising your child." He stated as he started to perform the seals.

The Sandaime unleash the power of Shiki Fujin on the Kyubi. He ripped apart half the Kyubi's soul and sealed within himself. The Sandaime was amazed on how powerful it was since it numbed his body.

As the Sandaime seal the Yin half of its soul inside him, Kushina made her way to Minato and got a bit of his blood to perform the summoning jutsu, she was able to summon Gamatoru, the sealing toad, to the battle field.

The Sandaime saw this and thought it was good timing, since he is running out of chakra himself because he started the Hakke Fuin. The toad was surprised to be summoned like this. The Sandaime explained on what was happening, and gave him the key to the Kyubi's seal. He accepted and went to Jiraya to hide and explain the situation to him on what just happen.

Once it was done, the Sandaime was ready to seal the rest of Kyubi into Naruto. With that, the shinigami, who had both the Sandaime and Kyubi souls, was ready to devoured both of them into his stomach, where they would battle for all time. But before that, the Sandaime used the last of his strength to perform one last jutsu, which he used the last bit of strength to heal Kushina's body from the Kyubi being extracted from her.

Kushina would now live, which was good timing since the Sandaime saw Minato starting to wake up.

"With this… I can leave both Konoha and the future to this family… since I know that they can shape and lead the next generation to a brighter future when the time comes." Thought the old Hokage as he died

Kushina was saddened that the Sandaime died in front of her eyes, but she was also very grateful to him since he not only saved her life, but her family as well as all of Konoha. She saw Minato starting to stir. As she did, she heard her son sleeping peacefully. She couldn't be any happier to know that she and Minato can be with their son, they can be a family from now on. She quickly struggled herself to get to her young son, so she can bathe him in her warmth and keep him from getting cold.

Of course, her feelings of happiness for her family didn't last for long since a strange light appeared around her son. Kushina gasp and tried to move quickly to get to him. But before she can reach him, he disappeared in a flash of white light.

As Minato began to rise after the Sandaime knocked him out, he heard his wife starting to cry. She was crying for the disappearance of her baby. Minato quickly went to her and ask Kushina on what happen, which she told him that their baby disappeared in a holy white light.

As reinforcements arrive, both Kushina and Minato just looked into the night sky and cried in tears, knowing that they're family was incomplete. As the shinobi gather and take the Sandaime back to Konoha, Kushina made a silent prayer for her son being safe.


It was a calm night, with the world at peace as everyone slept in Wales England. In a solitary village, a family of 3 was sleeping peacefully until they heard the cries of a baby coming outside. The mother of the 2 young boys came out with her sons staying inside their house which their mother told them.

When she came out of her small house, she walked for a bit, following the cries of what sounded to her was, indeed, a baby. After walking for a few moments in the open grassy plain area behind her house, she spotted a crying baby on the ground. She quickly ran towards the crying infant to see that it was a baby boy, a newborn from what she can tell.

She quickly took her blanket that she used to cover herself to keep herself warm, and covered the infant boy from the cold. Once she got him, she quickly calmed him down while taking him to her home.

Once inside, the mother sat in a rocking chair with the baby in her arms. After calming him down, the mother couldn't help but wonder why a person would leave a cute baby boy, but then saw the red aura that was starting to surround him for a bit before dissipating.

After seeing the red aura, it was then that she started to believe that this child was more than what he appears to be, even if she doesn't know what it was yet. Before she can try and figure it out more on this baby, her 2 sons, who were awaken from the baby's crying, came up to her to see the child.

"Hey mom … who's the baby?" asked her oldest son with brown hair

"I don't know sweet heart… but I do know that he is special." Answered the mother

"Really…! Why's that?" asked her youngest with red spiky fallen hair, in a 2 year old gibberish way.

"Because… he is both your new little brother." cheerfully replied the mother

"Our little brother!" both boys replied

"Yes… I'm going to adapt him ok." Said the mother

"So… what are we going to ring up our new baby brother?" Asked the older brother of the, now, three brothers.

"Thomas… Thomas Springfield… is that alright, Nagi?" Smiled the young mother as she looked at her 2nd youngest son.

Nagi smiled as he looked at his new baby brother, unaware on the red aura that was surrounding his new baby brother.


I know that the most of the 1st of this chapter is similar to another one of my stories, but it was good to use. Anyway, till next chapter.