Last time, the finals of the chunin exam has started in a three-way battle with Gaara, Sasuke and Naruto. In the beginning, it was even where it can go all side. Yet, it changed immediately once Naruto started to take things more serious. Sasuke and Gaara thought they had him in several attempts, but it was proven futile. Things only worsen for the two young genin, and the audience, when Naruto revealed more of his skills by unleashing three of the Suna's most devastating sand attacks, Sand, Gold dust and Iron sand.


Naruto was walking closer to Sasuke and Gaara, as the sand elements that were whipping around him followed very closely. As Naruto made it to the center, the audience themselves were stunned to see such a development. A young teenager, especially the Yondaime Hokage's son, has master three secret jutsu that belong to Suna, very easily.

The shinobi were just as dumbfounded as the civilians, except they were wondering on he was doing this since they can sense the chakra that he was emitting was low, barely genin level. Minato, along with other veteran or intelligent shinobi, guessed that Naruto is able to mask his hidden strength so not to reveal how powerful he really is.

"Th-this can't be happening?" Baki thought as he sweated in fear on another sudden change of development.

"Gaara can't win against someone like this? I know that he's a genius but… against this guy… this monster… what can he do to win?" Kankuro thought as he looked both worried and afraid of Naruto.

"This is bad… but of course, this can also be good. If Naruto is using the same sand styles as Gaara, it would limit his movement since he needs to concentrate on maneuvering the sand or it would get in the way of his fighting. With that, if Gaara can figure it out, then he can probably win. Hopefully, he won't transform into 'that' until the start of the plan?" Temari deduced in her mind, anticipating that Gaara is also having similar thoughts as herself.

Gaara and Sasuke stood their grounds, totally on guard, as Naruto walked directly at the center. Naruto stopped as he surveying his surrounding one more time before looking at both Sasuke and Gaara.

He looked at them seriously, "You should have taken my offer to surrender since now I won't hold back." Telling both of the genin.

In that very instant, he shot forward directly at Gaara. Gaara unleashed his sand directly at Naruto, but Naruto's gold dust came and protected him by mixing in with Gaara's sand. The sand fell to the ground where Naruto just ran up to Gaara, where the iron sand twirled around his left hand. He delivered a strong left hook that sent Gaara up in the air, which Gaara felt the pain from it.

Sasuke thought he could take advantage of this where he decided to prepare his newest and strongest attack. However, he couldn't prepare for it. While Naruto attacked Gaara with the gold dust and iron sand, the regular sand that he drew out snaked its way towards him. Sasuke had to dodge and maneuver his way to avoid getting caught. Of course, he was so distracted by the constant waving and whipping motion of the sand that he failed to see Naruto appeared in front of him where he kneed Sasuke with an iron attack, throwing him into the other side of the arena.

Gaara and Sasuke landed hard where the pain they were experiencing was something that they never felt before. Before they could stand, Naruto walked closer before he stopped a couple of meters away.

"How about we take this up to another level and see how good you two really are." Naruto stated

Naruto brought his hands together before separating and doing some maneuvering with them. When he was done, he just let his arms drop. People were wondering on what Naruto did. Their questions were soon answered when they saw Naruto look up into the sky.

Above them was something that no could explain since it was something that couldn't be explained. Everyone was speechless at what was coming closer and closer from the sky. In the sky, 5 grey stone pillars came falling from the sky, where together it was the same size as the stadium.

Gaara and Sasuke looked up in disbelief. Of course, it was a mistake since they drop their guard. Naruto instantly moved towards Sasuke, grabbing him by the neck then, with great strength, threw him up into the sky towards the pillars. He then moved towards Gaara and did the same thing, even with all the sand he had on him. As they were thrown, Naruto quickly did a couple of small jumps back of the ground before jumping high onto the stadium railing, landing next to his family (Kushina, Arika, Tsunade, and Shizune). He then looked up when he decided to finish what he was going to do.

With a great yell, he raised his hands directly where the pillars where falling. When he finished his yell, the pillars stopped in the middle of the air. He then relaxed his arms as he looked up at his work.

"Hadesu no Hashira (Pillars of Hades) is now complete. Let's see how good they're really are when their taken out of their comfort zone." Naruto thought

Sasuke and Gaara where thrown so high that they were able to reach the pillars. Both of them grabbed onto any one of the pillars so they can get themselves back on point. When they balance themselves, they looked down to see how high they were. They both knew if they fall from this height, they would die from the impact (Twin Towers or Empire State building height, which ever you pick). As they stood in their new battle zone, Naruto is preparing to leap towards them as well.

Naruto looked up at the pillars while everyone looked up and wondered on why it wasn't falling down on them anymore. Before anyone could figure it out, Arika cheered out loud at her older brother.

"So cool Onii-chan… you're really are the strongest person in the world!" smiling directly at Naruto, with eyes shinnying like stars bringing her fists close to her chest in excitement.

Naruto turned his head and looked down at his little sister. He smiled at Arika's excitement, "Now, now Arika… you shouldn't be saying things like that."

"But why, Onii-chan? You said it yourself that you're the strongest person in the world. And doing all these cool jutsu definitely proves it." Arika cheerfully remarked

"Arika… you miss heard me. I said that I'm one of the strongest people in the world." Naruto stated as he corrected his little sister.

Arika pouted shyly at what her brother told her, making her feel like she should have paid more attention to her big brother. Before anything else can be said between the two siblings, Kushina butted in.

"Naru-Naruto…" getting both Naruto and Arika's attention, "… What? When? Where? How could you do all this?" stuttered their mother as her son just blink a few times before smiling at her.

"It's because I'm magic…" he chuckled at her before turning his gave back up to the pillars. "Now… before I get started with the real battle. I think it's best if I move the pillars a little bit further away from the arena. After all, I don't want any of the rubble to fall down on anyone here or worse yet the pillars themselves." Naruto stated

He lifted his hand at the pillars where he directed move them away from the stadium area. The pillars slowly moved further away from any populated areas. Once it was a nice distance, he stopped his movements.

Naruto sigh, "Alright, now with that taken care of. Let's see how strong they really are." Stated Naruto

Before he was going to go he heard Sakura and Ino yell at him.

"What are you going to do with Sasuke-kun? There's no way that Sasuke-kun can fight in that kind of terrain?" Sakura asked with a worried look

"Not to mention on why are you doing this? If Sasuke-kun falls from that height?" Ino stated where she looked afraid on what the result of the fall would be.

Naruto just waved it off since he told them that he won't do anything like that, but was just going to push them to the breaking point and see what they really have as a fighter.

"Those two have great potential… however with their attitudes as bad as it can get, they'll be traveling down a path of a destruction and death that they created by themselves. I intend to change that." Naruto simply stated

"By beating them up…" Sakura remarked

"Yeah… after all… with a dark past and stubborn personalities like that, the only way for them to actually listen to someone is for the both of them be beaten up to the point where they can't get up from the ten count." Naruto explained his reason to both Sakura and Ino

Those who were nearby or is able to listen in from a distance were shock to actually hear that Naruto is actually helping them in a weird way. Before anything else could be said, Naruto crack his shoulders a bit before taking off his hooded cloak.

"Here Arika, you don't mind holding on to this?" Naruto asked his baby sister where she shook her head in accepting to hold onto her brother's cloak.

"Now then, I better go before Gaara decides to try and use Sasuke as his parachute or a cushion for his fall or something…" Naruto stated where he mentally doubted since Gaara can simply use whatever sand he has left to lower himself.

Before he can go he sense Kurama coming to the stadium. He immediately jump off the railing and landed back on the stadium floor. It was only when he landed on the ground that a sudden explosion accord next to him.

Everyone was worried about something since in the dust cloud, next to Naruto, a shadowy figure could be seen. Once the dust settled, everyone can now see a handsome young, red-headed man. Things were already weird but seeing a handsome man, equal to Naruto's looks, the women, both teen to young adult, were excited to see another cutie.

Naruto simply looked at the red-head with curiosity, "Oi… you're already done with the mission? I thought it would take at least another hour?" Asking the redheaded young man.

The redhead place one of his hands on his face to move some of his hair back. "Yes, it would have taken another hour or so. But fortunately I had little unsuspecting help drop by." Answering Naruto's question

"Huh…? Help…? What kind of help…? Only high-level jounin shinobi can help you and just only for support?" Naruto wondered

"The help I got was an unlikely one… so unlikely that even we didn't even sense their arrival." Kurama calmly/confidently spoke as he put his other hand in his pocket.

"Even we didn't sense…? Who…?" Naruto curiously asked

"Oh…" Kurama started as he grinned with amusement, "… they're your partners…" he answered

"My partners?" Naruto said in confusion before he realized on who Kurama was talking about.

"Wait? You mean that they're…" Naruto asked worriedly

"Yup… this is all too perfect for me. I can't wait to see what Kushina would do to you when she finds out about them." Smirked Kurama as he looked upon Naruto's sweating/nervous face. Kurama then turned to face the large pillars that Naruto created where he continue to talk.

"Even though I would love to continue to see your scared face… you do have other obligations, such as taking care of the Uchiha brat and Tanuki boy. If I were to guess, because of the new situation, you probably pushed Gaara limit and it's only a matter of time before that weakling Shukaku comes out to storm the place. I believe its best you take care of that now before they arrived so that way you can focus on your situation, rather than 'that' problem." Kurama explained

"You right… I can't exactly worry about my mother when I should be focusing on both them and the other one. Hey, you don't mind taking care of that problem while I take care of them. If anything, the other two might jump in because of the situation." Naruto asked the kitsune

Kurama shrugged his shoulders as he agreed he would since, even though he doesn't mind watching a good match, he personally prefer to actually do something then stand around. The only problem with it is that the people that can actually rile him up for a fight aren't here, so he was just going to be around if that time comes.

Once Naruto confirmed that Kurama would help, Naruto decided to leap into action as well as reveal some of his power.

The entire audience that looked on as the two converse with themselves, with only veteran shinobi were able to listen in on the conversation, they wondered and talk about on who the person talking to Naruto is, mostly the young single women, as well as the relationship between them.

Nibi and Hachibi were the ones that were the most curious which they told their Jinchuriki hosts about it.

"Oi Nibi… do you sense what I'm sensing from the red-head?" Hachibi asked

"Yes, although… I can tell that it's familiar yet it feels completely different." Nibi answered as she was confused about it.

"Nibi… Hachibi… what are you two talking about? What can you two sense?" Yugito asked curiously

"For some reason, that red head... he feels like he's a biju yet…" answered Hachibi

"Yet?" Yugito asked again

"Yet, he doesn't feel like one since I can't sense his power. I'm betting he's suppressing it which leave's the question on who that red head is?" Nibi answered as he looked on, through Yugito's eyes, on who the red head is.

"Fool ya fool… this day is whack beyond whack. My mind can't continue to think with all this whack that been running along yo." Killer Bee

Before anything else could happen, they along with everyone else in the stadium started to feel cold and covered in a blanket of some dark presence.

The stadium was being affected from the sudden chill that was running down their spines. Minato and Jiraiya, along with the other kages with their guards, wondered on where this dark sensation was coming from.

All around, the audience themselves were having different reactions. The citizens, including the visiting lords and Damiyos were trembling in fear as they can feel the atmosphere getting cold around them. The genin were somewhat similar yet they were also curious about it. Sakura and Ino held onto each other since they never felt anything so dark before. The chunin and jounin level shinobi kept their cool but wondered on where the sensation was coming from.

Arika was scared on what's going on and what she was feeling. She was trembling so much that she held onto Kushina.

"Momma… I'm scared…" she whimpered in Kushina's clothes as she tremor from the dark feeling.

Kushina comfort her daughter and worked on figuring out where the feeling was coming from. Both Tsunade and Shizune also helped in looking for the source but that stopped when they all heard Naruto speaking to them.

"Everyone… Relax… it's just me…" Naruto stated as lifted his left hand to be even with his face. In it, a dark manageable size swirling orb had formed. It looked like a Rasengan, except it looked more like a storm.

Naruto then slowly rise up into the air, where everyone was stunned to see that he can actually fly. He rose to be at the same eye level as the audience while lowering his left arm with the dark sphere still active.

"Now, I hope everyone is looking since you're all going to see what I can really do." He stated

(Negima!? OST: Gensou Kuukan de no Tatakai)

Naruto crushed the sphere in his hand where many wondered on what why he did it. It didn't make any sense until they saw the result.

Naruto's body was being covered in dark flames where his entire body was being covered in shadows. First his left hand, then his arms where the shadows spread throughout his body until it completely covered him. His blonde hair changed from sun bright to darkness with only a bit of blonde outline, his blue sapphire eyes changed to black piercing eyes with a sapphire outline while his eyes also narrow down making him look evil. The bandages that covered his forearm burned out of existence where violet symbols formed around it in a weird circular, oval patterns. The dark flames that covered him stopped its spread where only his forearms continue to burn in a calmer form.

"My… it's been weeks since you transformed into your Gokuenrenka (Hell's Refining Fire). Are you respecting those two boys strength or… are you giving the snake a warning." Kurama narrowing his eyes at Naruto as he too levitated in the air with his arms cross.

"You should know the answer to that…" Naruto plainly answered

With that, Naruto immediately moved from their sight towards the dark pillars with incredible speed. Kurama decided to land away from the crowd and stand on the arena wall where he looked up at the pillars.

"He better finish this since I prefer not to get Nibi and Hachibi involve in this since I doubt that, even with Shukaku's help, that the both of them would be able to challenge him without collateral damage. Hell, they can't even challenge me after I ascended… or to be more precise… evolve." Kurama thought as he looked up at the sky.

While Kurama looked on, the audience had their attention on either Naruto moving towards the dark pillars or at Kurama, without knowing that he's the Kyuubi no Yoko.

(End OST)

Sasuke and Gaara were able to get into balance as they held their footing on the pillars. They first looked around to see that they can't escape this area since they were too high. Gaara roared in frustration but looked please to know that Sasuke was with him since he can kill him. Sasuke notice Gaara's bloodlust where he prepared himself.

Gaara's anger of being beaten like he was nothing more than garbage infuriated, especially since the guy that was beating him didn't have any hatred or anger. It was there that he started to transform into his beastly form as his left arm changed into a demonic arm and a giant tail erupted behind him. As Gaara transformed, Sasuke looked with disbelief at how Gaara was transforming in front of him. Gaara finally calmed down where he then looked at Sasuke.

Gaara jumped from the pillar that he was on to the one that Sasuke was on. Sasuke immediately leapt down to avoid Gaara's strike. As he fell, he made sure to stay close to the pillar since if doesn't have a good grip on it, then he'll fall to his own demise. Gaara followed Sasuke down the pillar hoping to slash him with his sand claw. Sasuke grabbed the pillar with chakra and used the momentum to swing himself to another pillar as Gaara passed him. Gaara used his claw arm to grab the edge of the pillar before falling off it. Gaara stood upside down with a grin in his face as the danger of this type of setting was getting to him. The joy of killing someone where his life is also on the line, in this terrain.

Before both genin could go at it again, the both of them suddenly felt a chill run down their spine. They looked up on top of one of the pillars to see Naruto was standing on top of it. He looked down on them in his dark version.

"Alright you two, let's see what you really have." Naruto remarked

Gaara run up the pillar before jumping onto the other one where Naruto was located. He had a joyful glee since he can sense the darkness that surrounded Naruto's body. He knew that Naruto was the ultimate prey since his eyes were cold and dark like his. Before he could even get 15 ft. from him, Naruto vanished from Gaara's sight only to reappear in front of him with dark flames. He punched Gaara in the chest, sending him crashing into another pillar. The pillar crumbled a bit as Gaara was imbedded into it from the punch he received by Naruto.

Sasuke kept himself in hidden as best he can since he needed to figure out the best strategy in order to win. He knew that his newest technique would be the one thing that could possible work against Naruto. The only problem is that he isn't able to use it properly in this type of condition. As he tried to figure out on how to achieve his object on defeating both Naruto and Gaara, he was suddenly surprise when he heard, "You should really pay more attention to your surroundings, Sasuke…"

Sasuke looked up to see Naruto was standing, horizontally, up at him with a monotone face. Sasuke had his guard up as Naruto, instantly, moved forward, giving him a strong straight left punch at his guard. Sasuke slid back so much that he was about to slid of the pillars edge. He quickly pulled out a kunai, stab the pillar and used it to swing himself back on the end of it.


As the audience waited, with anticipation, for the result of the final match to be decided, but obliviously knew the winner was going to be. Kurama continue to stand on the same spot he was in, like everyone else that tried to look, watching the battle in the sky with several explosions and rubble coming off. At some point, the destruction that was done actually started to spin the pillars against each other, showing how intense the battle is since any shinobi would have trouble fighting in such a terrain.

Kurama continue to look at the sky, where the pillars are located, then spoke loud enough for everyone to hear.

"You know… unlike Naruto, who's both honorable and merciful, I don't have either one. So I suggest that you and your team stop on trying to sneak up on me since I could easily slash your heads off." He stated

Everyone was confused about it, only for the veteran and skilled shinobi to understand on what he meant. It was then several konoha anbu shinobi release their vanishing act to show that they were trying to surround Kurama, who they don't even know who it really was.

As the anbu started to back away, not just because of him finding out but also because of the unease feeling of dread surround them, another anbu member was doing something hidden in the shadows of the stadium.

The anbu was actually Kabuto, who had received the signal from his master, Orochimaru. Kabuto's purpose was to place a genjutsu on the stadium to put them asleep, where one it was done, Orochimaru will unleash the signal to start the invasion.

As Kabuto started to perform his genjutsu, he had no idea that Kurama was already sensing the genjutsu that was being unleashed. With that, he decided to start the party since it was about time he or Naruto take care of the old snake. The legendary kitsune raised one of his hand up a bit before snapping his fingers. With the snap, Kurama unleash a tiny chakra wave blast that didn't hurt anyone, it was more a Genjutsu Kai (release).

Kabuto was surprise to see that his genjutsu was stopped. It wasn't till he felt something starting to form below him that he got worried. He looked down to see puddles of water form below him. Before he can even react to it, he was swallowed up and taken somewhere else.

Kurama narrowed his eyes as he slowly turned his head towards the Kage's booth. As he slowly looks at the kage's booth, he also unleash some killing intent on them, or to be more precise on one of them. The stadium could feel the killing intent as Kurama was directing it towards the four kages.

Minato, who was one of the people looking up at the levitating pillar in hopes to see on what's going on, Jiraya, and the other Kage's, felt it, seeing that it was directed towards them. They looked down to see that it was coming from the redhead, but notice that he was glaring at only one, the Kazekage.

"I think it's about time the kid finally finishes you off you weakling snake." Mutter Kurama

It was then the Kazekage suddenly disappeared, along with his guards, in a swirling tide of water that rose up from the ground swallowing them whole. Before any suspecting theories could be said, Kurama spoke up.

"Don't worry about that idiot. He was never meant to sit there… especially since the-" said before being cut off from a loud explosion.

He, and everyone else, turned to look at the pillars in the sky to see a giant tanuki made of sand suddenly appeared on top of one of the black pillars. With the giant tanuki standing on top of the pillar, the pillar wasn't able to hold its weight where it began to fall. Before anything bad could happened, the remaining pillars moved underneath it to slow down the decent where it wouldn't cause too much damage.

With Naruto

Naruto was completely overwhelming both Gaara and Sasuke. As the battle carried on, Naruto only used taijutsu attacks against the both, which neither one couldn't even guard against it, where Gaara's sand didn't couldn't absorb the power behind it.

As Naruto thought a small taijutsu battle between Sasuke, where he only block or diverted it away from him without any real concern. While they continued to fight against each other, Gaara was on top of one of the pillars thinking about what had happened as well as what Naruto was telling him earlier in the match when it was the two of them; how he is stronger protecting the people he cared for, for fighting for the right reasons, and other noble intentions out of the goodness of his heart, especially since in a way he had a similar past like Gaara.

Gaara couldn't stand it, knowing that this person had neither anger nor revenge in his heart. Gaara was so angry that he shouted to world that he wouldn't lose to someone like him. It was then that he transformed to the Ichibi no Shukaku. Naruto and Sasuke stopped their taijutsu battle to see Gaara transformed.

Naruto looked at Gaara's transformed stated as he muttered to Sasuke, "Um… it looks like this match is over. How about next time we just go one on one alright. Now, let's get you out of here." Where the shadow underneath Sasuke expanded and absorbed him into it to be transported back to the stadium.

Once Sasuke was safe, he looked where Gaara was standing to see that the pillar was dropping. Naruto quickly moved the pillars underneath the transformed Gaara to slow the decent so the destruction on the ground is minimal as well as the impact from dropping hard to the ground to disappear. Naruto jumped of his pillar to ensure that he can focus as he steadily fall to the tree line.

Naruto fell right through the tree line as Gaara's monstrous transform state also hit the ground over the pillars, breaking them apart. On the ground, he started to move a little bit before he started to chuckle at what he has now become.

"You really are something Namikaze… to force me to bring this out of me…" Gaara said as he laughed manically while looking for Naruto.

The audience looked at what Gaara has become where many where afraid. The Damiyos and lords were afraid of what's possibly going to happen to them, while the civilians screamed at what's going to happen since for many of the older civilians remembered the Kyuubi attack. The Shinobi prepared themselves at the threat that Gaara now possesses. The Suna shinobi were ready to begin their movement since they saw Gaara transformed into this state. Sakura and the other genin shook in fear since Gaara's transformation into a monster really scared them since they've never seen a bijuu before. As everyone in the stadium were acting on how this going to go out, Gaara stated around him for Naruto to listen.

"Now then…" where Gaara's real body emerge out from the top of the sand Tanuki's head, "… I'm going to show you on the manifestation of the sand."

Kakashi and the other jonin, along with any of their genin students nearby where getting worried since Gaara could destroy the stadium. It was then that they heard Lee shout out Sasuke's name. They turned to see Sasuke was now standing around them with a look of daze/confusion.

"Sasuke! You OK!" Kakashi asked

Sasuke shook his head a bit before answering Kakashi's question. "Ah, yeah… I'm fine just very sore…" where he finally kneeled down from all the power punches that he was given. Sakura and Ino quickly moved to his side where they tried to get points by helping him.

As Sasuke was being taken care off, Kakashi and the other jonin couldn't help but wonder on how skilled and powerful Naruto was. More for Kakashi since he's having flashbacks when he first found him.

"Naruto… if you're so calm even in this situation. Then what or who can cause you to look so beaten?" he thought to himself. His thoughts stop when he saw two significant figures going to the battlefield.

It was then that Killer Bee and Yugito, without A (the Raikage) orders, came into play since at this moment the chunin exams was over. Killer Bee and Yugito moved closer to Gaara where they then transformed into their bijuu mode to stop Gaara from unleashing shukaku near the stadium where the other Kages and civilians are located.

Killer Bee transformed into a beast that had an ox's head and octopus body. Yugito transformed into a large two tailed cat that had a body made of fire. The veteran and smart shinobi saw both Killer Bee and Yugito transformed into their bijuu mode and thought badly. The civilians were terrified at seeing the bijuu since it reminded them of the Kyuubi attack that happened so long ago. Sakura and the other new genin were afraid since they were sensing supremely large amount of chakra from the both of them. Kushina held her daughter closely since she knew if a battle was to be unleashed between 3 of the 9 bijuu, the path of destruction would be unimaginable but also feared that the battle might trigger the Kyuubi that was sealed in Naruto be unleashed creating an even greater dangerous situation.

"Alright that enough! This battle ends!" Yugito/Nibi ordered out

"Don't be a fool… back down before you get a smack down!" Killer Bee stated

Gaara only smiled at see both the other bijuu where he did the hand seals for Tanuki Neiri no Jutsu (Feign sleeping technique). As Gaara did the hand seals, the suna shinobi, along with his siblings saw what he was doing which was completely different from the plan that was prepared.

"No… that little fool… he's ruining everything!" Baki thought angrily

"Oh no! That's! He's really doing it! This area is no longer safe! We have to leave!" Temari thought where she looked around to see Kankuro also mentally agreeing with Temari from the stadium seats.

Gaara finished his jutsu where he fell asleep which in turned unleashed Shukaku. Yugito/Nibi and Killer Bee/Hachibi grew worried since both Nibi and Hachibi knew that Tanuki wasn't the friendliest out of the bunch of the bijuus, next to Kyuubi.

With a loud and delightful roar, the shukaku roared out, "OH Yeah! I'm finally free baby!" where it looked to see the Nibi and Hachibi, "Well it's been a long time huh kitty and ox head! Why don't we celebrate are reunion by destroying this place!" Shukaku stated where he then attack the both of them with an air bullet. Nibi and Hachibi took the hit since it was going to hit the stadium behind them where the leaders and civilians were located.

Nibi and Hachibi quickly moved directly towards Shukaku, which they intended to stop this battle before it got to destructive. All three roared at each other but it was then that everything changed.

Minutes earlier

Naruto landed on the ground after Shukaku safely landed as well. When he saw both Killer Bee and Yugito appear he was ready to join in when he got a mental communication link by Kurama.

"Oi Gaki, just to let you know. That weakling hebi was about to make his move against your father and such. I've sent him and his little cohorts to another place. You should be able to sense them where they are." He explained to Naruto

"Yeah, I can sense him. But the situation over here is also becoming a bit iffy for me to leave." Naruto stated

"Don't worry about it. I'll take care of it since I've been meaning to see how strong I've have become after being sent to the magical world. Plus, I like to show off and scare the people around me." Kurama said as he chuckled at seeing the scared faces of the konoha civilians and such.

"You just want to get kick out of it" Naruto remarked, where he just heard Kurama innocently denied it but could still hear the bit of laughter. "Fine just don't go overboard with it. I just know that I'm going to get an earful about this later on." Naruto thought as he teleported where Orochimaru was sent.

With Naruto left to take care of Orochimaru, Kurama looked at the scene in front of him as he was going to enjoy showing his fellow bijuu on why he always said that he is the most powerful out of all of them.

Kurama cut the mental link between him and Naruto where he saw all of his fellow bijuu about to attack each other where he smirked at the scene. "It's about time they know that they started a battle in the worst place ever." As he leapt out of the wall and headed towards the battle.

Kurama ran towards them where he began his transformation, being covered in both red-orange and black flames. Right between the three, he transformed into his bijuu mode. With Kurama transforming into his bijuu form, instantly, he tackled the three other bijuus away from the stadium with tremendous force.

Shukaku, Nibi, and Hachibi were knocked back several dozen yards away from stadium as Kurama suddenly popped out of nowhere, spreading his arms out to show that he knocked them back with a loud roar.

As the bijuus gather themselves up, the people in the stadium screamed in fear and horror. Seeing the Kyuubi coming back from the incident over 10 years ago was something that many hope would never return. But of course, the kyuubi they remembered and the kyuubi of now is completely different but still held the same destructive and violent aura.

Kurama looked exactly the same except with key differences from what it used to look like. His orange-red fur was exactly the same as before except with some differences, where violet circular symbols formed around its forearm as calm black flames discretely flowed out. On his sides a somewhat black, circular, hotrod flames traced its way from his elbows that led to his tails where even the tails themselves had waves of black flames flowing out from his tips. The major difference was his size since Kurama was now actually even bigger when he attacked Konoha.

As the civilians screamed and started to run out of the stadium at seeing the giant kitsune, both Konoha shinobi, and the other few shinobi of the other shinobi nations, prepare to defend their homes, family and friends. During this incident, Kushina held Arika close to her with Tsunade standing in front of them where Shizune stood next to the mother and daughter. When Kushina saw Kyuubi reemerge into the world with all its chaotic demonic power, she was scared that Naruto might have pushed it or the other bijuu might have triggered the transformation to the Kyuubi or released it.

"Shizune… Tsunade… please take care of Arika and get her to safety. I'll going to go and save my son" Kushina ordered the two kunoichi/friends.

All three looked at the redhead mother with worried/scared looks on their faces. Tsunade looked at Kushina with a serious face.

"No, don't you dare go out there. I know that Naruto is in danger right now, but you should let Minato and Jiraiya take care of it since they can hold down the Kyuubi." Tsunade said

Kushina glared at Tsunade, "No, I'm going…" where she looked down in sadness in her eyes, "… I won't let him go again. Last time something like this happened, he was taken away from me." Where she looked down at her only daughter where she petted her head. "I was happy when Arika was born since I got to be a mother…" where tears started to come out as she smiled down at Arika, who looked sad about her mother crying in front of her, "… but for all this time, even when he returned. I couldn't be there for him, I couldn't be his mother… instead it was someone else. I know I can't make-up the time we lost with each other, but now I can make it all up when I save him even if I have to give my life to do it." Kushina explained where she let go of Arika as she slowly started to make her way towards the battlefield to save Naruto.

Tsunade and Shizune stood in front of her, protesting such an insane plan of her. They can somewhat understand her feelings but giving up her life for Naruto like this isn't the right way to go. Kushina looked at them with great determination where it was then at that moment, her whole world freeze as she started seeing images appear right in front of her.

Kushina's Mindscape

Right in front of her, she saw Naruto kneeling in front of a more demonic Kyuubi where it was half a size bigger then when it attacked Konoha, whose body was mostly scaly and black as night, its eyes were as red as blood rubies. Its face wasn't even that of a kitsune, it looked like a devil since from its original head a single horn came out of each cheek. The nine tails behind it were reptile-like tails. But the thing about it was that its presents was even darker than before with evil that was unprecedented.

(Think Negi in his chaotic state in Magia Erebea)

In front of her, Naruto, while kneeling, his body was completely covered in darkness with the strange symbols on his forearms, where his body was starting to look similar to the fox while a single black thread connected him and the kyuubi together from their chests. As she looked on, she could see tears running down his eyes, where it the situation completely changed.

(Naruto Shippuden OST: Heavenly Shaking Event)

With that single tear, he made a huge demonic roar which completely changed into his normal human roar. His body changed back to his human form where the darkness remain but was more tranquil. In his heart, a small bright light glimmered until it suddenly erupted out with extraordinary power that shoved the darkness from his body and the link the kyuubi and him, away.

(Naruto vs. Kurama)

"Now your chance…" a loving and confident voice that was familiar to Kushina.

Naruto, without any hand seals, performed the Kage bunshin where dozens of Naruto came rushing at the giant beast in front of them. The beast pulled at the chains that contained him till it broke. The kyuubi countered and block any attack that Naruto thrown at it.

"I might not have much spunk left but don't underestimate a mother…" said the voice with both courage and determination.

It was then that Kushina realized that it was her own voice that was talking with Naruto. As she looked, she suddenly felt like she was right there by her son side as he took on the Kyuubi. In one of its hind legs, a chain, that was still attached, pulled on the dark kyuubi's making it fall to the floor. Naruto took this chance where all the Naruto prepared their attack. Each clone gathered power in their fists as they closed in on the Kyuubi.

"Suiton…" said one group

"Raika…" said another group

"Fuka…" the final group

"Hoken…" they all yelled out where they sync their attack together when they hit the fox's mutated body. The combination of all three separate attacks hitting the body combined together where it created a maelstrom of whirlpool power that pushed the Kyuubi back several dozen yards back in the this dark cave.

As the attack began to settle down, Naruto used Shundo to close the distance between him and demonic fox. In his right hand, a concentration of energy was being suppressed in it was ready to be released. Naruto got up to the Kyuubi's face where one of its fangs was as big as him.

"One more shot!" Naruto yelled out where he point blank his attack on the fox. Naruto yelled out, "Khilipi Astrape (Thousand Thunderbolts)!" where a large wide-range of thunderbolts came out and showered over half the Kyuubi's body. As the shower of thunderbolts continue to push the Kyuubi back, the Naruto clones continued to pull on the dark line that connected him and the Kyuubi. As the pulling began to work, the mutated figure on the fox began to rip apart from the fox to reveal his original form where his fur was now orange-red again.

"Get out of my face!" Naruto yelled out as he pushed more and more of his power out.

"His power! It's getting stronger and stronger! What is he?!" Kyuubi thought out loud

More and more continued to be pulled out until the Kyuubi was final pushed back, extracting all of its power and darkness that had in it while returning it back to normal but its image looked like it was withering away.

"You did it…! You pulled all its chakra and purified the Kyuubi!" the voice with both excited and proud in its tone.

The chakra, and darkness, that he pulled out from the Kyuubi began to enter Naruto's body where he transformed into his golden chakra cloak (like shippuden) but his forearms and the symbols on it spread throughout his body.

As the Kyuubi began to get back up, Naruto was amazed on the type of power he has now.

"So this is the Kyuubi's power…" Naruto muttered to himself

"Naruto… you've…" getting Naruto's attention where he saw how enrage the Kyuubi looked at him as he started to create a bijuudama, "… you've infuriated me, Naruto!" Kyuubi roared out as he continued to wither away into skin and bones.

(End OST)

As the Kyuubi was about to attack, Naruto relock the seal except now new symbols came in where the 2 steel gates appeared to seal the Kyuubi again. As the steel gates began to close, several large connected pillars landed on top of Kyuubi stopping him from attacking as the gates closed. On the two gate doors, a center artistic circular piece was now on it. The lock, there was a single lock, but now had three locks on it where it connected and locking the beast back. After it was lock, the circular pieces let loose a chain that tighten the seal even more where the Kyuubi growled at Naruto for taking his power away.

Naruto was now back in front of her, but in a more brightly colored space, looking at her with serious eyes as he held both person's hands with his.

"You did it…" Kushina told her son with loving voice that was both happy and proud at what Naruto accomplished.

She then saw him grip her hands in front of her as his face changed from serious to both sadness/pleading look.

"Wh-what happens now…?" Naruto asked as his body quivered a bit while Kushina can see the look in his eyes, like he was begging her to tell him that she can stay here with him.

"I guess I'll be going back home…" said the voice with a happy yet regretful tone since she can feel her charka continue to slip away.

"So…" Naruto said as he looked down on the ground, "… I lost my mom when I was child. And now when I finally found my real mother… I lose her as well." With tears running down his face, "It's not fair." with a sniff.

She gently pulled one of her hands, that he was holding gently, let go of his grip where she gently touched his face, "Naru-chan… you would never lose me. I will always be with you, right here… always." Where she removed her hand from his face and pointed at his heart. It was then that flashback started to disappear.

Outside Kushina's mindscape

Kushina only stood there was a moment until she was brought back to reality, where Tsunade, Shizune, and Arika argued about her decision. She regain her focus and looked down at her hands.

"What was that just now? Did that really happened…? Have you already tamed the Kyuubi? Did I help Naruto-kun when he needed me the most…?" Kushina thought to herself while Tsunade and Shizune looked confused at Kushina's sudden change of atmosphere.

Before anything else could be said any further, they all look at the other bijuu as they stood back up. Shukaku looked pissed off as he looked at the 9-tail kitsune.

"You bastard fox… you finally appear before me! I'm going to enjoy beating you into the ground." Roaring outloud

"I highly doubt it since I am the strongest of all the bijuu. There is no way you or the three of you together could win against me. It's not even a question on trying. Surrender now or have the honor of having my fist collide in your face." Kurama stated

Nibi and Hachibi took offense to that since they knew that the Kyuubi was always like this since he believed the number of tails shows how strong a bijuu is where he always used to mock the Shukaku as being the weakest.

Shukaku had enough of Kurama's pompous attitude where he fired a wind bullet at him. Kurama easily dodge it where the attack easily pass him but continued on where it shook several buildings along the way before exploding in an isolated area but still destroyed several building around it.

Hachibi and Nibi stayed back since they're jinchuriki, Yugito and Killer Bee, are only keeping not only the Raikage safe, but also their country's leaders and lords safe from any stray fire. But they worried when Shukaku was about to fire another couple of shots at Kurama.

Minato and Jiraya had already left the Kage's booth were several anbu members were leaping above the trees as they ready themselves to detain both the Ichibi and Kyuubi when they saw Shukaku prepare to fire another shot(s) of air bullets at Kurama where he maneuvered himself to have the stadium behind him. Both Kage's and shinobi, along with the bijuus prepared to stop the attack from hitting the stadium where the citizens and lords were still trying to get away when a powerful force quickly came up to Shukaku's face and upper cut its face. The face punch sent the attack up into the sky where both the recognizable yet unknown power moved away and landed on Kurama's head.

At the end of it all, they looked on top of Kyuubi's head to see that it was Naruto, perfectly fine from their point of view.

While Shukaku was getting his bearings back, Naruto stood on top of Kurama's head like it was casual for him. Kurama looked at Naruto with a confused look.

"Oi gaki! What are you doing here? I thought you would on your way to take of the snake Orochimaru…" before he looked closer to figure out that this Naruto was just a clone, "... did you really have to send a clone of yourself over here. You could've trust me to take of everything on this side…" Kurama remark

"Huh… I trust you as much as I trust Jiraiya and Rakan at not peeping on the women's bath side." Naruto replied where he looked at the stadium before looking back Shukaku. "Taku… I've should've known you pull a stunt like this. You always enjoy scaring people." Naruto stated

"Can't blame me for having a little fun." Said an amused Kurama

"I blame you for causing a panic, but never mind that now. Let's just get this over with since I rather not be facing the bijuu in such a crowded area." Naruto responded

While the both talked, Killer Bee and Yugito, along with their bijuus, looked at both Naruto and Kyuubi. They couldn't believe on what they were seeing. Kyuubi was outside his seal while Naruto looked completely fine, especially since they know that if the bijuu has left the body then the Jinchuriki would die. As they pondered on what's going on, Shukaku got back up and roared at being sucker punched. He was ready for round two but Naruto and Kurama were ready for it.

Not only where the Jinchuriki surprise to see Kyuubi outside Naruto's seal but also were amazed to see that Naruto was completely alright. Both the Mizukage and Raikage, with their guards, had moved from the kage's booth to their daimyos and lords to insure their safety. When both of the kages saw Naruto and Kyuubi together like this, they wondered to themselves since they know removing a bijuu from a host's body would be a death sentence.

Both Naruto and Kurama just smirked at Shukaku since they didn't even considered him a threat, let alone the other two Bijuus.

"Huh… you're actually going to try and take us on… don't make me laugh. I suggest you surrender or face the blunt force of my fist." Naruto stated as he gave Shukaku two choices.

Shukaku simply ignored it as he was ready to fire another air bullet. Naruto stick tightly at Kurama's head as he Kurama pushed forwards. He let out a roar where Naruto looked down at Shukaku, "Then sorry if I have to get a bit rough on you." With a smirk

In the air, Shukaku changed his attack from the ground to the air, where he fired multiple air bullets. Kurama simply looked unnerved as the attacks came at him. Before the air bullets could reach him, Naruto fired several magical arrows of light at each center of the air bullets to cause them to implode.

Shukaku was completely caught off guard as Kurama landed on top of him where Shukaku tasted dirt. Hitting the ground, Kurama kept Shukaku to the ground before he used his tail to swat away Kurama. Kurama saw it coming where he jump away to avoid being hit. Shukaku immediately got back up where he glared at kyuubi. Shukaku grinned evilly since he can see that Naruto and Kyuubi have a pretty strong friendship where he decided to use that as his advantage. He looked at the stadium and quickly fired several air bullets at it. Naruto and Kurama would have done something but they both suddenly sensed both a similar and powerful power level.

Yugito and Killer Bee saw this where they used their transformed bodies as shields to block the first two shots. However, the third shot continued to head directly at the stadium. Minato saw this where he used his legendary Hirashi no Jutsu to appear next to his Kushina and Arika. He was prepared to block the attack. The audience was scared while the Raikage and Mizukage prepared to protect their daimyos but all of sudden an orange wall of light appeared in front of the stadium where it was big enough to block the attack which was nullified, except from the shockwaves that didn't damage at the stadium much.

Everyone looked at the shield and wondered on who conjured it up. Everyone's, who was still in the stadium, curiosity were soon answered when they heard a loud sigh.

"Thank goodness… even with some difficulty I made it just in time."

They all look up to see a young beautiful woman standing on top of stadium roof. Everyone saw that she had long, waist-length burnt orange hair. She wore a short sleeve pink shirt with grey sweat pants that had a red stripe going down at both ends of her waist. The biggest feature that she had was her well-endow bust.

Wondering on who she is, Minato was about to move towards her before he saw 2 more young woman appearing right next to her who were just as beautiful. The one on her right has long purple hair that reaches down to her waist and bangs that barely overlap her red eyes, as well as a semi-straight ahoge. The thing is that she was wearing a form-fitting kunoichi uniform that consists of a grey-colored with a right shoulder-guard, grey gloves, and opening in her shirt which showed her cleavage, who was just as big as the first.

The girl on the left was just as mysterious as the other two. She has a serious demeanor where it can be seen in her face. She had short blue hair with a green fringe in the middle and brown eyes. She wore a simple short-sleeve short with a long skirt and sandals like the civilians of the elemental nation.

As people looked at them where the three converse with each other.

"Yes onee-san, that was a close call alright. I can see that Kyuubi-kun still can't show any restraint." Smiled the purple hair girl

"Yes onee-san, but I can see that Naruto-kun is on top of him, although it's a Kage bunshin. Can you sense where he is onee-san?" asked the short blue hair.

The orange hair woman placed a hand on her forehead as she drop the light shield that protected the stadium. She focus a bit before she got what she wanted. With a smile she looked up, "I can sense him… he's about a couple of miles away, over in that direction. I can also sense a dark presence just in front of him. Knowing him, he's going to take care of that… I can also sense Saeko and Sylvia onee-san heading in that direction." She explained to her sisters

"Alright onee-san… they should be alright over there. So I believe we should help handle things over here… after all…" where all three look at the scene in front of them, "… there are four bijuus that aren't far but yet too close to the stadium where these people are." Where the other two agreed

Before they can even move, they, along with everyone else heard Naruto, come from above, call out to them.

"Orihime! Medaka! Xenovia! You three are here!" where all three women looked up to see Naruto coming down from the sky. Naruto had leap, from Kurama's head, as high as a skyscraper and landed on the stadium roof when he sense their arrivals.

All three of them ran up to him, embracing him with a hug. Naruto was grateful that he is using his absolute will of defense to keep himself from puffing out of existence, but still received a bone crushing pain throughout his spine.

"Naruto-kun…! We finally found you…!" all three shouted out

"Me too… I just wish it was on a better situation than this." Naruto remarked

As all four of them reacquaint with each other, Minato and Kushina looked at the scene in front of them and could help but wonder on how Naruto knows these three girls or the fact on how friendly he is. The civilians and shinobi had similar thoughts while The Raikage and Mizukage thought on how that one girl created such a powerful barrier shield.

They're thoughts ended when they heard Shukaku getting ready to attack again while Kyuubi stared it down. Hachibi and Nibi decided to enter the fight since Shukaku almost killed the lords, Daimyos and kages in the stadium, along with other citizens. This of course, gain Naruto and the girl's attention.

"Even though I prefer not to let you girls fight this battle, I can't exactly get to involve since I'll poof away, which I can't… given my certain circumstances." Naruto pointed out since he is a shadow clone

"Don't worry anata, will take of the fight." Medaka replied with a smirk on her face.

"Thanks, but leave me the Ichibi Jinchuriki since I would like to have a talk with him." Naruto remark

"Alright, but I would feel better if I can wear my battle outfit with me." Xenovia responded which Orihime agreed since she wasn't any of her gear.

"Don't you have your own battle suits or the pactio cards?" question Naruto

"No, our old gear was damage beyond repair from the final battle… and we lost our pactio cards from either back home or arriving here." Medaka answered

"Be glad I'm certified to do this…" Naruto said as he held his hand up where three orbs of light appeared. The stadium watch to see that the orbs of light became thinner and more rectangular. Once the light dimmed down, three cards appeared where the orb of lights were where the three girls took hold of one card which had a picture of them.

"Alright ladies I believe it's time we show our stuff." Medaka said out loud where the other two agreed and at the same time they yelled out, "Adeat!" where the cards glow into a bright light that blinded everyone for a moment. Once it stopped glowing, all three women were now wearing different clothing.

Medaka now is wearing an open, light yellow jacket and a dark red shirt which shows her stomach, jeans and detached sleeves that match her shirt along with red fingerless workout gloves on her hands. Her hair was tied in a braided ponytail where she had a look of confidents on her face.

Xenovia civilian's clothes has changed to a battle outfit that gave little to the imagination. It consisted of a black, skin-tight unitard with short sleeves and pauldrons, matching fingerless gloves that extend to her biceps, and thigh-high boots, all of which are adorn with straps. Over it, a white hooded cloak with gold and blue accents that can be also be turned into a cape. In her hands was a large two-handed sword whose blade had appeared. The sword itself has a cross in the pommel, a grip long enough that can be held with 3 hands, an axe-like guard, a second grip with a chain-like form and a long blade that ends with 3 points.

Orihime now wore black martial art robes that covered her entire body (her Shinigami attire from Bleach). With that, she also held a golden staff.

With their transformation complete, everyone wondered on who are these people. As the people wondered about them, the three ladies standing next to Naruto all smirk on what they're planning to do.

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