Attack of the SandBags

Note: This is in script format. All characters from Super Smash Bros. Melee are owned by Nintendo and their respective owners. Remember kids, sandbags are people too. *grins*


**The SSBM gang and the crowd goes wild. Other than beating each other up, the smashers had delvoped a new game that involves baseball and sandbags. Everyone, especially the Hands like this event. In the center of the stasdium lies a defenseless sandbag with beedy little eyes.**
Sam: *in the announcers' booth* Greetings all you fellow smashers and smashettes. This is the 2nd annual Smash Bros Melee Home Run Fest. Where we get to see our favorite heros beat the living shit out of poor defenseless sandbags!! Legal? Enjoyable? Entertaintaining? Strange? HELL YES!!! *pulls out her binoculars* Oh! I think our favourite is up to swing! He's the first smasher to make it over 1000 in his very first shot!! Please welcome...YOSHI!!!
**The crowd goes nuts. Yoshi enters the stadium, determine to swing that SandBag to a new record.**
Mario: Yoshi! You can do it!!
Samus: I can't believe a dinosaur who throws eggs can swing that thing fricken far.
Captain Falcon: I can do father.
Samus: *glares at Captain Falcon* SHUT UP!!!!
Zelda: Yoshi is cuter when he swings.
Link/Roy/Marth: *getting annoyed* Oh really?
Ness: I want to know how he does that.
Peach: Yay Yoshi!!!
Mewto: I bet you 400$ that Yoshi manages to do break Falcon's record.
Mr. Game & Watch: Meep! Beep!! Beep!!!

Yoshi: *stands in front of the sandbag*
SandBag: *looks at Yoshi*
Sam: *in announcer's booth* Looks like Yoshi is ready to attack the little mother....
Yoshi: *grabs the baseball bat and starts doing a head butt at the sandbag*
SandBag: *quickly avoids Yoshi attacks and dissappears*
Yoshi: *stops as he looks around* Yoshi?
Sam: *in announcer's booth* Wait on a sec, Yoshi didn't hit the bag where did it...
**Before Yoshi could react, the SandBag comes down on Yoshi HARD. Yoshi tries to counter back, but the SandBag is too fast and continues beating up Yoshi into a bloody pulp. Yoshi wails in pain as the SandBag continues it's attack.**
Audiance: *silence*
Everyone Else: O.O;;;
Luigi: That's a one mean sandbag.
Pikachu: Pi pi pi...
Pichu: *nods in agreement*
Browser: WHOO!! BLOOD!!!!
**the SandBag stop what it's doing. Its' eyes looking evil as it glares at the rest of the smashers. It then leaves the area as Dr. Mario and a few Chanseys appear and give medical aid to the almost dead Yoshi.**
**More silence**
Sam: *in announcer's booth and looks around* I don't think we'll be playing this game no more.

Dr. Mario: Yoshi shall be all right. But what really is strange to me is a sandbag is the cause of this.
Peach: Poor Yoshi.
Ness: But sandbags have no intelligence.
Mario: *looks at Samus* You wanna come with me and have a word with Master Hand about this?
Samus: Sure.
**Both Mario and Samus leave**
Ness: I wonder what's going on.

**Captain Falcon and Link are duking themselves out**
Captain Falcon: *begins one of his attacks* Falco...
Link: *does a powerful sword swing to counter*
Captain Falcon: Hey! I was going to hit you with that!!
**Then a sandbag appears.**
Link: *stops and looks at the SandBag* Hey, didn't we put those bags away?
Captain Falcon: *looks at the SandBag* Well it looks like they want to be hit 4000 miles away. *grins*
**Two more SandBags appear behind the first one. All SandBags are looking at Captain Falcon and Link with their beady little eyes.**
Link: More of them? But wasn't there just...
SandBags: *glare at Captain Falcon and Link as they approach the two*
**Five minutes later, screams are being head in the pratice arena**

Master Hand: *watching the footage at the Home Run Arena* What the?!! How the heck did a SandBag beat up Yoshi that bad?!!
Cazy Hand: Don't look at me! I didn't teach them to act like this!!!
Master Hand: Someone is turning the Sandbags against the smashers, but who?
**All of a sudden, an army of sandbags approach Master Hand and Crazy Hand. Then all the sandbags begin to attack the hands.**
Master Hand: WHAT THE?!
Crazy Hand: *being mauled by sandbags* GET THESE BASTARDS OFF ME!!!!! AIIEEE!!!
**The SandBags continue their assault on Master Hand and Crazy Hand**

To Be Continued